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Top 20 Places To Get The Best Used Locksmith Tools

Places To Get The Best Used Locksmith Tools

Places To Get The Best Used Locksmith Tools – A few weeks ago, when I got careless with some of my locksmithing tools and I finally misplaced them, I couldn’t care less because it was only a tool, then few weeks later, when I misplaced of whole set stocked to the brim with tools, I was furious and mad at myself for getting that careless with essential tools for my work that doesn’t come with a cheap price tag.

The incident and my discovery of how much money I have in the bank pushed me to buying used locksmithing tools and I have since fallen in love with the magic of buying used. I actually feel buying used locksmithing tools makes life easier as getting the same set of tools at the store and paying full price makes it easy to get wrapped up in an items value.

By opting for used locksmithing tools, you literally avoid all the stress and drama and instead focus that energy on things that matters most in life. Though, aiming for used locksmithing tools might come with it’s stigma among some buyers, but, the benefits far outweighs any awkwardness you might experience from people teasing you for buying used tools.

Here are a couple of reasons why buying almost all of your tools as used items is a good idea for both mental health and long term financial stability;

1. You care less

Things get spoilt and locksmithing tools are no exception, although, some of these tools are not that expensive but, when you get careless with the expensive ones and it gets damaged, you get heartbroken and emotionally downcast because the tool that just got spoilt is way expensive and now that it is spoilt, you will need to save up another chunk of your earnings to secure the purchase of another. Reverse is the case when you buy used locksmithing tools, you care less about what happened to those tools and your stress level will be significantly different if you paid $4 for the broken tool instead of $50. In essence, when you buy used, it is easier to shrug your shoulders, shake off the loss and move on with life like nothing happened.

2. You don’t get to lose sleep

When you have a lot of cash to spare and you buy new items especially the expensive stuffs, you will spend a lot of time worrying about the item than enjoying what you paid for. This is the sad reality especially when it comes to furniture, cars and other items than can cost up to a thousand bucks. But, when you opt for used items, you get to pay a fraction of the price you would ordinarily pay when you are buying new and you don’t get to lose sleep when life happens.

The logic behind buying used items has always been “the less you pay for something, the less stress you will have to endure when something bad happens to it”. And of course, the logic still holds on well even in the 21st century when it comes to expensive personal items like gaming rigs, Iphone x etc.

3. Used stuff is infinitely cheaper

Emotional attachments aside, you can save lots of money by buying most of your locksmithing tools used thereby helping you cultivate a saving culture and it is a foolproof way to make life easier for oneself.

Though these tools come cheap because they are being sold again by their previous owners, you might have to look around for much longer before you can find exactly the tool you are looking for.

4. You can usually sell used stuff for the same price you paid (and sometimes more)

One of the highlights of buying used stuffs is the fact that you can actually get to resell it for almost the same price you bought it or more. As long as your handling of the item wasn’t rough, you can usually get your money back even after using the tool to your satisfaction and you have gotten the value for your money. The logic behind buying used is not just buying, it is actually getting to buy quality items for a very cheap price.

These reasons and more are the factors that made me put this article about “20 places where you can buy used locksmithing items together”. Here are the top 20 places to get the best used locksmithing tools;

1. Ebay

This platform was built as an online person to person internet community. Buyers and sellers are connected in a manner where the buyers can list whatever used stuffs they have for sale, this ranges from electronics to car parts, mobile phones etc. This platform uses a bidding system whereby the seller set a price for his/her item and buyers specify the amount they are willing to buy, the buyer with the highest bid wins and he is to get the item. Buyers surf through the items available for sale in an automated way, the platform is an organized one and items are arranged accordingly using topics and every other auctions have their own category.

2. Amazon

Amazon.com, Inc., like Amazon, is a Seattle, Washington-based US based e-commerce and cloud computing company founded by Jeff Bezos on July 5, 1994. This company is one of the technology giants and the largest Internet retailer in the world if generated revenues and market capitalization are anything to go by, and the second largest after Alibaba Group in terms of successful sales.

The online platform started it’s journey to the top as an online bookstore all the way to the production of consumer products like kindle readers, Echo tablets, fire TV etc. The company sells a few low end products under its amazon basics program and people intending to sell goods like locksmithing tools can also enlist on the platform,put their goods up for sale and ship to interested buyers from all over the world, particularly in the united states.

3. Craiglist

This platform receives more than 20 billion page views in an average month thereby placing it in the 72nd place in the list of top websites in the world and 11th place in the list of top websites in the united states according to Alexa’s ranking result on the 28th of june 2016, with up to 50 million views from the united states alone on a monthly basis.

Close to 100 million new classified adverts are being placed each month and Craiglist is no doubt one of the leading classified ads providers where you can easily get people willing to sell of the locksmithing tools they started with as a beginner, or tools they just want to sell up because they are only occupying space.

4. Bonanza

Bonanza.com is the sole property of a setup widely known as “Bonanza”, a company that regards themselves as an online marketplace where people can get to sell unique items instead of the everyday items being listed on other sites offering the same service.

Sellers get to create their own personal online shop fondly referred to as “Bonanza booth” and begin listing the items they have for sale almost immediately after the booth have been successfully created. Registration on this platform as a seller and buyer is easy and the user interface is easy to navigate, it even allows sellers to import items they have already listed on other classified ads platforms. Buyers of used locksmithing tools can treat this platform like every other by simply visiting the site and navigating through items that might interest them.

5. Ebid

eBid.net on an average month gets up to 8 million hits in terms of visitors to the website and on a daily basis, it averages about 60,000 visitors while on a yearly basis, an average of 15 million unique visitors get to surf through the online marketplace. There are more than 4 million live listings including locksmithing tools in more than 12,000 categories and the platform has a gross value of $6 billion.

eBid is the definition of ease as the platform does not require any pro knowledge to get to the stuffs you want to buy and the rules and regulations that guards the marketplace is ever consistent and the support system for buyers and sellers including their customer service have one of the best reviews an online market place can get.

6. Sell.com

Sell.com is another platform that provides inventory management, e-commerce solutions and online marketing to vast businesses looking to extend their reach to the internet.

Everyone from wholesale sellers to individual sellers can list their items on this platform and this is where getting to but locksmithing tools come in. They have been in business for several years and it is a great alternative to ebay. The only con about getting used locksmithing tools here is about the buyer to seller arrangement, you will have to arrange and agree on a mode of payment then proceed to make payments and have the items shipped to you.

7. Oodle.com

Oodle is more of a search engine for classified ads, which includes a list of more than 60,000 sites, including classified ads giants Amazon, eBay and Monster.com sites, as well as lists of your local newspaper. To refresh your memories, Craigslist was one of the sites where Oodle collected its information up until October in the year 2015 when the classified giant, citing excessive unwanted traffic from Oodle links, asked Oodle to remove its ads from the site. . The classified ads services offered by the site includes automobiles, real estate, merchandise (books, collectibles and more), pets, rentals, jobs, services and others which was launched more early this month.

8. Couprecoup

CoupRecoup is a free site where you can buy and sell Groupons (valid and expired). It’s like a secondary market for Groupons. Honestly, I think it’s a great idea and a great resource for people to redeem their unused coupons. CoupRecoup is a great resource for people who have bought a Groupon and want to “recover” some of the money they have spent, or for those who want to get better deals than if they bought a coupon directly from groupon. I have managed to buy CoupRecoup offers so far, and I will continue to do so until I encounter a problem. Try it out and let us know if you are successful in buying or selling daily locksmithing tools offers on this site.

9. Wallapop

Being a member of this amazing platform is all you need to get good offers on used locksmith tools as all sellers of these items have to do is upload pictures of the tools they will like to sell and every other members will receive the feed on their homepage which is usually clustered with pictures of items which are for sale by individuals near your area of residence and you can use the search bar to look for what you really want without wasting much time on the platform.

When you find a used locksmithing tool that you are putting into consideration, you can simply add i to your favorites list by clicking on the star icon on the listing and then back to the item when you have the money to make a purchase. When the sellers have already sold their items and they decide o remove the item, it will also be removed from your favorite’s list, so, it is an important step to contact sellers for negotiation as soon as you can.

10. Mercari

Unlike ebay that has been known to use the cassini type of search engine which makes searching for items you need on ebay somewhat difficult, Mercari’s search algorithm on the other hand will include search results that is listed in your product description. This loosely means, you can easily find what you are searching for without much stress. This is not confirmed, it is only what I have observed from using both search engines.

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