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Locksmith Highgate

Locksmith Highgate: What’s worse than not having a single Locksmith service in a whole area or city? Seriously, I don’t know. Because who is going to help you fix the locks, help you out when you get locked out of your own house or car due to one lock problem or the other. Locksmiths are meant for this, they are important for these things and for way more than these as well. Are you on the lookout for available Locksmith services and companies in Highgate? Well, this article is just for you. We will be giving you a full delivery of available Locksmiths in Highgate, London.

There are quite a number of them and we will also be reviewing them and stating the specific Locksmith service that they render in this article. Highgate is a suburban place in London, United Kingdom and it makes sense that residents want to know the available locksmiths in the area to help them with whatever lock problems that they have. Below is a list of Locksmith companies located in Highgate. We will also be sharing their contact information, websites, and address. We hope this helps.

1. Highgate Locksmiths

This is a locksmith company in Highgate that you can definitely trust with your Locksmith or lock related problems. To visit their website, go to www.highgate-locksmith.com to get even more information about them. They are located at 387 Archway Road, Highgate, London, N64ER. You can call their contact line on 02083480599 to speak with them directly. They offer several services like emergency locksmith services, they deal in door locks, entry systems, burglar grilles and bars, alarms, key cutting, London bars, Safes, Window Locks and more. You can also send them an email if you wish via N6@locksmith.demon.co.uk to contact them through the mail. This Locksmith Company is the leading locksmith company in Highgate and its surrounding areas like Kentish Town, Regents Park, Primrose Hill and more. They have been in this business since 1982! This goes to show that they have earned a huge reputation among the people of Highgate and its environs since they are still in the business till today. If you are ever in an emergency lockout situation and you need a Locksmith to bail you out, just dial their number and you’re good!

2. Hampstead Locksmiths

This is another Locksmith agency you can trust if you live in Highgate. They have been in the business and service of locksmithing for 25 years so far and are well trusted and liked. They offer so many Locksmith services and you can contact them via this number; 02074359600. For their address, if you want to visit their office, it is 41 South End Road, Hampstead London, NW32PY. And they are also fully operational 24 hours around the clock. They serve customers that stay in Highgate as well as Hampstead and are very quick to respond whatever time of the day that you call on them. If you don’t want to call them, and you also don’t want to visit them, you can still contact them via email. Their email address is nW3@locksmith.demon.co.uk.

Be sure to send a message to that email stating what you want and your specific lock problem. They offer Locksmith services like Lock fitting, Window Locks installation, door replacement and reinforcements, access control system installation, insurance surveys, lock upgradings, grilles, gates and shutters, burglar alarms, CCTV installation and so on. To know more about the services they offer kindly go to the website address given above. This Hampstead Locksmith company is a father and son business and is the local locksmith in booth Hampstead and Highgate. If you stay at Highgate, you can definitely contact them in case of any lockouts or emergencies. They are not only limited to Hampstead. To know more, call the contact number given above or you can email instead of through the email address or simply visit their website.

3. Locksmith Service, London

You can visit their website at www.locksmithservice.co.uk. Their slogan is “Secure your safety”. There are quite a number of locksmith services available to you in London and in Highgate as well. This Locksmith service delivers to the whole of London. Which means that wherever you are in London e.g Highgate, they will definitely respond to your call and help you fix that lock or install that system. Their website address given above offers more insight into what they do and you also get to see pictures of their works, their workers, their office and so on. This Locksmith service is absolutely available to you in Highgate since your area that is Highgate, is a part of London. To call their office for their service dial 02039605343. They operate 24/7 all around the clock and they have over 400 reviews talking about how good a locksmith company they are. If you are in Highgate, you definitely don’t want to miss out on this. They deliver domestic or house related Locksmith services, commercial or Industry related Locksmith services, automotive locksmith services and alarm installation services. They are committed to being reliable, trustworthy, fast and efficient. And what’s cool is, they work all over London.

4. Keys4U Locksmith

This is another Locksmith service located in Highgate. Their official website address is at www.keys4ulocksmith.co.uk. Go to this address to know more about them then we can state here. Their office address is Archway Road, Highgate, N6 5BB, London. You can visit them personally if you wish. You can also call their number at 02033845891. They provide 24/7 emergency Locksmith services for horrible situations like lock-outs. They also offer free estimates for costs of their various services and advice on which services best suit you. They also give a 6 months guarantee for all the services that they render to you. According to their website, within 10-15 minutes of arrival at your place, they can fix whatever problems that you might have. They offer you different service such as door replacements, window locks fixings, they help you to install insurance-approved Rim locks, Mortice locks and so on. Their office is right there in Highgate N6 and also they do CCTV, Safes and alarm systems’ installation. Keys4U Locksmith services is another place to try.

5. London Locks

This is a 24 hours locksmith service in London, their web address is www.londonlocks.com. By following this link, you will be able to read up on more information about this Locksmith Company. They operate different services like Lock fitting, burglary repairs, Emergency lockouts, lock repairs and more. To have access to these cool services, you can call them at 02089804091 or you can send them an email at info@londonlocks.com if you prefer to send a mail. Where are they located in London? You can find them at Unit B 18, Basement Bow Business center, 153-159 Bow Road, Bow, London E32SE. They attend to customers wherever they are in London whether Highgate or wherever. They offer emergency lock-out services which is open 24/7 and they typically arrive to anywhere your house is in London within 30 minutes. They respond to call outs at anytime of the day even at midnight. They also offer key cutting services in case you ever need to have your keyscut. Also, when you call out or dial their number, they don’t charge call out fee. Also, they are a company of integrity which means that if they can’t fix the problem, they won’t charge you a dime. They also do door Installations when you need doors in your house or apartment. If you need any help with locks, door Installation, keys, please do contact them. If you are in Highgate, their services reach there too.

6. H&M Locksmith services

This is another Locksmith service that you should contact if you live in the gate. This Locksmith service delivers all over London including Highgate and they offer quite a number of services. Firstly, you might want to take a good look at their website and assess if they are the right choice for you. Their website address is www.hmlocksmithservices.co.uk, just click this link to go through their website. Also, after going through their website, you might want to call them. You can call out to them through 07956128990. If you would like to get through to them through email, just send an email to them through the contact form on their website. They offer general and automotive Locksmith services to their customers. And they are also a member of the Institute of Certified Locksmith. They target the provision of quality service that has money value and strive to solve all of your complaints pertaining to locks, keys and systems’ security. They cater to all of London and its suburbs, all you need to do is to call them using the number given above. They also do burglary inspection, CCTV installation and 24/7 Locksmith emergency services. This means that no matter the day and time that you call them, they are sure to respond to you immediately. H&M Locksmith is another one you should consider.

7. Fairfax Locksmiths

This Locksmith company serves the whole of London with Locksmith competence, reliability and efficiency. They operate all over London and they are a top notch servicing, installation, lock repair and emergency locksmith company that you can always trust. They are one of the top choices in London for a safe and well secured property. They are in accordance with the British Insurance Standards and give you a broad range of locksmith solutions and products. You can visit their website on www.fairfaxlocksmiths.co.uk. to know more information about them. Their phone contact numbers are 01708532383, 07515313738. There is no call-out fee for these numbers. They have 24/7 emergency services, they deal in window locks, general locks, master keys, residential Locksmith services, commercial Locksmith services, key cutting and so on. They deal all over London and Highgate inclusive.

8. Barry Bros Locksmith

This is another Locksmith agency in London that you can call to help you in mending your home’s locks and doors at Highgate. To know more and get full information, visit their website at www.barrybros.com. You can also call their number on 02072629009 to speak with them directly or have them at your house or car location immediately. They deal with Electronics, physical security, keys, safes, locks and so on. They also have a 24 hours emergency response service and are ready to help you with jammed locks, broken locks, safes’ repairs, burglary damage, replacement of locks, temporary doors and so on. They can also help you with CCTV installation and Access Control systems installation too!

9. Locked Out Locksmith London

You can visit their website on m.lockedout-locksmiths.co.uk. to Know more about this Locksmith Company. You can also send a text message to them via the Message Link on their website. You can also call them on this number; 07801023048 to give them an emergency call on whatever problem that you have. They are well known and they operate all over London and yes, including Highgate. All you need is to make that call or send that text now! And the fun part is, you can do these through their website directly. They are also Metropolitan Police Certified! This means that apart from having your problems solved, you also have a safer house. They operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without pause. And also it is important to tell you that when you put out a call to them, there are no call out fees that will be charged! Also, their services start from £59 and they typically respond within 30 minutes.

Locksmith Highgate Conclusion

If you are in search of competent and reliable locksmiths that you can call out to while being in Highgate, we strongly believe and hope that this list is enough for you to pick just one Locksmith that will help you. There are nine Locksmith services listed above, just go to each one’s website and pick the most impressive. We hope you make a good pick though because that is what  is most important.  All the best in your Locksmith finding journey.

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