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Residential Locksmith Services – All You Should Know

residential locksmith services

The Cost Of Hiring A Residential Locksmith:

The cost of hiring residential locksmith services is determined by a lot of factors, for instance, the company you’re hiring, the kind of services required and sometimes, emergency cases may cost you higher. Sometimes, location and holidays can also affect the cost of hiring the services of a professional locksmith. However, there is the possibility of churning out around $152 on average, though one might eventually pay anywhere from $96 and $209 depending on what kind of locksmith service you need.

Using an estimate curated by Home Advisor, listed below are the costs of some of the most popular services rendered by residential locksmiths services:

  • Changing Locks: The median cost of replacing locks is around $30 to $300, which may differ in total cost by lock type, fees, your security level and sometimes location. It’s necessary when you move into a new home, for sure. If you have been robbed, you should equally consider changing your locks. Your locks should also be changed if you feel your security has been compromised or you’re being stalked by a stranger or there has been reports of attacks around where you live.
  • You will be charged about $35 to $150 if you need domestic lock out assistance from a locksmith for coming to you. When it is evening, during the weekend or on holidays, a locksmith’s price can up to $150 to $250 higher for helping you get back into your apartment when you’re locked out
  • To make a copy of your key, residential locksmith services may charge $1 to $4 and can but it can be higher, up to $3 to $20 for special keys.
  • To rekey your door, you will be charged a minimum fee of $40 to $100 plus $5 to $25 per lock cylinder. However, you must understand that rekeying doesn’t mean replacing your locks. They rearrange the pins in the cylinder to make an old key not work. You can also purchase a kit for rekeying if you want to DIY. This rekeying service is cheaper than a lock replacement, so you may consider that if you’re looking to change keys on a budget.
  • For new door locks, after a house relocation, burglary, etc., professional locksmith services may charge between $40 to $100 plus labor charges of $20 to $30 per lock.
  • High Tech Keys & Biometrics: If you’re a bit careless with keys and lose it a lot, you may actually consider a more high-tech lock system that uses bluetooth, a passcode or a biometrics instead of a key. This means you don’t have to own a physical key, but sometimes this means it requires more  expensive maintenance and potential compromise of your safety. This is especially true if you have someone who knows how to hack a security system. Adding this system can cost anywhere from $100 to $500 depending on the type you want and the kind of work involved. As expected, it will cost even more during the weekend or holidays.

Residential locksmith services – Finding a locksmith near me

When it comes to hiring residential locksmith services, you need to do a proper research before going ahead to hire one. If you can, you can ask your neighbors for recommendations, you may just be surprised at the money you will be saving yourself and the deals you may get.  If you don’t have who to ask, you can always do a comprehensive research online on what residential locksmith company to use and how much they charge.

For instance, online, you will find out that people who live in areas where there is lower in the demand of the he services of a residential locksmith, pay lesser than people who live in areas where there are higher demands. So, a proper research needs to be carried out in order to prepare you for any surprises and more, save you from being cheated. There are equally some platforms that offer a specific discount when you book residential locksmith services on their app.

While you can plan and do fine in some situations, there are others where you might need emergency locksmith services. For example, if you’re locked out of your home in the middle of the night, that’s when you call in an emergency service. They are on-hand 24/7 to come out and handle your needs without waiting to make an appointment. For an emergency locksmith service, you may have to pay up to $50 – $600 and this is determined by the time, location and the services you need.

DIY Residential locksmith services

In addition to the above, you need to also confirm if there are no hidden additional charges to be paid as this may cost you a lot more. To prevent that, always get a written estimate from your locksmith. To save cost, you can equally try if you can DIY it but that’s when you can quickly dash to the mall to buy what you need.

You can read more on DIY rekeying residential locksmith services here.

When picking a residential locksmith services, a well done research as well your gut instinct is what you need in selecting the right one as residential locksmith services are so important to everyone and without them, we would lack the basic security we have all become so accustomed to having. So, you need one who you’re most comfortable about trusting your security with. You should be confident in knowing that the locksmith you invite to take care of your home’s security system and locks is trustworthy and very reliable.

What was your observation about the last residential locksmith that paid you a visit. Care to share?

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