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Locksmiths in Melbourne

Top Locksmiths in Melbourne – Do you reside in Melbourne and you need a licensed locksmith to take care of your lock problems but you don’t know exactly where to look as it’s your first time? You need not look further as we are here poised as a savior to your locksmithing worries.

We have been there and we know the stress and turmoil feeling that comes along with having your keys locked out when what you should be doing at the moment is resting your head on a pillow watching your favorite television series, on a drive or in the office clearing your table of the pile of work you have been waiting for the perfect moment to do.

This relatable scenario is the push behind putting a list of top 10 Locksmiths in Melbourne together in order to help ease your stress and link you up with trusted and certified lock smiths who will make your worries fade in a matter of minutes by picking your locks effortlessly.

1. First Choice Locksmiths in Melbbourne

Locksmiths & Locksmith Services, Melbourne

Phone – (04)11 571 118

Email – service@firstchoicelocksmiths.com.au

Website – http://www.firstchoicelocksmiths.com.au/

First Choice locksmiths in Melbourne provides you, as a resident of Melbourne who’s in need of some locksmithing professional with the exact service(s) you require at a pretty affordable rate. Their staffs have been known to be professional in handling all of your needs and they are there for you anytime of the day as the workshop is opened 24hours a day, 7 days a week, and 366 days in a year. The services provided by this locksmithing workshop are an all rounder as they offer professional residential, commercial and automotive locksmiths to all the residents of Melbourne and beyond.

You need not worry about the integrity of this locksmithing workshop as they are fully insured and past records have shown that they really do maintain a high level of integrity alongside ethical standards as they go about doing their thing to help you regain access into your apartment or vehicle. If you are unsure about how much money it will cost you to get that lock fixed, you can place a call through to First Choice Locksmiths for a detailed quote and, bear it in mind that, no matter how little or big you think your locksmithing need is, they will always be there for you when you need them. Here is a list of other services they offer;

  • Emergency Break-in Repairs. We Come To You!
  • Automotive Transponder Keys cut & programmed
  • Fully Mobile Locksmith Service To All Of Melbourne
  • Re-keying And Keying Alike Locks
  • Over 30 Years Of Locksmithing Experience

2. LDC Locksmiths in Mebourne

Locksmiths & Locksmith Services – Melbourne

34 Main Rd, Melbourne

Phone – (04)11 344 144

Email – gavin@ldclocksmiths.com.au

Website – http://www.ldclocksmiths.com.au/

This locksmithing company did not just find itself on the list of top 10 locksmiths in Melbourne by chance, it secured a worthy spot on the list because of the hardwork of all its staffs and mode of operation, it is a 24hour locksmith that specializes in all types of locks, just name it and they are right there with you to get you sorted and erase your worries.

Especially for people who reside in west Melbourne, you need not worry about your lock problem keeping you stranded for long as LDC Locksmiths in Melbourne will help to expertly replace and repair your locks after whatever incident it was that got it damaged in the first place. They even help huge firms install top grade locks and other security systems with no issue at all, they are that professional.

Being a fast and reliable 24hour locksmith in Melbourne means their emergency unit will come all the way from their office to wherever you are regardless of the time of the day it is to get all your locksmithing worries solved as they are committed to quality services that keeps both old and new customers spell bound and leave them with no choice than to take all of their home and office locksmithing problems to this workshop.

One thing about this company is, you can be sure of getting top notch service regardless of the staff assigned to help with your locks as they are all well trained and have years of experience up their sleeves.

3. ARC Locksmiths

Locksmiths & Locksmith Services – Melbourne

Phone – (04)22 507 237

Email – billkorunovski@bigpond.com

Website – here

Have you misplaced your keys, lost them or got them picked from your pocket by someone with sleight of the hands and now you are stranded because you have no spare key to enter your vehicle? I know you are probably in this situation right now and that’s why you have searched for locksmiths in Melbourne and landed on this page, you are on the right track, all of the locksmiths on this list are equally good, but, ARC Locksmith is exceptional when it comes to Auto Locksmithing, you can get the replacement key for your car regardless of the brand, model and other distinguished characteristics of your car, you will be presented with a working key in a moment.

4. John Barnes & Co Pty Ltd

Locksmiths & Locksmith Services – Melbourne

Phone – (03) 9349 5645

Email – admin@jbls.com.au

Website – here

When looking for a state of the art security access system for your homes and offices in Melbourne or what you need is just a high quality safe for your kiosk, whatever your locksmith needs may be, there is a professional team of workers at John Barnes & Co Pty Ltd to help with that. This locksmith workshop has been in existence for the past 65 years and customer satisfaction has always been their number one priority whenever they set out to go and resolve any locksmithing fault they have just been informed of.

The company has evolved over time and that has qualified them as the right people for the job as they can handle both old and modern locks without any issue. This first-hand experience gives us a wealth of knowledge and expertise on all the highest quality security solutions on the market, allowing us to find a product that’s tailored to perfectly meet your needs.

5. Oakleigh Locksmiths

Locksmiths & Locksmith Services – Melbourne,

Phone – (03) 9568 6344

Email – info@oakleighlocksmiths.com.au

Website – http://www.oakleighlocksmiths.com.au/

There is a wide range of reasons why you might want to reach out to a locksmith, whatever your reason is, you should be rest assured Oakleigh Locksmiths staffs will get you sorted as they have a century worth of experience and this edge puts them in the position to give the kind of recommendation that best suits your situation and that means you can rest assured that the solution that will be provided to you is a tried and tested method.

Being that they have been on the field for long, they know exactly how devastating it is to get a low quality job done for your hard earned bucks and that is the more reason why they strive to provide the best service in and around Melbourne.

6. Lightning Locksmiths in Melbourne

Locksmiths & Locksmith Services – Melbourne, VIC 3000

Phone – (03) 8768 8512

Email – info@lightinglocksmiths.com.au

Website – http://www.lightninglocksmiths.com.au/

Just as it is with every locksmithing workshop on this list, the staffs down here at Lightning Locksmiths are fully trained and licensed professionals working round the clock to serve prospective and returning customers. They are never resting on their oars as they are always updating their skill set in order to be in tune with the latest in the security world and beyond just to be at the forefront of current technology and serve you better.

As earlier stated, to better serve customers and meet them at the very point of their need, the workshop is opened 24 hours a day and regardless of the time you place a call through, they will always be there to help without putting a hole in your pocket, and, if your locksmith need is beyond them, they will help you further by recommending someone who can help.

7. Armstrong Staysafe

Locksmiths & Locksmith Services – Melbourne

Phone – (03) 9803 2433

Email – armstrongstaysafe@bigpond.com

Website – http://www.armstrongstaysafe.com.au/

When locked out of your home or office, you have plethora of choices, you can either break in yourself or call a professional locksmith to help with reentry. Breaking in seems like a viable solution when frustration sets in, but, at the end of it all, you regret the decision, why is because the aftermath might be disastrous, you make yourself vulnerable to attacks because once you have broken down your door, there is no mechanism to keep the lock in place, so, you turn into a vigilante at night and an absent minded worker in the day because you are always thinking of how someone might have noticed the door has been broken and take advantage of that.

To avoid this prolonged panic as someone who lives in Melbourne, your next line of action when you are in a lockout situation either at your home, office or with your vehicle is to call the staffs at Armstrong Staysafe to come do their thing as professionals and get you back inside of your property, you part with a few bucks and they make your problem vanish.

8. All Associated Security Pty Ltd

Locksmiths & Locksmith Services – Melbourne

Phone – (03) 9867 7870

Email – assist@allsec.com.au

Website – http://www.allsec.com.au/

Being a business that has been in operation since 1984, the goal of this locksmithing workshop is to get it right the first time, that means, no time for excuses, they get your locksmithing issues fixed once and for all, no additional visits to correct errors that emanated due to unprofessional conducts, no, they are that good at what they do, all they need is to assess your issue and work on it the best way they can that will give you total peace of mind.

As a family based organization with 3 decades of experience passed on from one generation to another, this Melbourne based workshop does their things differently in a positively unique way, provides a great customer service and advice their clients on security matters. Based on the years of experience, customers have been served over the years with utmost integrity, reliability and professionalism. With mobile locksmith vans to aid the response to emergency services in Melbourne’s metropolitan areas, their services are readily available to people in Melbourne and surrounding environments.

Asides providing locksmithing services, Allsec locksmiths in Melbourne is also an authorized dealer and supplier of master key systems and other lock related supplies. With the many confusing options that are available on the lock market, deciding on the lock that best suits your need can prove to be a daunting task, but, you can always talk to the experts at Allsec locksmiths to help make a decision for you and no client has ever regretted trusting them with something that vital.

9. Kolliou Hardware Locksmiths in Melbourne

Kolliou Locksmiths


265 Hampshire Rd, Sunshine VIC 3020


(03) 9311 1078

Emergency No.:

0417 738 798

Business Email:


Kolliou Locksmiths in Melbourne serves the lockmithing needs of businesses and residents of Sunshine and surrounding areas. They offer a wide range of services which includes; lockouts & repairs, restricted and/or master systems, mobile services and a large range of locks and accessories for domestic, commercial and automotive situations.

With many years of experience in the locksmith industry, they are the go-to guys whenever you need help with any lock related issue.

10. Security Locksmiths Pty Ltd

Locksmiths & Locksmith Services – Melbourne,

Phone – (03) 9430 2704

Email – sales@securitylocksmiths.com.au

Website – http://www.securitylocksmiths.com.au/

Security Locksmiths Pty Ltd was established in the year 1967 by Doug Dale and the workshop’s record for serving the residents of Melbourne well goes way back, since the time of its launch, the workshop has been moved a number of times until Doug’s son took over the workshop and partnered with Karen in 1997, it was only then they decided to settle in Cedar Village on Bridge street.

Do you have other additions to our list of locksmiths in Melbourne? Please do not hesitate to share in the comments below.

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