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Locksmith in Phoenix: The Top 10 to Know

locksmith in phoenix

Locksmith in Phoenix – There are a whole lot of locksmiths vendors in phoenix but we would list the top ten in no particular order. They were selected based on their customer satisfaction prowess, quality in service, affordability, and popularity. They were also emergency, residential and automotive services consideration in the choice of our top ten.

1. Johnny Locksmiths in Phoenix:

This locksmith service famed for its quick professional and sophisticated method of operation offers the following services;

(a) Key duplication
(b) Vehicle lockouts
(c) Broken key extraction
(d) Building lockouts
(e) Lock repair’
(f) Lock installation
(g) Mailbox lock services
(h) Rekeying
(i) Cabinet lock services
(j) Electronic/smart lock installation
(k) Keypad services
(l) Commercial services

With avowed customer satisfaction, Johnny locksmiths is being preferred due to its friendly and good customer service with decades of experience in the locksmith business. They have a reputation for delivering high quality services at affordable rates.

They have built a brand and carved a niche for themselves as business owners and private individuals tune turn up there for their key replacement, ignition repair and replacement lock needs. They accept cash, mastercard and credit card as their mode of financial transactions.

Work Hours for Johnny Locksmiths in Phoenix:

Mondays to Thursdays = 24 hours
Fridays = 6am to 6pm
Saturdays = 6pm to 11pm
Sundays =24 hours

Johnny Locksmith in Phoenix is located at 1940 E Camel back road unit 2016 Phoenix, AZ 85016
Call line- (480) 7799144
Website – johnny-locksmith.net

2. West Valley Locksmith in Phoenix:

Known for its great pricing system and 24 hour responses to auto locksmith services, they have a 24- hour response for auto locksmith services, commercial and residential services in Avondale AZ and the local areas.

They are known for fixing business lockouts, car lockouts, home lockout, home installation and others. In addition,West Valley Locksmith offers the following services:

(a) Garage lock services
(b) Safe locksmith services
(c) Gate lock services
(d) Intercom services
(e) Lock charging
(f) Building lockouts
(g) Lock installation
(h) Lock repair
(i) Lock changing
(j) Mailbox lock services
(k) Vehicle lockouts
(l) Rekeying
(m) Broken key extractions
(n) Cabinet lock services
(o) Electronic smart lock repair
(p) Electronic smart lock installation
(q) Commercial services
(r) Emergency services
(s) Residential services

West valley locksmith has recently generated a lot of positive reviews from their clients and customers alike with their fast response, friendly reliable service and precise emergency services. They have qualified, licensed and insured professional personnel who offers home services in the local areas with digital and labour intensive service. They have a large client base.

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Work Hours for West Valley locksmith in Phoenix:

Mondays= 6:15pm to 8:30pm
Tuesdays = 6:00am to 9:00pm
Wednesdays = 24 hours
Thursdays = 6:00pm to 8:30pm

Fridays = 7:00am to 8:00pm
Saturdays= 7:30pm to 10:00pm
Sundays= 6:00pm to 8:45pm

West Valley Locksmith is located near Phoenix AZ at 1275W Indian school road, Avondale.

Call line- (623) 3214380
Website- westvalleylocksmith.net

West valley accepts credit cards and master cards as a means of financial transaction.

3. Desert Locksmith in Phoenix:

This is a locksmith service that covers most of the Maricopa country within phoenix. They also has a good client base with speedy response rate and sophisticated but yet reasonably economic service. They provide automotive, residential and commercial locksmith functions.

They specialize in the following services:

(a)Access Control Systems
(b) Lock Re-keying
(c) Lost Keys Replacement
(d) Emergency Lockout
(e) Door Lock Repairs and Installation
(f) Emergency Services
(g) Lock repair, installation and Lock changing

Work Hours for Desert locksmith in Phoenix:

Mondays = 6am to 11pm
Tuesday = 6am to 11pm
Wednesday = 6am to 11pm
Thursdays = 6am to 11pm
Fridays = 6am to 7pm
Saturdays = 6am to 7pm
Sundays = no service

Desert locksmith is located at 2246 E Virginia Avenue Phoenix AZ 85006

Call line- (602) 3015243
Website- desertlocksmithaz.com

4. A 1 Minute Key Service locksmith in Phoenix:

This locksmith service to a lot of subscribers is arguably the most renowned of its type. Established in 1960 by Clarence Kessman, the key service has transformed into a veritable brand in Phoenix, Arizona, California and other parts of America.

With 24-hour emergency services, A-1 Minute Key specializes in lockouts, Re-Keys, Safe Work Commercial with Residential and Automotive services. Other services include:

(a) Lock installation
(b) Lock Changing
(c) Garage Door Lock Services
(d) Security System Services
(e) Key Pad Services
(f) Residential Services
(g) Commercial Services
(h) Cabinet Lock Services
(i) Vehicle Lockouts
(j) Building Lockouts
(k) Rekeying
(l) Gate Lock Services
(m) Electronic Smart Lock Repair
(n) Intercom System Services
(o) Lock Repair
(p) Electronic/Smart Lock Installation
(q) Mailbox Lock Services
(r) Safe Lock Services
(s) Key Duplication

Work Hours A 1 Minute Key Service locksmith in Phoenix

Monday =8am to 6pm
Tuesdays = 8am to 6pm
Wednesdays = 8am to 6pm
Thursdays = 8am to 6pm

Fridays = 8am to 6pm
Saturdays = 10am to 4pm
Sundays = 10am to 2pm
A-1 Key Service is located at 1350 E Indian School Road Phoenix AZ 85014
Call lines- (480)4502119
Website – a1minutekeyservice.com

5. The Lock Guys locksmith in Phoenix:

This locksmith service deserves to be among the top ten locksmith providers in phoenix with their smart, quick and efficient service delivery. With a growing database of clients, The Lock Guys offers professional mobile locksmith services for home and business owners, car and motorcycle key replacement.

What makes them more appealing to the public is that they offer mobile auto locksmith service in Phoenix AZ at a fraction of the final dealer price. They have a standard automotive locksmithing with quality, quick, honest, friendly service and value.
Services offered are:

(a) Rekeying
(b) Key Duplication
(c) Lock installation
(d) Lock repair
(e) Lock changing
(f) Mail Lock Services
(g) Cabinet Lock Services
(h) Intercom System Services
(i) Electronic Smart Lock Installation
(j) Broken Key Extraction
(k) Key Pad services
(l) Building Lockouts
(m) Vehicle Lockouts
(n) Residential Service
(o) Commercial Services
(p) Emergency Services

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Work Hours for The Lock Guys locksmith in Phoenix:

Lock guys work by appointment only
Mondays = 7am to 8pm
Tuesdays – 7am to 8pm
Wednesdays = 7am to 8pm
Thursdays= 7am to 8pm
Fridays = 7am to 4pm
Saturdays = 9am to 8pm
Sundays = 9am to 8pm
Lock guys offers military discounts with their services and accepts modes of transaction like bitcoin, apple play and credit cards. They are located at 3731 E Greenway Ln. Phoenix AZ 85032
Call line- (623)8508383
Website- lockguyz.com

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