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Top Locksmith ToolKits for Sale in 2019

Locksmith ToolKits

Locksmith ToolKits for Sale: It’s very important for every professional and competent locksmith to have locksmith tools and accessories in their toolboxes. This thus explains the unwavering importance of the toolbox – locksmith toolkits itself.

Just as much as the presence of these tools in the toolkit increases the level of preparedness of a locksmith, the toolkit itself enhances perfect organization before, during and after an operation by the locksmith.

So you see, the locksmith tool kit isn’t an element that can be waved off at all.

Having said that, in this article, I’ll be carefully mentioning and giving a brief review of a number of locksmith toolkits for sale. Not just any, but toolkits that are available for sale.

However, please note that this article is a pure work of research, studies and a little bit of personal experience. And isn’t in any way for promotional purposes.

Hence without much ado, let’s set to work!


1. The NMC LOK2 11-Piece Electrical Lockout Center Kit – $109.39

Locksmith ToolKits

The NMC LOK2 11 piece electrical lockout center kit consists of a plug lockout, a switch lockout, and two circuit breaker lockouts. These are used to help in preventing any unauthorized access during maintenance and repair to varieties of electrical sources.

The 0.05″ thick, and rigid backboard made of polystyrene, is water resistant. This backboard has black diagonal lines in order to make it easy to read – easy readability. It reads “Safety Lockout Centre”. This, in turn, helps users to find lockout supplies.

In addition, the backboard and the wire rack are equipped with two holes. These holes are used for mounting on a wall, and also to share the mounting hardware. The mounting is however only possible only with the presence of anchors and two mounting screws.

This electrical lockout device comes in a polypropylene case for carrying. This Carrying Case is resistant to a lot of chemicals and is lined red in order to aid higher degrees of visibility.

Asides visibility, this case also provide portable access to the devices for a lockout and also fits in the wire rack for storage. This lockout kit is as well part of LOTO – Lockout/Tagout, safety procedure which is required at facilities where their electrical sources need to be kept in isolation during situations of maintenance and repair.

On Amazon, this lockout tool is put out for sale at $109.39. Quite expensive right? Well, truly, it’s expensive. However, relative to its function, its cost is little. This product is perfect for LOTO procedures.

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Locksmith ToolKits

This product comes for $161! Such a whopping amount of money!

Yes. It’s quite expensive. But could you please get calm and see the specification, and functions of this lockout tool before jumping into conclusion. Then at the closing of this product, I’ll ask you, if as a professional, you could spend this amount to get this kind on the product.

Eased your tension right? Fine. Now let’s keep reading with ease

NMC 10 Piece bilingual equipped plexiglass mini lockout center kit is a kit comprising of a couple of tools, used specifically in cases of a lockout. And yea! It is quite expensive. Very.

This center kit contains a center, a 1-inch safety lockout, 10 packs of LOTAG1 tags, a 3/4-inches shackle lock, and 1-1/2-inches safety lockout.

TThis product is made from 0.125 plexiglass, and features eight plastic hooks that are replaceable, and also a clear plastic pocket.

This locksmith tool for professionals helps in communicating the importance of lockout safety, whilst also helping in storing lockout/tagout supplies – everything in the same place. Its length measures 15-1/2-inches, and its height 14-inches.

Now, let me ask; is this product worth the price or not? Definitely, I’m sure you’ll respond in the affirmative. So, why bother about the expensive price when the result it would give you would make you earn even more – only a professional can know this…winks.

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3. Kwikset Keyway Rekey Kit Rekeying Set 4 Keys 8 Locks 5 Pins locksmith tools by eBuilderDirect

Locksmith ToolKits


So after those two up there,  another brand I love is Kwikset. And without disappointing me, here are they with yet another badass tool kit.

This tool kit is a custom kit designed for the every body, even if it’s a do-it yourself person, a small business owner or even a homeowner.


Firstly, this tool is designed in a way that any one can rekey 8 Kwikset 5 pin cylinder entrance locks , deadbolts, handle sets, and any lever type locks. The kit as well comes with the removal tool, follower, deadbolt screw cap remover and 4 precut keys which are numbered respectively in other to correspond with the pins supplied.

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4. Kwikset Bottom Pins With 4 Tools 50 Pins Rekey Kit Rekeying Set Locksmith

Locksmith ToolKits

This toolkit consists of priced tools and pins which is capable of doing a dozen, and even more locks. These pins are although priced, very quality, like extremely quality. However, the only downside is that these tools are quite frustrating and also cheaply made for limited use.

Thus, these tools however I do not think these tools could be used professionally cause of these dents. However, they still serve their purposes.

Also, asides for its limited usage, I also feel the manufacturers could give colors to the different sizes of pins.

This locksmith tool includes; Kwikset Bottom pins #1 to #6 each 50 Piece; Kwikset Top pins 25 Piece; 1 Removal Tool; 1 Follower; 1 Deadbolt Cap Remover; 1 Gauge Decoder.

In addition, this locksmith kit has loads of pins in each of the sizes, all depending on the combination of your pins, thus, one could do dozens of locks.

Furthermore, a user can as well use the pins over and over again from the old key code you have. However, you’ll need to take your time to adequately sort them out before this could be done.

Asides that, as a user, if you replace the top pins, only 5 locks can be re-keyed. Just five.

This is simply because of the brand manufacturing this tool kit. Most residential lock sets manufactured by Kwikset are a five pin cylinder. Although, If you re-use the old top pins, then a number of locks that you can re-key in total is 50. Which means, you will be using 5 new pins in each cylinders.

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5. NoCry 10/125 Professional Rotary Tool Kit with Heavy Duty 170W/1.4A Electric Motor, Universal 3-Jaw Chuck, 10 Attachments & 125 Accessories Included

Locksmith ToolKits

This quality USD 60 set is a tool kit which  Includes 3 collets and a multi-chuck, , a collet nut, a flex-shaft and an extendable stand, a cutting set, a precision handle, grinding, sharpening l, sanding and cutting guides, a shield, a pivot light and also 125 accessories in just one handy storage case.

Isn’t that wonderful and mind blowing again!

This tool kit comes with a die-hard 170W / 1.4A motor which has the capability of reaching speeds within the range of 8,000rpm to 35,000rpm. This capability therefore makes this machine suitable for working on a various number of materials. Ranging from  plastic, wood, drywall, and tile, to stone, glass, and even loads of various metals. Metals such as brass, copper, steel, or aluminum.

This tool kit also come equipped for use immediately it’s relived from the box. This tool is used for engraving, carving, sanding, cutting, sharpening, polishing, cleaning, carving, woodworking, grout removal, grinding…just name it! Any kind of project a locksmith can engage into.

Comes with two replaceable carbide brushes. And is as well compatible with a couple of other rotary tools and  accessories. However, these tools or accessories needs to have a shank size of max Ø1/8 inches and must also be able to withstand any kind of works – even if it’s at work at high speeds.

This tool kit gives you the satisfaction you desire as a locksmith. However, another good thing about this brand is, perhaps this tool doesn’t perform as it’s supposed to, then you’re guaranteed a replacement for free, or even a refund as quick as possible – although if it’s during a specific period of time.

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6. LAB Super Wedge Pro w/Drawer Pin Kit

Locksmith ToolKits

LAB Super Wedge Pro w/Drawer Pin Kit is a locksmith tool kit which literarily consists of everything that you will need as a locksmith in a pinning kit.

This tool kit firstly and most importantly helps organizing every locksmith tool, instead of being scattered all around the workbench. This is made possible with the inclusion of the dual view pin tray and slide out tool drawer in the design of this tool kit.

In addition, this tool kit is perfect in servicing various brands of locks. Apart from that, this universal pinning kit for locksmiths helps in saving a lot chunk of money. You might not notice this at first purchase, but on the long run, you’ll get to realize it.


This is because the universal pin refills are usually way cheaper than most brand specific pin refills.

Didn’t get that?

What I’m trying to explain is that, pin refills of individual brands, when sold are usually costlier than the universal pins found in this tool kit.

I guess you understand that now.

So, Click Here To Get This Tool Kit On Amazon

7. Construction Equipment Master Keys Set-Ignition Key Ring For Heavy Machines, 39 Key Set — $78.00

Locksmith ToolKits

This key ring for heavy machines, consisting of 39 key sets basically serves as a convenient key holder. This master key ring helps in keeping one’s keys perfectly organized and also very easy and relatively faster to access. Also saving you the stress of risking loose or lost keys.

In addition, this master key ring serves as an extensive equipment representation.


This is simply because of its capability of working with most brands and tools. For example, this set enjoys suitability with backhoes and all equipment from Cat, Kubota, John Deere, John Clark, Komatsu, and even many more brands. Owning to this incredible versatility, this tool is a crucial and non negligible tool for every professional locksmith, and even for professional equipment operators generally.

Even with the amount of key sets designed with this tool, it still comes out compact and lightweight, weighing relatively lesser than most key rings ever existing.

This proffers a tremendous solution for key storage and its transportation. You know, truly these keys are not one size fits all, however, they cover a wider range of construction equipment popular to us. To aid its user friendliness, this master set comes with a  guide. In this guide, specific keys that work with each piece of equipment are carefully outlined there.

Although this key ring is designed for maximum durability for tenacious jobs, it is as well made to accommodate usage by both men, women, and/or even kids. This key set’* ring is constructed with a split-ring design. This ensures the user can easily remove or add keys as required.

However, this set doesn’t include duplicate keys’. This thus giving its user the maximum coverage possible for a wide range of equipment, yet at the lowest price possible.

Lowest price possible in the sense that, even with the costliness of this tool, it’s still relatively cheaper than others, yet with a better function. Gotten?

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Organization is a very cogent part when it comes to technical works. Especially in works relating to security and the likes. A locksmith getting organized is very important – organized with his tools, his way of working, et all.

How then could the organization of tools be achieved without these tool kits and more? Hence you see the importance this tools carry in the trade.

Every locksmith irrespective of your degree of professionalism, must posses a tool kit or the other. And I’m quite sure you must have gotten one or two toolkits you love and want to purchase from the list of tool kits outlined in this article.

Quite pocket friendly, and easy to access – all. So what are you still waiting for folks!

I’m waiting for your feedback on these locksmith toolkits. Bought them yet?

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