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TappLock Reviews: World First Smart Fingerprint Padlock

Tapplock reviews

Tapplock Reviews – The way the world is today, everyone seeks the best option of security for their valuables and property. No one looks for fancy lock designs anymore as the threat to security has become too high that everyone seeks more secure alternatives to protect their valuables than what catches the eye.

The mundane locks we used to know have now already been mastered by the people who specialize in breaking and entering, and other petty thefts. With time, those locks have become too easy to manipulate and open therefore increasing the risk of people’s properties being burgled and looted away. That is why a lot of technologists and locksmiths have come up with new designs for locks which (after being manufactured) have proven to be efficient in providing more secure means to protect and keep many lives and property.

Indeed, locks have come a really long way from what they used to be back in the day. A very long while back, the only locks known to mankind was the kind where you had to literally pull levers to keep yourself or your valuables safely locked within buildings or rooms. That, at the time, was the height of locksmithing and I’m quite sure locksmiths felt it was the farthest length their creativity could possibly reach up until the innovation of easier-to-use locks which were even more secure.

With the advancement of technology, locks have amazingly become more sophisticated than what there were before. Locks are now less easier to break into with the wake of each new day . Locksmiths have created new and more different locks than the types which were in vogue in the past.

The modern locks which we see around today have been created after long bouts of planning, structuring and analysis to ascertain its efficiency. No previous locks are more secure than the present ones. Locksmiths most certainly do outdo themselves when it comes to manufacturing new locks that should be different and more sophisticated than the old ones. One major sophisticated lock seen almost everywhere today is the smart fingerprint lock. In layman terms, the fingerprint lock only opens when the fingerprint which has been programmed to unlock it is used on it. When a different one is used on it, it simply won’t budge because it’s sensors can only detect that particular finger print programmed to it. Isn’t that amazing? Well, here’s all you need to know about the amazing TAPP Lock which is the world’s first smart fingerprint padlock.

The TappLock Reviews

Padlocks have proven to be a secure way to protecting valuables from the moment they were made to this time. It’s always easy to hook your padlock over your doors and efficiently lock it up without breaking a sweat. This has been one of the many laudable works locksmiths have done to easily enhance security.

Although the mundane padlocks we have come to know and love has a few disadvantages of using them. One major problem of using a padlock is that your keys could easily get misplaced and you’d have no other choice than to break the lock to gain access. Everyone in the world who has at one point, used a padlock or still does can testify to the fact that they have once broken their locks because they misplaced their keys.

This makes you lose the value for your money at a certain point. No one wants to buy a key and after some time, break it. Another major problem of the padlock we have become used to is that they have become quite easy to be picked by intruders. A lot of people make it their forte to learn how to pick locks and gain illegal access to one’s property. This makes using these padlocks a little less secure than it should be. Well, have no fear for there is a solution to this problem.

Both of these problems which a whole lot of us who have used padlocks have fallen into have brought about the manufacturing of a more secure and more sophisticated padlock called the TAPP lock.

With this type of padlock, one never has to worry about misplacing his keys or even the locks getting picked by intruders. Did you just ask how that’s possible? Hold on, I’ll explain more. Get ready to be completely mind blown incase you’ve never heard of the TAPP lock.

Yes, the TAPP lock is simply designed to be a padlock. It has both the shape and lock of a normal padlock and does exactly what the padlock does but it has no key hole. Amazing right? No holes to be picked by intruders, isn’t that just incredible? Well, in place of the key hole, the TAPP lock has a fingerprint sensor which is the only way to get it to unlock itself. No keys, just your fingers. So technically your fingers become the keys to your padlock, you had better not lose them. The fingerprint sensor works in such a way that all you have to do is place one of your fingers on the slot dedicated to it and in less than a second, the padlock pops up and you gain access. Technology is fun right? So here’s the beauty of the TAPP lock so you know if you would upgrade to using it or stick to the one you’ve got already.

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