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Locksmith in Pretoria

Locksmith in Pretoria – Pretoria is a city which sits at the north tip of Gauteng in South Africa. It serves as the executive and administrative capital of the South African government, Cape Town being the legislative capital and Bloemfontein the judicial capital. It is also an academic city which houses three universities. Pretoria is a fast-paced and bubbly city in South Africa.

As expected in a city of that magnitude with influx of migrants and the usual vices expected of a cosmopolitan city of that caliber, worry about security rises top notch among residents and business owners, as well as owners of devices. The locksmith business would naturally thrive in such an environment as there would be concerns over burglary, break-ins, mugging, car theft, stealing things from within cars, vandalism, armed robbery, and various forms of crime and criminality.

As a matter of fact, a report puts the summary of crime in Pretoria as follows:

Break-in and Entry- 79.62
Mugging and Armed Robbery-80.30
Car theft- 76.06
Stealing things from cars-79.09
Racist attacks- 70.55
Drug-related crime-72.48

This is in relation to the safety index which is put at 21.48. Based on a questionnaire administered at one time, the Centurion Record states that Pretoria is the fifth most dangerous city in the world, and the third most dangerous city in South Africa, after Johannesburg and Pietermaritzburg.

The nature of clients who need locksmith services, or the locksmith business on its own, make it a highly confidential and sensitive sphere of endeavor. The qualities that would make a locksmith a first choice, especially in a city like Pretoria with its staggering crime rate, would be the utmost shade of professionalism, and the element of confidentiality would be held in high esteem. As a result, organizations, banks, companies, private individuals, business owners, hospitals, universities, and other concerns both within and without are always on the lookout for locksmith contractors who would fulfill their desires and serve them the professional taste of security delivery. Because reliability is of the utmost essence, individuals and organizations are always changing the face of their security apparatus in the name of locksmith security services often, when there appears to be, or there is the potential of a breach in the security arrangements.

On the strength of this, these requirements stand at the very top of the list of the needs of clients who are desirous of taking on locksmith security arrangements:

Time of Arrival

A locksmith is usually called to attend to emergency situations. Punctuality and reliability as regards being present at the site is of utmost importance. A professional and reliable locksmith should be at the site of the issue at least thirty minutes after the report or complaint is being lodged. Since it is a distress call and a lot may depend on how fast help comes, it is imperative that the locksmith arrives the site at the shortest possible notice. There are times when lives have been saved and serious damage or risk averted by timely response to emergencies.


The credentials and experience that qualify a locksmith makes him a service provider of choice when choosing a lock professional. One would want to work with a reputable locksmith who would do a clean job at zero risk to property or existing assets. It would also be nice to ascertain his professional membership of associated bodies for accountability purposes. Sometimes, some locksmiths could take advantage of privilege of access to perpetrate crime. So on that count, membership of bodies would give an idea of his whereabouts and locations, as well as contact details, for investigative purposes. Actual stealing, kidnapping, murder, rape, and espionage are few of the crimes that are likely to occur in the event of granting a prisoner access to your home in the name of locksmith business. It will be nice to read reviews concerning the individual or company online, before contracting such an one for that kind of job.

Doing the Actual Job

Locksmithing has gone beyond the level of steel doors and padlocks and keys. Technology has so infiltrated the security business and has made it complex, sophisticated and daunting. The professional to be hired must be one who would be well versed in the particular style of technology used in securing the house. Locksmiths are required to stay abreast of emerging technology in the business, in order to stay relevant.


It is important to get a professional that is reputable. It is not just about reading reviews online and asking for referrals. Verify from different and independent sources. Who is he? Under whom did he learn? Which training centre trained him or her? How long has he been working in this field and what are his past experiences like? How many complex cases of the caliber of your job has he solved effortlessly? These are important questions that are being asked by clients before hiring a security contractor.

Will He Give a Free Quote?

A professional locksmith should give an approximate cost that would not be too far from the actual, to prevent fraudulent practices or offers. A professional locksmith should be appropriate and fair in his charges while understanding the real problem on ground, not taking advantage of the desperate situation of the client to harass them with further charges, or charge an overkill.

The dint of professionalism also involves getting to the root of the problem and proffering professional advice, not giving temporary solutions to permanent problems. For example, where a replacement is necessary, a professional would not advice a re-key or lock repair.  A professional locksmith would not also delay a repair longer than necessary.

Having been through a thorough canvassing and selection process, here are the ten best choices for locksmith services in Pretoria:

Smiley Key Locksmith in Pretoria:

The company was launched in 2007. It is an extension of Waterglen Locksmith which has been in operation since 1985 and is still in operation in Pretoria East. The owner, Riaan van Rensburg started working at the parent company, Waterglen, which is a private business concern, in 2002, and developed a love and passion for the industry. He perfected the art of the technical aspects of the industry, and found the challenges of retailing a good opportunity to Lunch out on his own, hence Smiley Key. The company is currently the preferred and only registered locksmith in the eastern suburbs of Pretoria. The company and entire staff are duly registered with both the Private Security Regulatory Authority, PSIRA,  and the Locksmith Association of South Africa, LASA.

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