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Sea Point Locksmiths In Capetown – With over 30 years of operational experience, the locksmith Cape Town in sea point is endowed with the top-notch skills, technical know-how and manpower to provide quality service at pocket friendly rates.  These services are available to the residents of Cape Town 24 hours a day and 366 days per year.

The locksmithing company is a well-established one stacked with professionals with varying years of valuable experience in the industry. The expertise of the members of staff spans over 2 generations and their ever blooming success in the locksmithing business in the cape town area of sea point can be attributed to the expansion of their team, investment in high quality training for every key personnel and the utilization of new technology that is second to none to provide the best kind of service that is second to none.

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Technological advancement in how locksmith Cape Town handles its locksmithing request does not mean they have neglected the old ways of doing things, no, they still make use of the traditional means of lock picking with some modifications to them, ones which makes the trade an even interesting one for the company and its team. Being that technological advancements has never for once come to a halt, the company has tapped into that realization to make its business model evolve to be in tune with the latest advancements in the world of digital locking systems and car transponder keys and that is the more reason why they have acquired a state of the art technology, one that enables them to possess the necessary equipment needed to access electronic gates, ignition systems on the newest models of cars, car locking systems and to reprogram immobilizers.

The company relies solely on skills and experience to deliver top notch and qualitative jobs, this means, they do not cut corners while on the job nor compromise standard by making use of unreliable parts just to provide services for you at a pocket friendly rate, instead, when the company completes a job, you can be rest assured the said job is certified as safe because the said job had been carried out by professionals and you get a level of guarantee to back that up.

Another cool thing the company offers its customers is a one-time repair visit, this means a lot for you as a client and the company as one with many locksmithing requests, you both get to save valuable time and this is because, whatever your locksmithing needs are, the company will come over to get it fixed once and for all due to how competent the members of staff are at getting their job done with little room for errors. While on calls with customers that have one locksmithing need or the other, the customer care representative listens attentively to all of your locksmithing needs and jots down all of the required tools that will be needed to get the job done right in a single try within a short period of time at the best rate you can get around the sea point area.

In the company’s effort to keep up with the latest technological trends in the security world, they have been prompted to get the latest tools and technology to that effect and as of present, they are well equipped with a well-equipped fleet of mobile workshops. The mobile locksmithing vans in question are not ones to just carry the needed tools to complete quality jobs conveniently, they also serve as a warehouse for locks spare parts, transponder chips, key blanks with diagnostic kits inclusive, all of these are in a bid to help tackle any kind of situation that might spring up in the process of evaluating the locksmithing problem you already highlighted while booking an appointment with the locksmithing company.

For instance,  a client might call the locksmithing company for the cloning of keys due to the fact that the current one with him/her is slightly bent and there is a difficulty in getting the key to open, the mobile locksmithing team might get to the location only to discover the lock needs to be totally replaced, in situations like this, the members of staff on ground will only need to renegotiate with the said client about the new cost of getting the lock replaced, if an agreement is reached, the team of locksmiths will only need to reach into the locksmithing van to get a suitable lock for the type of door in question, remove the lock that was previously in place then install the new one.

Without no iota of doubt and mincing if words, the locksmithing company claims to be one with the finest professionals with the ability to offer superior quality at unbelievably cheap prices. All of your locksmithing needed will be critically analyzed and you will be presented with a comprehensive sheet about how long it will take to get the job done and a price quote which is one you will find incredibly hard to beat by other locksmithing companies. Locksmith Cape Town in Sea Point prides itself in having no hidden charges i.e. they have a strict policy, one which you only get to pay your price quote and nothing more, a policy which unknown to the company adds to their rank as a locksmithing firm that operates with integrity and is reliable come rain, come shine. There is this strong belief and aura in the locksmithing company as they pride themselves as a locksmithing company that can confidently handle all types of locksmithing situation without breaking a sweat and this claim does not in any way exclude cracking of safes of all types and sizes. Furthermore, the company believes in getting the right parts for the job in other to maintain their good reputation in the locksmithing industry.

1. Premier Locksmith – Sea Point

The premier locksmith has been in the Sea Point area for decades and they have walked their way through the top to become one of the very best locksmithing firm in the area. They specialize in solving all sort of lock problems including cracking of safes. Their services ranges from simple lock picking to car transponder programming and every other locksmithing needs you can think of, they can handle them all with their team of highly skilled locksmiths in Sea Point that has proved to be experts with a vast knowledge in all types of locks, native and modern car keys, digital locks and access controls.

The locksmithing firm also offers emergency services round the clock and this is mad possible by their ready to go mobile locksmithing vans which gets to your location almost immediately you place a call through to the locksmithing industry regardless of how far you are from the location of the company, as far as your area is covered by their services, they will be there. Residents of the sea point area gets provided with fast qualitative services as the company believes in not compromising the quality of service rendered to its clients which is in the most literal term, the best value for your money. With a team of locksmithing experts, you can be rest assured of losing no valuable time as they will get whatever your locksmithing need is sorted on the spot without the need for a revisit to get the job redone or some other corrective measures that might disturb your peace of mind, deprive you of your privacy and quality time.

Some of their other services includes but not limited to unlocking of safes, installation and repair of locks, lock picking, repair and replacement of car windows, reprogramming of car transponder keys and emergency securing f property when having a lock installed is not an option. The services of sea point premier locksmiths is available for individuals of all class of life, institutions and contractors. Some of their previous clients includes large multinationals, contractors, big corporate bodies, landlords and estate owners with lots of apartments to their name. This record is one to calm the minds of prospective clients as to whether to do business with the firm or not. To top it all, there are special rates for everyone and people with bulk lock jobs get even better rates as there is a heavy discount already in place for them.

2. AAA LAzer Locksmiths and security

AAA Lazer locksmiths is a company that is still pretty new in the locksmithing scene as it was established barely a decade ago by Philip Du Plessis who in his discovery realized a lack in prompt and professional service provider in the whole of sea point area. The locksmithing company is one that is registered as a certified security service provider with experienced and qualified technicians with mobile locksmithing vans that are available and ready to attend to every locksmithing need every hour of the day, year in, year out. The firm is a subsidiary of Lazer security solutions group, one which specializes in modern electronic security gadgets like CCTV, access control, intrusion detection and biometrics installations. The business grew from strength to strength and in 2004 Rael Sagor joined the company.

Rael has been in locksmithing since 1992 and has vast experience in high security locking systems like Abloy. A year later they were joined by Shamiel Williams, who also has more than 20 years’ experience, specializing in safe work and escape hardware. Some of their clients include banking institutions, property administrators and several consulates including the British, Russian, German, Belgian, Italian, Irish and Swiss consulates. The locksmithing company strives to deliver a prompt professional service at a competitive rate. Currently there are three branches: main branch in the CBD, a second in Table View and the third in Bellville. Another branch will open soon in Wynberg. With more than 70 years of combined experience, they offer a wide variety of security services.

With branches scattered over all of peninsula, the main branch of this locksmithing company is located in Cape Town City Bowl with other round the clock service areas where locksmithing services like auto locksmithing and emergency locksmithing services are being rendered, some of the covered areas includes Sea Point, Claremont, Bellville Wynberg, Somerset West, Stellenbosch, Khayelitsha, Mitchell’s Plain, and Table View. The locksmithing company is certified by BBBEE, registered as a security service provider offering basic access control, biometrics and intercom installations, and auto locksmith and emergency professional locksmith services. All of the members of staff including the technicians are all duly registered with the Private Security Industry Regulatory Administration (PSIRA) as required by law & The Locksmith Association of South Africa (LASA).

The locksmithing firm prides itself in its workforce as all of their staffs are dedicated and willing to answer to all of a customer’s queries and also offer to walk you through the available services and products, help you schedule service appointments and visits to a time that is easy peasy and super convenient for you as a client plus the dispatch of an emergency security response team that will get to you in a matter of minutes wherever you are no matter what time of the day it is. Their locksmith professionals, as well as security technicians, are assured as some of the best in the industry, with up-to-date expertise and continuing education and training on the latest industry information and methods. Labor by their locksmith professionals and security technicians are guaranteed to be of superior and excellent quality.

The company guarantees that all keys & locking hardware products installed in clients’ vehicles, houses and business properties are high-caliber. Most of those products also have manufacturers’ warranties covering at least a year to an entire lifetime. While costs may vary depending on the security service that a client require, as well as client’s location and the time of the day when you put a call through to them you can be rest assured of getting the best value for money. For the experts at AAA Lazer locksmiths, the standard procedure is for them to come and check out your security needs in person with an offer of products recommendation and fee quotes before they get down to business.



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