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LOST MY CAR KEYS Or you lost yours? Hare are the four major things you should do.

We all get sentimentally attached to whatever we are used to no matter how trivial it may be. Whatever we make a huge part of our daily lives invariably becomes a part of us. When we lose them, it doesn’t just hurt us because it satisfies a purpose, it totally disorganizes our entire routine. I remember losing my phone one time, it was a very bad time for me. I felt like I was in mourning, yeah hard, dark and heart wrenching mourning.

I really do not remember weeping huge bursts of tears but it sure felt like I had lost a huge part of me. My phone was almost “everything to me’, no pun intended. I mean, I went everywhere with it, it was literally a part of my entire life. So, when I lost it, it felt like I had lost a part of me. I had gotten so used to it that I had to make new plans and do things differently. I’m guessing that’s exactly how you feel because you are reading this article. You’ve probably lost your car keys, I’m sorry.

Well, everyone knows that our car keys are literally a huge part of our lives and we could never imagine losing them. I guess you’ve probably lost yours if you’re reading this. Not to worry, it isn’t the end of the world. Lost keys never killed anyone, the thought of it is quite disorganizing though but it’s just another solvable problem.

No one starts their day with the mindset that their keys would get lost, so it’s okay to be a little confused for a bit. I’d  therefore advise you to take a deep calming breath first.

Let it out slowly, take another one, and get ready for the following instructions I’m about to mete out. If you just did, that then you’re ready.

The value of your car keys becomes obvious the moment you lose them. True, that’s when you realize it isn’t easy getting a new set of keys. That’s because the previous process of getting a new set of keys from your dealership in the past isn’t the same as it is today.

Back then, when a person lose his/ her keys, it was really easy to get a new set. Once your car keys corresponded to your car, you were good to go; mostly because all keys were universal. A particular key could open locks meant for keys like it. So all the driver had to do was call the dealership and simply request for a new set and it would arrive without much delay.

But nowadays, things are quite different, mostly due to security reasons; car keys are made for a specific car and can only be used for that car alone. So all you have to do to get your keys back is to know the type of keys you had. If you do, it would be a lot easier to get a new one.

Then again, with the kind of keys in use these days, you may still find it difficult to get a new set made. I’ll explain what I mean.

A lot of cars manufactured in this era come with transponder keys which are programmed to the car alongside a keyless entry remote. In most cases, the transponder key is all there is, while in some, the transponder keys are forgotten and only the keyless entry remote is used.

Also, the keyless entry remote or key fob is paired or programmed to the a specific vehicle; that’s why you can easily find you car in a very big parking lot with lots of cars parked at the same time. By pressing the button anytime, your car reacts to it like a distant lover yearning for his other half.

The relationship between your car and its key is sort of like a faithful bond as your car responds only to that key and to none other. This makes it really difficult to get a new one when it gets lost. It is also really expensive to replace them, as it isn’t an easy task. But remember, wherever there is will, there is always a way. Have no fear; I’ll work you through how you can easily get a new pair without getting frustrated. That’s what this post is about anyway.

If you are lucky and the key you lost is a traditional key, then you have nothing to fret about. This is because they are quite easy to duplicate and replace. Reason, they have been around for years and are mostly used for older vehicles than what is in vogue nowadays and you wouldn’t go through the stress of trying to program them to be responsive to your car. Most times, they are manufactured for some cars in this modern era. Especially for those who still love to kick it old school. Just as the keys are easy to duplicate, they are also very easy to be burgled. They are not very secure like transponder keys which are a big disadvantage for anyone who uses them. So with its advantage of being easy to duplicate, all you have to do is to call your nearest locksmith to have a new key made or maybe even, your car dealership and easily have new keys made and sent to you.

So whether you had a traditional key, a transponder key or a key fob, here are a few things you need to do to get your keys made and be on your way. Brace yourself though, it may cost you. As I said before, take a deep breath and let’s begin.

Lost my car keys, oops so you lost yours, see the tips below, it may help you:

1. Check Your Immediate Surrounding And Your Vehicle:

The moment you realize you do not have on you, the last you should do is panic. That’s mostly the kind of reflex action that comes with losing car keys. Some people literally go berserk immediately they realize their keys are lost. Their freak out level suddenly reaches new heights and they lose sight of what they should have done in the first place, which is to keep calm and try to find them. Well no one likes searching for anything especially when they have no idea where what they are looking for is. If you can’t get down and look for what you’ve lost, then you shouldn’t have lost them in the first place.

The exact moment you realize your keys are not where you thought you left them, first of all, keep calm; it would certainly help you think better. Once you’re sure your head in the right place, try to think about the last time you had them with you. You could go as far as trying to remember if you twirled them around a few minutes back. If you’re lucky, you’ll certainly remember something clear enough to help you locate where you left them.

But if you can’t remember, then, try to retrace your steps from exactly where you are at the moment. Walk backwards if need be but scan your surrounding thoroughly. Look around for places you may have stood at for any amount of time or even object you may have touched.

Sometimes, keys get lost as the owner tries to either carry something (dropping them while lifting the object} or as he/she tries to throw something out. It’s possible to find it somewhere you least expected to have lost it; the more reason why you should search thoroughly and practically leave no stone unturned.

Another good place to check is around and within your car. Believe me, car keys fall off the minute the owner locks his car and walks away. So it is advisable to check the surroundings of your car, especially if you alighted from it a few minutes back. You should also try to look into your vehicle. With both hands, create a narrow telescope and press it on your car window with your face over it and try to see if your keys are in the ignition. Sometimes car keys get locked inside. It happens when your car locks are set to lock automatically, so it’s possible you shut the doors with the keys still in the ignition and the doors locked. Also look down into the seats and around the insides of the car to be sure it isn’t there. Don’t forget to also look underneath the car too. You never know, it might have been there the whole time.

2. Gather Every Info On Your Car:

The moment you are sure that your keys are actually lost, the best thing to do is to take stock of every information about your vehicle. You also need to take a mental screen shot of what your car keys look like in reality. That is information that would help you in getting a new set of keys. Your ability to describe the type of keys you’ve lost determines how fast you can get a new one. The information you need to gather about your vehicle is also very relevant both to you and to whoever is going to help you manufacture a new pair. You would need to give the information to them, and it will help them manufacture the specific type of key for your vehicle. You would also have to be able to tell the exact type of keys you had, if it was a transponder key, or a keyless entry remote or a key fob, or even if it was a traditional key. The identification of the exact key is crucial to kick start the process of making a new one.

The exact information you should have for whoever would be assisting you to get new keys would be the model of your vehicle, the year in was made, its design and make and also most importantly you Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Believe me, you have to know your car.

Everyone’s car is practically their baby so that shouldn’t be a difficult task to achieve. If you can describe you specific car, then, you’re well on your way to getting a new car key. You can check your insurance cards or even your car registration documents for all this information. It could also help to let a professional locksmith examine your car door lock to identify you kind of key for a replacement in case you can’t get this information.

3. Call Either Your Car Dealership Or A Nearby Locksmith:

Here, you have to make a choice about who to call. You can either call your car dealership or simply find the nearest locksmith around you. This is inevitable because certainly one or the other would help you get a new set of keys so you can move on with your life. Both the car dealership and the locksmith would certainly get the job done so you don’t really have to worry about anything although they each have their strengths and weaknesses.

A locksmith would be perfect if your lost keys were traditional keys, they would easily duplicate them for you send you all your in no time. Also, they could be the best choice if your keys weren’t traditional keys but sometimes, your kind of vehicle may be a really unique kind and it could be difficult for them to replace the keys for you. The best bet in this case would be to call the car dealership; they would easily replace your keys and also program it to communicate with only your car. Although it could be more expensive that you could imagine. So whether you call a locksmith or the car dealership, you should also remember to ask for a spare key too in case this happens again.

4. Find Key Replacement Sources:

This is another great and easy way to effortlessly replace your lost keys. All you have to do is search the web for aftermarket keys or factory replacement keys on sale. It could even be cheaper to replace it this way than to call either a locksmith or the car dealership. There are certain companies who sell replacement keys, so you can just Google them, or you could even find a good dealer on eBay. If your car is a unique kind, find someone who could help you program the keys before you purchase them online.

I hope this article is helpful to you. Next time, save yourself the stress and try not to lose your keys again. Get a spare even if your keys aren’t lost yet, it’s good insurance.

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