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How to get Locksmith License in Colorado

How to get Locksmith License in Colorado

Locksmith License in Colorado

Certified locksmiths know what their customers or clients want because they have learned all they need. From training program to apprenticeship. People rarely hire a locksmith with no certificate and you as a locksmith is looking for ways to get certified.

Here we will be looking into all you need to know, likewise answers to questions.

  1. How to become a locksmith in Colorado?
  2. Do I need a license to work in Colorado?
  3. What are other skills do I need as a locksmith in Colorado?
  4. How long will it take me to become a locksmith?
  5. Why you need to get a license as a locksmith
  6. Benefits of having a locksmith license

What is a License?

A license in general term is like a permit given to the business owner by an authority authorized to do so. The license grants or give the person who requested for the license a go-ahead to practice his activity for commercial purpose. But for the purpose of what we are going to be talking about here, Locksmith license will be taken as a business license.

Is the license needed to operate as a Locksmith in Colorado?

Locksmiths are people with skills that will go to any extent to get the job done, most of the locksmith that fall into this category are those with the license of operation. Anyone can open a house or shop when instructed by the owner. But if by chance the state you want to operate in (Colorado) fall into the category of state where you need a license to operate then you need to get one.

So, do I need a license before I can operate in Colorado?

Keep on scrolling then you will know that.

Over 13 states in America require a person to get a license of operation before that can start providing locksmith service for commercial purpose, some states need licensing requirements while some need applicants to obtain local permits.

List of States that Need Locksmith to Obtain License

  • Alabama
  • California
  • Oregon
  • Louisana
  • New Jersey
  • Connecticut
  • Maryland
  • Texas
  • Virginia
  • Oklahoma
  • North Carolina
  • Nebraska
  • Tennessee
  • Nevada

Note: Nevada requires whoever is requesting for the license to obtain a local permit from Local sheriff. However, there are no established guides on obtaining license and the final decision is left to the sheriff to take.

From the list above, we can conclude that you need no license to operate as a locksmith in Colorado but there are many reasons why you need to get one.

Why? Keep on reading.

Benefits of Obtaining License to Work as a Locksmith

You might have come to the conclusion that you need no license to work as a locksmith in Colorado but do you also know there are many benefits that you will get entitled for having for license with you?

After conducting research, we came across an article on Quora “Why should I hire a licensed locksmith?” and the following are a summary of what different users contributed.

1. Reduce Risk of Hiring Unfaithful locksmith

There are locksmith organizations that do not ask for a license from members before accepting them into the organization, members that fall into this category are those that have been clear of criminal records. The Disclosure and Barring Services is the body through which certificate like this can be claimed.

2. To Keep Yourself Covered

Certified locksmiths are required to have public liability insurance that will keep your clients covered from damages that might occur doing the period of rendering services.

3. To Protect health and Safety

Hiring a licensed locksmith is will give you an assurance that he or she is good at what they do. Your door lock will be fixed the way it is meant to be done. your windows won’t be easy for burglars to break.

4. To be charged reasonably

Hiring a certified locksmith you will be charged at a lower price than it is meant to be. However he or she won’t charge you than expected, there are organizations that look into the regulation of prices charged by locksmiths for service they render to clients.

So what are the benefits of having a license?

From the above reasons why you should hire a certified locksmith, we can say that you will get the following benefits as a certified locksmith.

You’ll be trusted by clients

Having an operational license as a locksmith will give clients peace of mind they can trust you. They will easily give you access to their homes, children even when they are not around. Why? because they know your identity can be trace and they know you won’t be issued a license if you have an existing criminal record.

They won’t question how good you are

Having your license with you is proof that you are not a quack locksmith. Clients won’t ask whether you are a pro or a novice, the license will do the talking. The popular belief is that you can never have a certificate as a locksmith when you are not good at it.

Access to Network

Having your license with you will give you qualification to join organizations that will make you meet people that are in the same field with you; Investors that might be interested in investing in what you do and others that might contribute to you one way or the other.

How to get Locksmith License in Colorado

To be frank with you there are no specific steps on how to get a license as a locksmith in Colorado since it is not under the list of states in America where a license is needed to practice locksmith for commercial purpose. But this is not the time to give up, you can register your locksmith in Colorado. This way you will get benefits that registered business owner are entitled to.

So practically we are going to divert to how to register as locksmith business name in Colorado and type of business structure.

How to register Locksmith Business Name in Colorado?

Since you don’t need a license to before you can work as a locksmith in Colorado, the only way out is to get a business license.

Why do I need a business license since no locksmith license is needed?

You need to register as a business since you are going to be making a profit out of it. In layman language, every person or entity such as LLC, engaging in any business transaction either small or high must apply for a business license.

The following are the locksmith permits you need to get:

1. Business Entity Type

Select the type of business structure you want; Sole Proprietorship, CO LLC, CO partnership or CO Corp? Note that each needs different certificate filling.

2. Taxes and Licensing

Since you will be operating for the purpose of making money from services or selling of products, you will definitely need to get a business license and EIN.

3. Co Sales Tax ID

You will need Co Locksmith Seller’s permit if you will be Buying/Selling locksmith related items.

Below is a more detailed explanation on registration of Locksmith Business Name.

Select Business Structure

The business structure you opt for is the one that government will use in taxing you. For example, a company registered as a corporation can be subjected to double taxation whereas it is a different case for business registered as an LLC, business under this category are always treated as a Sole Proprietor business. Follow this link to read more on the business structure.

File Structure Certificate

You need to file a DBA if you will be operating base on partnership or sole owner of the business and LLC if you opt for LLC structure. Follow this link to learn more about what DBA means, how to file for one.

Get Licensing

After filing for business structure, the next thing to do is obtain a Business license and Federal Tax ID ( EIIN). Read more on https://www.sos.state.co.us/pubs/business/businessChecklist.html

Register Seller’s Permit

If you are going to be selling/buying/leasing items or materials in whatever amounts. You will need to get a seller’s permit.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Difference between Certification and getting Licensed as a Locksmith?

Certification can explain as the process of providing an individual or entity with an official document confirming a level of achievement. Getting a certificate as a locksmith is an indication that you have completed your training and worthy of working as one.


Having licensed as a locksmith means that you have an official permit to work as a locksmith or own a locksmith shop. You have an approval from the authority in charge(government or an organization).

Note: Getting certified as a locksmith does not mean you can automatically work as a one. You need to get verified, have your criminal record check then get your license to operate from the authority that saddle with that.

Do you need a locksmith license in Colorado?

Colorado doesn’t need licensing, what next?

Asking this means you didn’t read the article line to line as you should have done. Since one needs no license to work in Colorado as a locksmith, it is highly important to complete the following.

List of Locksmith Training College in Colorado?

  • Lincoln College of Technology Colorado
  • Colorado Locksmith College Inc
  • Brd of Trustees Co School of Mines
  • Emily Griffith Technical College
  • Colorado Homebuilding Academy
  • American Pathways University
  • State Board for Community College
  • University Communities
  • Community College of Aurora
  • Keller Graduate School of Management
  • Denver Carpenter Training Center

Do you have anything to ask on How to get Locksmith License in Colorado? Make use of the comment box and we will respond.

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