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Accredited Locksmiths are a Locksmith Association known as The Association of Accredited Locksmiths a Locksmith Group.

Locksmiths accreditation does not come into play everywhere in the world, in countries like the United States, you do not have to get accredited by any locksmithing body before you can practice as a locksmith, and you can just wake up one day, learn the needed skills and open your own locksmithing workshop. In countries like the United States of America however, there is a need for you to get accredited but, before all else, you need to be a professional locksmith.

A professional trained locksmith/security professional may do some or all of the following: install locks, deadbolts, and other mechanical or electronic locking devices to safeguard homes, businesses, vehicles, and other property. Locksmiths are the set of professionals in the society saddled with the responsibility of modifying, rekeying and duplicating of locks. They also come into the picture when it comes to making new keys for locks whose keys have been misplaced by the lock owners or some other persons charged with the responsibility of keeping the key safe. Locksmiths have been known to install and service lots of locks, both metal and electronic locks ranging from conventional locks to electronic alarm and surveillance systems. Majority of the locksmiths take it up a notch with their high-level skills to design, provide, specify and install locking systems from the widely accepted closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems to the newly incorporated software locks for computer systems.

When a client requires the replacement of his lock, be it hardware or software and he approaches a locksmithing workshop, the locksmithing professional on the ground is saddled with the duty of helping the client in question make the right choices. Not only that, helping to make a choice according to client’s needs is the easy part, what comes after, is helping to install the already purchased lock according to the lock manufacturer’s templates or the locksmithing industry specifications(if there’s any). The lock is usually installed in the selected location with power tools and locksmithing technical know-how.

Brief History of Locks That Might Help

In the year 1970, the electromagnetic lock was introduced in the United States of America and it gained grounds back then even though the invention was a bit new. In today’s world, the electromagnetic system is a quite popular access control system around the globe. For fire safety reasons, when an electronic magnetic lock is connected to a fire alarm system, and there is a fire, the lock’s power source is programmed to disconnect just to allow free passage and a quick exit for people who might be trapped in the fire and frantically making an effort to exit the building.


The standard electromagnetic lock is made up of two components, a rectangular electromagnet, and a rectangular metal strike plate. The electromagnet is usually installed on a door’s header while the strike plate is installed in a strategic position where it meets the electromagnet as soon as the door is closed. The holding power of an electromagnetic lock is typically between 300 to 3000 pounds.

Security Features

One of the most feared perceived security flaw of the electromagnetic lock is power failure or in the most extreme cases, when a power outage strikes, most individuals with an electromagnetic lock installed on their doors fears that, a smart burglar who is familiar with how the lock works might cut the power source just to disable the lock.

Thing is, cases like that are not rare and it is the more reason why professional locksmiths install backup power to keep the lock going in times like this. What gives even more security and peace of mind is the fact that, in case of a break in an entry attempt, the burglar will only make attempts to get the door unlocked in futility as electromagnetic locks are not accessible from the outside, they can only be accessed on the inside, which makes it harder to reach and cut the most important wire that powers the electromagnetic lock. You can rest assured that, electronic locks are fail-safe. So, basically, when you are having power issues, an outage, and your battery backup is down, the lock will automatically be unlocked and there will be access to the various compartments of your apartment.


As with any other thing with an advantage, there is always a disadvantage to it or in most cases, lots of disadvantages. The same logic applies to the electromagnetic locks. First, of the locks are so expensive and the average citizen on an average pay scale might be unable to afford the locks. The other disadvantage for people who care about outer looks is the fact that the locks look less attractive to conventional mechanical locks.

In the United States of America, there are guidelines to the installation of electromagnetic locks, as a matter of fact, electromagnetic locks can never be installed as a standalone locking mechanism/locking device. As a matter of regulation, the installation of an electromagnetic lock must be done alongside other pieces of hardware and it must comply with the building fire codes as speculated by the laid down rules and regulations. These fire codes are active all over the united states of America and the fire codes are as follows; there must, as a matter of compulsion, be a minimum of two devices that can serve as a release mechanism for the electromagnetic lock, one of the two devices must be a manual lock with the inscription “PUSH TO EXIT” on it.

The manual button or otherwise known as the push button is mandated to provide a 30-second delay when pushed. Peradventure there is a fire alarm system is installed in the building, the electromagnetic lock must be connected to it so that, in case of fire emergencies, the lock unlocks automatically, the lock must also be installed in a way that it unlocks when there is a loss of power in the building.

This historical background to one of the major locks ever invented in the United States alongside your practical locksmithing skills will get you accredited anywhere in the United States to practice as a professional.

And that’s all that you need to know about the association of Locksmith; Locksmiths Accreditation. Should in case you have one or two questions about hiring a locksmith company? Do not hesitate to reach to us and we will be happy to help.

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