Review Of First Choice Locksmiths

First Choice Locksmiths

First Choice Locksmiths are inarguably the best in their field regardless of the location they are. Before we delve into a detailed review of first choice locksmiths, let’s talk a break to look at the things you must know before choosing the right locksmith;

Identify Need

This is a crucial step in getting to determine the kind of locksmithing problem you have beforehand will help you get a faster and more accurate locksmithing service. Identifying your need at that point in time will make it easier for you to determine the kind of locksmith to be called. For those who are money conscious, this little step will help you get an accurate quote over the phone.

Get A Referral

You just don’t see a locksmithing Ad and call up the number included, you need some sort of referral from a family member, friend or neighbor who had at one time or the other employed the services of a locksmith and is satisfied with the end result. Alternatively, when you seem to run out of options as in getting a referral, all you have to do is contact your insurance firm, they are likely to point you in the direction of a tested and trusted locksmith or get your locksmithing problem solved free of charge as part of the benefits of being their customer.

Choose A Licensed Professional

All locksmiths in the United States are obliged to get accredited by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services, the licensing body might be different from country to country but, to apply for a license and get it accredited means the locksmith has been placed on series of tests which includes background check among others.

As someone paying for a locksmithing service, it is important to note that any locksmith you choose to work with must show some sort of paperwork and license to prove that he truly is a locksmith; this is in order to avoid inviting disguised bandits who will sell your private information to the highest bidder into your house. To know a licensed professional is simple, a licensed professional who earned his certificate through hard work as against forgery should be able to open any lock on residential doors and cars built from year 2005 an above can be unlocked by a professional locksmith just by entering a code from the vehicle’s identification number into a handheld device.

A locksmith’s license can be verified by checking from or calling 800.952.5210. You should require to see their license immediately they set foot on your property as they are required by law to always carry it with them at all times. Get acquainted with how all of these work, locksmiths are only to be paid after services have been rendered and work has been confirmed to be of good quality. A locksmith whose service charge is more than $500 needs to provide you with a contractor’s license or a business permit. For even more detailed information, you can contact the Contractors State License Board at 800.321.2752 and if you reckon your invited locksmith is acting strangely in any way, you should put a call through to the police and also contact the Bureau of Security and Investigative Service at 800.952.5210.

Verify Reputation

Mouth to mouth recommendation and praises can be deceiving, to get a crystal clear look into the kind of reputation your locksmith has built over the years; you can refer to Better Business Bureau rating online at or in person at your local BBB office. For ease of access, you should note down some crucial details like the company’s name, local address and phone number in order to be able to look them up on platforms like Yellow or Yelp to in a way verify the locksmithing company’s reputation.

Verify Insurance

Locksmith insurance ensures that both the company and the client’s properties get covered in the event of unforeseen damage(s). Any accident that occurs on your property while a locksmith is going about fixing your lock will be fully covered by the insurance company.

Verify Bond

A bonded locksmithing company only means one thing, you as a property owner being guarded against losing your money to some professional crooks i.e. you get some sort of refund and reimbursement when there is any damage to a product installed for your use by any locksmith. Most locksmiths who are members of a recognized body or association have access to affordable bonding, so, when on the lookout for a locksmith, ensure you go for one that is licensed, insured and bonded.

Get An Estimate

When you have successfully scaled through all of the processes above, there is still need for you to go the extra mile by demanding for specifics as to how much exactly the locksmithing service you are about to opt for will cost. This is in order to afford any kind of surprises when the locksmiths finally show up, do their thing and present you with the bill, be sure you know what you are getting into before dabbling into it.

Most individuals are so busy that having a lock problem has never occurred to them but, the bitter truth is, it’s a common occurrence and you never can tell when it will be your turn to be in that situation. With prior planning and following of the recommended steps, you can, on your own identify the locksmith that is suitable for your needs and not blow a minor event out of proportion when it gets to you.

Away from that and we are reeling into the main business for the day, the heart of the article. This part is a bit tricky as it might seem we are doing a trilogy review, yeah, you are right, it’s a trilogy as we will take an in-depth look at First Choice Locksmiths – Denver, First Choice Locksmiths – Exeter and First Choice Locksmiths – Melbourne. Let’s get to it;

First Choice Locksmiths – Denver

First Choice Locksmiths – Denver is a locksmithing business owned and locally managed, with its services aimed at the residents of Denver. They provide effective aurora services for homes, vehicles, and offices anywhere in Denver metropolis. Their highly skilled and experienced staffs will get you back into your property be it apartment or vehicle in times of lockout without hassle. With the understanding of how frustrating lockouts can be, this locksmithing workshop has made it a point of duty to stay open 24/7 in order to better serve its clients.

The main objective of the agency, according to them, is to provide the people of Denver with fast and affordable locksmithing services with great customer service. They are, as a matter of fact, dedicated to providing 24 hours of automotive, residential, commercial and emergency lockout services anywhere and any time of the day. For trials for verification purposes, you can put a call through to the agency’s number, 720.305.2886 to schedule your aurora locksmith service!

First Choice Locksmiths – Exeter

First Choice Locksmiths – Exeter is an independent company that is available throughout the day to attend to the locksmithing needs of the people of Exeter. Whether you are locked out or you just need a quote for your locksmithing needs, they will be there to help you as they provide a fast response with no call out charge as against what other locksmithing agencies in Exeter practice.

The firm offers a personal and professional service to both individuals and business owners and with mobile vans that are fully equipped with the right tools, the First Choice Locksmith – Exeter can supply, install and cut keys anywhere the mobile staffs find themselves and even better, they can provide a whole range of other services too, leaving customers secured with a feeling of safety in their homes and offices. Customers feel even safer and relaxed with the knowledge of how professionally trained the locksmithing staffs from this firm are, coupled with the fact that, the working ethics of the workshop is in accordance with NCFE standards and all provided services comes with a guarantee.

To further cement the fact that having First Choice Locksmiths – Exeter work in your homes and offices is as safe as sitting in front of a toothless lion, the firm is subjected to voluntary checks by the police and the company is fully approved by relevant bodies (UKLA) and have liability insurance cover in place.

First Choice Locksmiths – Melbourne

First Choice Locksmiths – Melbourne provides professionally fast, and reliable locksmithing services at competitive rates. Their staffs are fully qualified and always eager to attend to you both physically and over the phone. The agency is sophisticated in taking care of all your residential, commercial and automotive locksmithing needs. First Choice Locksmiths – Denver is fully insured and as such maintains a high standard of integrity and ethical standards in all ramifications of locksmithing services you might require/need alongside prices that are competitive and affordable. Getting a quote for your locksmithing needs just got easier with this firm as they offer to give clients free onsite over the phone quotes.

Some of the distinguished services include:

  • Mobile Locksmithing service
  • Re-entry
  • Automotive Locksmithing service
  • Keying and re-keying of locks
  • Restricted Master key systems
  • Lock repairs and replacement
  • Deadlocks, Deadlatches and Deadbolts supplied and installation
  • Key cutting
  • Repair of  damaged locks
  • Keys duplication

 First Choice Locksmiths – Melbourne have in their inventory a wide range of locks to suit commercial and high-security locks and locksmiths needs. They are specialized in the installation of customized master key systems for all commercial sectors and they are even more committed to providing clients the best of service which aids customer satisfaction and the hunger to be the best locksmithing firm in the whole of Melbourne has kept the form floating atop.

The self-acclaimed best locksmithing service in Melbourne aims from the very beginning of every transaction to provide only quality locksmithing service(s) to the utmost satisfaction of customers as their locksmiths strive to be prompt with the greatest level of customer care and courtesy. The emergency services of First Choice Locksmiths spread across the city of Melbourne and wherever you are, they will get to you and help you out of your current lock predicament.

When stuck out of your home, car or office, your best bet is to put a call through to First Choice Locksmiths and as a 24-hour locksmithing workshop, they are just a few miles away to rescue you from the unfortunate lockout situation. Getting locked out of your property either by chance or other means is something we all get to experience in our lives even though we’d have to admit that some face such situations more frequently than the others, it doesn’t matter, what matters is how to get out that little situations that’s beginning to make you freak out. Say for example, you work a night shift and as you are about to leave your office in the early hours of the day, you made a shocking discovery, your key has been in the ignition the entire time, you can see the keys dangling from the ignition but you can’t reach out to take it, it’s the early hours of the day and you’re already having a panic attack, your eyes are fiery red cause of sleep deprivation and no one will be around to come to your rescue that early, all you have to do is contact the top 24 hour locksmithing company in Melbourne i.e. First Choice Locksmiths and that is all you have to do to get help, the firm will assign qualified staffs to come to help out and you get to part with a paltry sum to get back into your groove.

Similarly, the lock of your apartment door or that of your vehicle may start acting up at any time, especially if they are old and worn out. This discovery of the important role locks play in providing safety for all is why First Choice Locksmiths – Melbourne recommends that you get your faulty locks repaired or changed as soon as you start feeling uncomfortable about the effectiveness of the lock that’s in place and how it might compromise your safety.



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