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Locksmith Transponder Key – What is It?

Locksmith transponder key

Locksmith transponder key – Keys are never the same and for a lot of us, we don’t understand what is in how pocket except that it actually works. When it comes to car keys, they definitely vary and that depends on the model of the car, the year it was made and often, the cost of the car.

To start your car, there are different keys types that are used like the traditional mechanical keys, electronic key fobs and transponder keys. Essentially, there are five types of car keys: the standard type that looks like your house key, the common transponder that has a plastic end that contains a microchip, the laser cut with complex patterns etched on both sides, the switchblade type that pops out of a plastic case which is also a keyless remote for your car locks and the smart proximity type that is usually used to start a car by the push of a button, senses when you’re near your vehicle, locks and unlocks accordingly amongst other things it does.

Apart from the smart proximity type of car key, all of the above mentioned types of keys use transponder technology. Often times when you’re having problems with locking and unlocking your car, starting or stopping, it is usually a problem with the transponder microchip in the key. A transponder key is often associated with cars but are used in keyless entry systems for garage doors, gates or homes.

They are used to unlock and start a car and they are coined from two words: Transmitter and Responder.  In the past, mechanical metal keys were cut with specific grooves to fit into an ignition and are used to start a car but now, transponder keys are used (they have been around for over 20 years now). A lot of people have a single transponder key that not only opens the car doors and starts and stops the car but opens the trunk, turns on the alarm system. The locksmith transponder keys have become so popular because it is convenient (well, who doesn’t like the idea of ditching bunch of keys and carrying a single multipurpose key) and it makes it hard for a vehicle to be stolen making it more theft proof.

When you buy a car that comes with a locksmith transponder key, it is usually programmed by the automobile manufacturers to fit the car. Older model vehicles can also be retrofitted for a transponder key and this is done by qualified and we’ll trained professional automotive locksmith. To change a simple metal mechanical key lock to a transponder key for your car may be quite costly, can cost as high as $600 but the benefits are totally worth the money as a car with a transponder key is more secure than a car with a mechanical lock system.

What Is A Locksmith Transponder Key?

A transponder (gotten from the words “transmitter” and responder”) key is a device that has been designed to transmit a radio signal from the device you hold in your hands to a remote receiver. A locksmith transponder key has a transponder chip planted in it and is an additional security measure to insure and increase of proper user verification. The chip in your key allows your key communicates with your car’s transceiver.

If your key is not properly programmed, you will only be able to use it to open the car doors and trunks but will not be able to use it to start the car. Without the key, a car that requires a transponder key to work will not be able to work at all. That means, you have to have the right locksmith transponder key to be able to drive a car that comes with a programmed key fob. Each transponder keys are programmed to start only the car it was made for and so cuts down the possibility of your car getting stolen. Although it is not necessary for every car to have a transponder key as the cost of refitting an older vehicle is really, a car with a personal key is more secure than a car with the mechanical metal keys.

Why Do I Need A Locksmith Transponder Key?

Before the emergence of a transponder, it was sort easy to steal a car. It was so easy, a screwdriver could jam inside the ignition to start a car. Car theft was so rampant, there was the need to provide a more secure means to lock and start a car, hence the innovation of transponder keys.

A car is more secure with a transponder key as a microchip which sends a unique signal to your car is placed in the key. Without this locksmith transponder key, it will be very hard to start a car. Even if a thief duplicates your car key, it won’t work for your car if the transponder is not programmed to respond to your car. In a nutshell, your car is safer with a locksmith transponder key and the chances of it getting stolen is very minimal.

How Do I Know If My Car Uses A Locksmith Transponder Key?

Most of the cars built after 1995 use the transponder key. However, if you’re not sure your key has the transponder microchip, you can remove the case on the back of your key to confirm. To know if your key has the transponder microchip, take a look at your key. If the bow of your key (the bow is between the metal piece that you place in the ignition which is known as the blade and the larger flattened piece that you use to turn the key once it has been inserted) is covered in plastic or rubber shell, there’s a high probability that you have a chip in your key. If you’re still not satisfied, you can remove the plastic or rubber covering of your key to confirm if you truly have a chip inside your key.

However, you need to be very careful while removing the rubber covering as this can damage the chip and once the chip is damaged, it will result in your car malfunctioning. A simple scratch can damage your key, so you need to be really careful while checking removing and replacing the plastic covering of your key. Another way to find out if your car uses a transponder key is to duplicate your car key and use the duplicated key on your car. If this duplicate doesn’t start your car, your car uses a microchip. The safest way, however, to find out if your car uses a transponder key is to call a locksmith. An automotive locksmith will be able to tell you if your car key has a chip in it without damaging or scratching your chip.

How Does A Locksmith Transponder Key Work?

A transponder key works by transmitting a unique signal from the chip in your key to your car to get it started. The chip in your is used to communicate with your car’s transceiver. Once the car’s transceiver receives the right signal, it does what you ask your car to do with the key; open the car door, start the car, stop the car, open the trunk the car and more. If the transceiver however doesn’t get the correct signal from your key, your car will not be able to function. In a nutshell, a transponder key transmits a signal to your car that allows it respond to “instructions”. The transmitter contains a small microchip which has a serial number that is unique to that specific microchip and set up during the initial programming of the transponder key. The transponder chip works by sending a signal to the car to validate the serial number on the chip. Unless the vehicle confirms and validates the serial number as authentic, your car will not start. You should also know that if you don’t program the chip in your key, it may not respond to your car. In order to use the transponder key, you have to program it.

How Can I Program My Locksmith Transponder Key?

Programming a transponder key usually take some minutes and depending on the type of car you have, you can easily do it yourself. It can be done using the car or the car keys. If you do not have the copy of your original keys, you will need it duplicated from code and this requires your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). To program your key by yourself, you will need two working keys but this may be very tricky because each vehicle comes it programming method and process partners. This process can get really frustrating if you don’t know your way around a car and so we recommend that you get an automotive locksmith to help you with the programming of the key. The use of a locksmith services may cost you some bucks but it will save time and energy and more, it will save you from incurring extra charges in case you scratch or damage your keys.

What Can Go Wrong With My Transponder Key?

As mentioned earlier, once a transponder key is faulty, your vehicle will not function properly. You will find it difficult doing things like opening your car door or starting your car and this may caused by some many factors. One of the most common factors is actually damaging the key itself (where you will need the help of a professional locksmith to help solve this problem). Below are some of the things that can go wrong with your transponder key:

  • Losing your car keys
  • Breaking your car kegs
  • Locking your keys in your car
  • Electronic dysfunction
  • Computer system error
  • Your key needs to be programmed

Once any of this issue arises, going to the hardware store to replace your malfunctioning key is out of the option. Where you may be able to get a key that fits into your locks or ignition, it will not start your car at all. The whole point of the transponder technology is to protect your car from accessed easily and so, a random key purchased over at your neighborhood hardware store will not work at all. More so, you need the help of a professional technician to look at the key to be able to proffer the best and most accurate solution for your key problem. Sometimes, your key may be undamaged but won’t just start your car, it looks fine, turns in the ignition but won’t just start the car at all. Sometimes, it may be your key getting stuck in the ignition. Whatever they case may be, we advise that you look for a locksmith within your area who can help you as you may damage the key further if you keep trying to salvage the problem by yourself.

Advise On How To Handle Emergency Situations With Your Transponder Key

Once you notice there is something wrong with your key, it is best to call a locksmith as quickly as possible to save you from damaging your key even further making it even more expensive to fix. We know there are tons of materials online on how to fix your damaged keys by yourself with some items purchased at the hardware store, our best bet is that you will cause more damage to your car keys as the transponder key is built in a not so simple technology, especially if you have zero idea about cars or technology. Call an automotive locksmith to help you check out your keys. If your keys are stuck in the ignition, do not force it as you may break it. If your key is not responding to your car, you may want to call a locksmith to check it out; it may be a problem with the chip programming. Do not go to the car dealership either as they may charge you even more than a local locksmith would and car dealers only open 9-5 on Monday to Friday alone and will not be able to help in emergency situations, so, a locksmith should always be your go to choice when you find something wrong with your keys.

Don’t forget there are different types of locksmiths to help you sort out your locksmith transponder key issues. Be sure to request for an automotive locksmith when making your enquiries. An automotive locksmith service charges may be high but it pays to fix your car right so you don’t have to keep spending on repairing the locks and keys

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