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Top 10 24-Hour Locksmiths in Chicago

24 Hour Locksmiths in Chicago

24 Hour Locksmiths in Chicago – Do you reside in Chicago and you need a 24Hour Locksmith service provider? You need not look further as we are here poised as a savior to your locksmithing worries. We have been there and we know the stress and turmoil feeling that comes along with having your keys locked out when what you should be doing at the moment is resting your head on a pillow watching your favorite television series, on a drive or in the office clearing your table of the pile of work you have been waiting for the perfect moment to do. This relatable scenario is the push behind putting a list of top 24Hour Locksmith service providers in Chicago together in order to help ease your stress and lik you up with trusted and certified lock smiths who will make your worries fade in a matter of minutes by picking your locks effortlessly.

Top 24 Hour Locksmiths in Chicago

1. 24/7 Speedy Locksmith

Reach out to them on: +1 (312) 285-3790

This locksmith workshop is just like every other but they found a purpose as to offering the residents of Chicago a 24 hour locksmithing service as the number of people who want an emergency service early in the morning or late in the night has increased significantly.

This workshop was founded on the passion for helping intending customers when they need the help most. With a modus operandi that screams professionalism and efficiency, you are guaranteed to get responded to within 15 minutes interval of placing your call through to them, this is because they know and value the importance time and that has helped shape their response time to handle every emergency locksmith needs in and around Chicago.

Being a locksmith service provider that has been in service for long, the Speedy Locksmith team understands the risk posed when you are unable to get access to your very own property when you needed to, it can have a very devastating effect on the locked out individual especially those with health concerns who are just reaching out to their car safes to ingest their daily dose of pills only to discover their keys have gone missing, picture that scenario with someone suffering from Asthma in it. These and many other considerations have molded the workshop into what it is today and regardless of your location as at the time when you need the service of a locksmith, 24/7 Speedy Locksmith will always reach you and be at your service.

2. 24/7 Chicago Locksmith

+1 (312) 878-2715

2048 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL 60647

Owing to the fact that most of the emergency locksmith service situations are always lock outs, this has triggered several locksmiths like the “24/7 Chicago Locksmith” to up their game their game by employing technicians who are ready and available to work round the clock every day of the year, weekends and holidays included. The technicians on ground are fully equipped for the job as they arrive on the lock out site minutes after you had placed your call as they don’t only provide 24 hour lock out service but also lock rekey, lock installation, lock replacement and every other locksmithing service without minding the time of the day.

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3. The Professional Locksmith

+1 312 796 0901

When it is late in the night and you have a little lock-related situation and you are thrown into a state of confusion without knowing exactly the next line of action, to not worry your head a little further, all you have to do is pick up your phone then place a call through to “The Professional Locksmith” workshop as they offer a round the clock emergency locksmith services in and around Chicago and they are the go-to guys in dire emergencies.

The mystery about lockouts is, they mostly happen at odd hours when you are in a haste to get somewhere but the factor of time and whether or not you will get help does not come into play when it comes to hiring from “the professional locksmith” anytime you need their service without necessarily having to go through the stress and routine of having to book an appointment with the workshop. The services of this quality locksmith can be hired anywhere in Chicago. Asides responding to emergency calls quick, delivering top notch qualitative service is what the experienced professionals at this workshop have been on the lookout for and all of these does not extend the service time, every of the services offered are always within a short period of time to enable you go about your normal business after the little hiccup. The services rendered include;

Lockout services

Whether you have misplaced your key, got them in your snatched bag or you simply locked them in your car you can be sure of getting the kind of help that will give you the access to your home, car or office in no time as the mobile workshop will be with you in a matter of minutes to help you figure out the best way to sort you out as quickly as possible.

Key duplication and cutting

When you are presented with the need to quickly duplicate keys to your home, office or car, you can be guaranteed of getting a fast qualitative service with no hiccup whatsoever.

Car key replacement

Regardless of how uncommon your car brand and model is, key replacement no matter how new and uneasy your lock is, whenever you have a little situation like theft, replacement or damaged key, “the professional locksmith” workshop will be there to handle the situation professionally as always.

Services provided by the “professional locksmith” workshop is not limited to the Chicago region alone, it is also extended to surrounding cities. You can be sure to have experienced and licensed locksmith technicians to provide and deliver a quick service no matter the time of the day as the technicians staffed at the workshop always carry the right tools with them which is the reason why emergency situations are solved in no time at all.

4. A-Aabbitt 24 Hour Locksmith

312-719-8200 – Chicago

708-715-0041 – Chicago Suburbs

As a workshop with over 25 years of experience and licensed and insured in Illinois, Aabbitt 24Hour Locksmith Chicago is situated in Chicago Illinois serving both the Dupage County and Cook county with a trained professional locksmith with an uptime of 24 hours in a day.

The staffs with their knowledge are able to assist in every locks related situation that might occur in your residence, office and vehicle. Having more than a decade’s worth experience up their sleeve, they have settled for reasonable and affordable rates coupled with quick arrival time will lessen your worry while your lock is being worked on.

There is a quality assurance and guarantee on every hardware service provided as locks are not worked on with subpar and knock off equipment. The emergency situation phenomenon is why the round the clock service provision has been included in their list of services with even a fair advantage of discounts when you just moved into a new apartment, a crime victim or you are a senior citizen.

5. Amazing Lock Service Inc.



Amazing Lock Service

3165 N Halsted

Chicago, IL 60657

Emergencies are no respecter of anybody as they choose when to happen without necessarily respecting your opinion and considering the state you might be in when they come knocking. You may have navigated your way back from a business trip with half open eyes begging to be shut as soon as you enter your apartment where your body and soul feels at home and shielded from every danger only to discover that you have misplaced the key to the garage, the main entry door or some other situation that might warrant the urgent intervention of a locksmith.

Even without being in that actual situation, with the painted picture, you can almost feel the pains of the business trip returnee, the good news is, when you are caught up in a situation like this, and you need a savior to magically appear from the skies, you need not to bother your imagination, all you have to do is place a call through to “Amazing Lock Service Inc.” and they will help you regain access to your vehicle, garage or home easily and affordably. With 40 years of experience working as a locksmith, they sure have realized the importance of being there when needed and that is the more reason why this locksmith workshop is opened and available to serve customers 24 hours in a day.

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+1 312 572 7794

When looking for round the clock locksmith professionals in and around Chicago, Mr Locks Security Systems is one of your best bet as their locksmithing services spreads all over Chicago and its surrounding regions at an affordable rate.  For emergency locksmithing needs in Chicago, you can surely depend on Mr. Locks Security Systems for professional installation and repair of gates, locks, safes and doors.

Even when you still have your keys with you but it’s more or less useless because it is somewhat broken, you can still put a call through, they will respond in a matter of minutes to rectify your lock with the best available option and to your satisfaction. With highly trained and certified professionals on ground at their Chicago Locksmithing Workshop, you can be assured of getting top notch delivery on every needed locksmithing service.

7. On The Go Locksmith

+1 773 283 7994

5070 N. Kimberly Ave,

Chicago, IL 60630

On The Go Locksmith is a company that offers full service locksmith 24 hours a day and they specializes in commercial, automotive and residential services for the city of Chicago, its people and surrounding regions especially the northern suburbs. They are a law compliant company as they are fully incurred, licensed and bonded to serve every individuals and businesses within the Chicago area. There is a three step policy implemented at the company all in a bid to fully satisfy their clients. With a team dedicated to provision of outstanding locksmithing service on time and within the clients’ budget, there is a mobile team of technicians on ground to answer all your queries regarding your locksmithing needs regardless of what time of the day it is.

8. NONSTOP Locksmith Company

+1 (312) 929-3248

3035 W Montrose

Chicago IL 60618

NONSTOP Locksmith Company services a larger part of Chicago with their top rated locksmith services and high security locksmithing. With an incorporation of highly trained professional locksmith workforce that is available to tend to any locksmithing demands 24/7, you are guaranteed to have access to lock sales and up to date high security features from the most recognized brands in the locksmithing industry.

That company is one that will serve to please in order to sweep you off your feet with their swift service, response time and affordable rates for everything locks related in the Chicago region. Not just swiftness but friendly and professional locksmithing service has earned the company a five star rating from customers who had in the past employed their services on “Yelp”.

9. ChiTown Locksmith

(815) 733-5928


Chicago, IL 60612

(773) 552-2100

Plainfield, IL 60586

Chitown Locksmith is a premier locksmith and security services company in Chicago that has saddled itself with the primary task of providing security and locksmith needs of all Chicago residents. This workshop is run as a 24 hour firm to ensure customers receive the best of service regardless of their location. Not only do they have highly trained technicians with years of experience up their sleeve, there is a thorough selection process to ensure only the best of the best professionals are staffed up in the company for topmost efficiency.

10. Omega Locksmith

+1 773 277 5625

Omega Locksmith is focused on providing the best and most friendly locksmithing service in all of Chicago. Regardless of clients’ skin color, nationality and orientation about life, all Omega Locksmith wants to do is serve you the best way possible without discrimination of any sort by providing their services as a friendly neighborhood locksmith on the streets of Chicago. With this locksmithing workshop, there is no need to waste your precious data and time surfing the internet for locksmiths around you, all you have to do is place a call through to have your situation professionally handled.

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These are the highlights of the best 24/7 locksmith services provider you can find around as an individual or business situated in Chicago and we do hope they will someday come in handy and be of help.

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