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Where To Buy Used Locksmith Van For Sale

Used Locksmith Van For Sale

Where To Buy Used Locksmith Van For Sale: Locksmith van is a necessity for every locksmithing workshop out there, used locksmithing van especially is something startup locksmiths and those who are low on cash but still want to venture into the locksmithing business anyway will be glad to lay their hands on. The whole idea and concept of being mobile via a locksmithing van for every locksmith workshop that offers a round the clock locksmithing service makes perfect sense, I mean, we are talking about emergencies here, occurrences that you did not plan for and are mostly unpleasant. Who would realize that he had locked himself/herself out of his apartment or vehicle without being pissed at himself, first, for being so careless and secondly for the kind of money they will have to part with to get the property in question opened and parts replaced as the case may be?

Locksmithing vans have changed the face of business as a team of experts can always be on the move so as to respond faster to customers who need their services. Being that fingers are not equal and some people are so much boxed and blessed they can buy as many locksmithing vans as they want, get them stocked up and put them on the road without feeling like they have actually spent a dime. It is the opposite for others, and people in this category are mostly people who have spent majority of their buck on investing in some other necessary locksmithing tools, getting a van is a costly venture and most startup locksmiths with no strong financial backup will surely be unable to conveniently dispense the cash and that is why they turn towards used locksmith vans for solace pending the time they would have made enough money to buy a brand new one.

A used locksmith van for sale does not necessarily have to be something that is all shiny or rickety, a locksmith who is in need of one is likely to go for one that is fairly used and with a fair price. Here is a highlight of places where you can get a used van for your mobile locksmithing needs;

Used Locksmith Van For Sale – Offerup

Like Craiglist and all other popular names in this category, Offerup is a pre-owned items sales platform where sellers get to meet buyers, transact and everyone leaves happy and satisfied. The vehicles section of the offerup platform might be just what you need at the moment as past records have proven that there are great deals of van listings that can be converted to your mobile workshop van as a locksmith.

Used Locksmith Van For Sale – 5mile

This one is just like Offerup with an exception of user interface difference. There are great used vans deals scattered around just about every city you can think of.

Used Locksmith Van For Sale – Olx

Olx unlike the other two platforms that have earlier been highlighted is available in almost every county you can think of i.e. regardless of the country where you operate as a locksmith, you can always check the olx platform for good van deals that are just around the corner.

Once you have gotten a good van deal from any of the above-mentioned sources or from a source you discovered in your locality, you just don’t go ahead with payments and drive away, there are a few things to consider and as an inexperienced used locksmith van buyer, here are the things you should check out before making payment for that used locksmith van;

  • Bodywork: The number one thing to check when looking out for a locksmithing van is how rusty the body is. Detecting rust can be a bit tricky and it is the reason why it is recommended to check below bumpers, under wheel arches, wings, sills, door frames and corners of the windscreen. Anywhere you spot rust, gently press on it, if there is a cracking sound, the probability of corrosion lying underneath is high, that is a red flag that should not be waved off.
  • Suspension: this check is primarily to know and determine the state of the shock absorbers present in the van, whether they are good, fairly good or in a bad state. This can be done by any random person on the street as all you have to do is press down on each corner of the van, and right away, you will get the indication of the shock absorbers’ state. When pressed and the van bounces back, it is an indication that nothing is wrong with the absorbers, if otherwise, you will probably need a test drive to know for sure whether the suspension is good or not.
  • Lights: It is a general belief that the lights of a vehicle can tell a lot about its general electrical health, so many things can be wrong with a vans light, it may dim intermittently or flicker at an alarming rate. Further checks on fog lights, headlights, brake lights, interior lights, and indicators will influence your decision whether that particular van is a good buy or not.
  • Air Conditioning: For vans with air conditioning system, it is important to check for its functionality, most especially, to ensure that everything is working fine as it should. The fans should not max out their speed and the compressor should not be noisy at all. When this has been satisfactorily checked, you can then move on to the heater for another round of inspection.
  • Brakes: This is one of the most important parts of any vehicle as the braking mechanism is there to help caution, reduce throttle speed or bring the car to a halt. At the end of a proper break test, you will be able to determine whether the brake has a solid feel to it or not. It is important that when testing brakes, you should put your ears on the ground for grinding and squealing sounds.
  • Tyres: Safe for abnormalities and extreme vehicle modification cases, normal vehicles’ tyres should only be the point of contact between the vehicle and the road. This reason is why it is important for you to check the treads and sidewalls of each tyres, down to the spare one. In the United Kingdom, a tread of less than 1.6mm is not legally allowed to ply the roads. After your routine tyre check, you should be sure the tyres do not have any kind of damage whatsoever.
  • Engine: Usually, a carefully used van should have a cold bonnet before you start it at all, if what you experience is different from this i.e. a warm bonnet, you might want to ask for what’s wrong with the engine, if the seller is not plain enough, take the van for a test drive then look out for unusual noises and excessive smoke.
  • Steering: The steering situation of a used van should be responsive, no other condition gets a pass, if the steering tends to go all the way to 360 degrees, that is an indicator for low or high tyre pressure.
  • Interior: The interiors of a used van is just as important as its exteriors, you will derive no joy in having a van that looks good on the outside but poor on the inside. This is the reason why checking a used van’s interior is extremely important. When in the car, you are to ensure that the in-car electronics function perfectly fine, especially the windows. While test driving, don’t get all chatty and forget to check the dashboard, as there might be an indicator light pointing you to a thing or two that might be wrong with the van you are just about to buy.
  • Paperwork: Without being told, you already have an idea of why this is important, yeah, it seals the deal and confirms the change of ownership but before then, it shows everything that has ever been wrong with the vehicle, if the paperwork history is not satisfactory enough, you can as well head over to online platforms where you can check for free or a token.

Now that you are done with all the necessary checks and you’ve finally decided to settle for the particular van you just checked out for your locksmithing needs, here are a few pointers as to the next steps to take after purchase;

Used Locksmith Van For Sale – Outfitting Your Van

Once the deal has been sealed and you now have the van all to yourself, the next step is to think about how you want the interiors and the exteriors to look like. For the exterior, you need to install good lighting throughout the vehicle as getting your work done in dark areas will serve as a delay agent for whatever task it is you have chosen to embark on, LED lights especially should be used for the working areas. 12 VDC motors for key machines should also be considered over 115 VDC as the former is more battery friendly than the former. Depending on where you live, you may want to consider installing a roof air conditioner, heater or fan equipped vents to combat extreme weather conditions. Also, consider insulation for the more extreme climates.

Used Locksmith Van For Sale – Flooring & Cabinetry

Right before you install any cabinetry at all, there is a need to decide on just which flooring material it is that you want. Most locksmithing vans have a commercial carpet in a medium solid color. Forget about the fact that the carpet gets dirty before you say jack, you need to look on the brighter side which is the ease of finding pins, wafers and little pieces of locks that fall off from the table, the carpet ensures everything that falls off the table does not get that far from where you can easily spot them. Outfitting a service vehicle is a lot of work and it does require some intensive and careful planning on how to best make use of the limited space. You need to make decisions on whether a workbench is needed or not, how much area will be set aside for servicing, repairing & key machines, will blanks be kept in boxes or in a wall?, just exactly how large will the cabinet be to accommodate every needed tools, once these questions have been satisfactorily answered within yourself and put in writing, you can proceed to the next step.

Used Locksmith Van For Sale – Tool Boxes

Some tools are mandatorily required to be in the mobile locksmithing van at all times as they are an important part of every operation while other tools need only be brought on board every once in a while depending on the job at hand, the expertise of the dispatch team, cost of tools and how often these tools are needed. Toolboxes for a locksmithing van does not necessarily have to be a tedious task, it can be made easy by labeling several toolboxes according to how helpful they are for different jobs, employees can just grab a toolbox with the right label for whatever job you have been called for. The idea is great but not every employee will return the toolboxes exactly the way they picked it, some might forget it in the van while others can do worse by mixing up the tools and making you show up for an emergency job with the wrong tools.

Used Locksmith Van For Sale – Inverters

This list will be incomplete without inverters that will power every one of the electrical tools, recharge the batteries for wireless tools and every other type of machinery that might be on board. An inverter is a power converting unit that inputs 12 VDC (Volts Direct Current) and outputs 115VAC (Volts Alternating Current). For the end user, Inverters are purchased by the wattage output. Going by the popular saying, size does matter and this logic is applicable when t comes to inverters, the bigger the better, as a matter of fact, the bigger your inverter is, the more the devices it can power.

Used Locksmith Van For Sale – GPS

GPS is also a necessity for a locksmithing van, especially for employees who are not familiar with the areas where they have just been called for their services, GPS acts as a pointer which is why it is a valuable addition to a locksmithing van.

Used Locksmith Van For Sale – Vehicle Wrapping

Vehicle wrapping is a kind of advertising that has been around for long but, just to be on the safe side, ask around to know if your local government has any laws against it, if there is none, you can then go ahead to wrap your mobile locksmithing van with a gigantic vinyl decal that is showing off your business and emergency contacts.


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