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Locksmith Earnings / Salary: How much Do Locksmiths Make?

How much do locksmiths make

How much do locksmiths make? – There are different types of locksmiths in the world, some of them have jobs as easy as cutting, replacing and duplicating keys while others broaden their expertise by mastering how to work with more sophisticated locks and security systems. There are also other locksmiths whose jobs are a much higher step above key cutting and duplication and are so much more complicated. These jobs require so much knowledge and innovative reasoning and also keen determination to do more.

What does a locksmith do?

Every locksmith has a different job to carry out, from fixing locks, to making keys, to creating security alarms and even building and installing high security safes, etc. Every locksmith has a paycheck different from the other one. According to information gotten from extensive research of actual locksmith earnings, the average salary for a locksmith is $46,419 per year in the United States, although some make as much as $95,000/yr and as low as $15,000.

Some locksmiths can do it all and so stand a much better chance of making more money than an average locksmith whose only expertise is keys and simple locks. Some locksmiths even go as far as working with higher security agencies and even big law enforcement agencies making their take home pay a sight to behold. There you have it, no two locksmiths are the same, and also, no two locksmiths are paid the same.

Do locksmiths get paid well?

A huge factor which also determines how much a locksmith gets paid is the area of residence. In most states, locksmiths stand a much better chance of making more money than in other ones. Most locksmiths reside in very remote areas and so have to offer fewer and very mundane services than they normally would in most urban places. This doesn’t create any room for much needed growth and enhancement in their line of work and so they end up getting paid the best wage for the services they offer even when they move. They can only have a sizable increase in pay when they leave and move to a higher paying vicinity but the pay will still depend on their areas of expertise and experience.

These remote places are often ridden with fewer jobs than a normal locksmith would have to make a living off. This generally makes locksmiths residing in such areas make lesser amounts of money at the end of each day mostly because there are fewer customers who need their service and there are no new experiences.

How much do locksmiths make an hour

Most locksmiths make their wages by the hour and so can be paid on the spot, while some have mouth watering paychecks which they collect at the end of each working month. Therefore, the salary of every locksmith depends on their vast knowledge of work and even experience and expertise. Locksmith salaries also depend on the kind of work they do and the services they offer.

A locksmith whose daily job is to make house calls to fix window and locks and even repair small sized safes for their customers cannot make as much as a locksmith whose job is to build and install security alarms and even assist their obviously richer customers during emergencies. This is merely because both locksmithing jobs are similar yet majorly different from each other. One locksmith’s job is simpler as all he has to do is fix broken locks, mould and duplicate keys, extract broken ones, etc. while the other has a more complicated job of being innovative. He has to manufacture computerized locks and even install them for his customers who get to call just him in case of unforeseen emergencies. This more sophisticated job equals bigger pay.

How much can you make at a locksmith business?

Gathered from extensive research, and accurate articles about locksmith salaries all over the United States, here are some of the earnings of different locksmiths;

1. The Residential Locksmith:

The residential locksmith is mostly tasked with handling home security systems. They are everywhere, in every area and are not difficult to locate. They are mostly spread out in residential areas. They often have very close relationships with their customers who trust them with their home’s security and even have their contact numbers handy in case of emergencies. Their jobs mostly entail opening locks for their customers who are locked out of their homes, opening up jammed locks within the building; they also fix residential security systems when a problem ensues. They are not just handymen; they also give their customers good advice concerning locks and security. It could be on the best locks to fix in their homes or even the best security systems to install to make it more secure.

What is a locksmith’s salary – Residential

They also give advice on how to ensure their property is adequately secure from being burgled. These kinds of locksmiths are mostly paid by the hour. Depending on the kind of work they did, their pay could range from $16 – $27 per hour. These locksmiths may charge$1 – $4 to copy a key and a little bit more for special keys. All this is based on the kind of service rendered to their clients. Also, hourly tips could range from $0.06 – $2 and their overtime pay could be from $16 – $40. Changing of locks could cost from $35 – $150. In the end, their total annual earnings could range from $23,000 – $57,000.

2. The Commercial Locksmith:

The commercial locksmith is mostly tasked with securing commercial buildings, schools, offices, etc. Their jobs are mostly to install advanced locks with security systems. These security systems can only be accessible by a select few in these buildings. These people are the only ones authorized to access these locks and are therefore entrusted with authorized key cards to open the locks. The commercial locksmith even installs biometric systems whose back-ends can only be accessed by them. They are the only ones called to fix these locks if any problem arises. These kinds of locksmiths have a lot of clients they work with and have official websites where their customers can easily locate them. A lot of trust is placed on these locksmiths to ensure the security of these buildings and also to keep the information about how to access the locks.

What is a locksmith’s salary – Commercial

These locksmiths are often paid on a monthly basis or even according to the type of service they provide at a point in time. For example, commercial locksmiths could charge their customers $100 – $500 for installing a biometrics system in their buildings. They could also charge lesser amounts in the cause of maintenance. Some of these locksmiths work by themselves while some employ apprentices and train them to do some of the jobs. Starting apprentices could earn $30,000 or much less in a year while experienced commercial locksmiths earn from $46,000 – $60,000 per year depending on the states in which they reside.

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3. The Emergency Locksmith And The AutoLocksmith:

The emergency locksmiths are always available whenever called upon. They are trained to tackle all types of emergencies that their customers present to them and this is mostly because of years of experience and expertise. They are always on the go and would waste no time to attend to their customers.

In cases where a customer locks himself / herself out of their car or has lost their keys or scary situations when the customers’ keys break in the ignition, the emergency locksmith swiftly comes to the rescue. They always have their working tools handy at all times and punctually arrive at the locations their customers call them to. The emergency locksmiths also charge their customers according to the type of emergencies they present to them. They never charge way above the customers’ range and their services are easily affordable.

The auto locksmith helps out with emergencies involving automobiles. They are also mostly emergency locksmiths as they sometimes have to go out to far places to assist customers in distress. Depending on the type of emergency, auto locksmiths can either access the controls of the customer’s car from a very far distance or simply go out to assist them. They are efficiently trained to easily open up locked cars without damaging them and they have tools to do so effortlessly. They waste no time in doing this and even replace locks if need be. The emergency locksmiths are often highly trained and licensed auto locksmiths with years of experience and expertise under their belt and based on the type of emergency could charge as low as $25 and a high as $150.

To unlock car doors in cases of emergency, the locksmith easily charges $30 – $50, and replace car locks they could charge from $25 – $130. They mostly get tips of as low as $2 and as much as $10 from their customers depending on how fast they execute their jobs and how much interaction they have with their customers. In most emergency cases, emergency locksmiths charge up to $600 although sometimes it is slightly lower than that. The annual earnings of an emergency locksmith could range from $42,000 – $65,000 per annum.

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