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How To Become A Locksmith In Ohio

how to become a locksmith in ohio

How to become a locksmith in Ohio is not as easy as outside the state of Ohio as being a practicing professional locksmith, there is the helping the individuals’ parts, one where you get to pick locks to get people back into their offices, apartments, vehicles, and safes.

The other part of the big picture which concerns you as a locksmithing expert with a locksmithing business in Ohio is the safety of your business as without that, you will be out of the locksmithing business in no time and your workshop name will be forgotten before you can even bat an eye. This is why as a locksmith, it is important for you to keep your business safe by securing all of your valuable items from fire, theft, vandalism and every other type of losses you can incur in the course of running your business and this is the reason why you need to understand all there is to know about locks and safes in order to be able to design, install, repair and open locks of every forms and shape. Here comes the part that you have been waiting for, the part where you actually get to know what it is like to operate as a professional locksmithing business/expert in Ohio.

To operate as a locksmith in Ohio has to be within the ambit of the law and to get the law to approve your business plan as a locksmith you have to pass through the locksmith licensing board where your knowledge and professionalism will be put to test before you will be given a locksmith license if you make the cut and if you don’t, you only have to try again some other time when your locksmithing knowledge must have been updated to suit what is required by the state.

Still on the locksmithing knowledge part, before you can approach the Ohio locksmith licensing board, you must have had some basic education about the locksmithing trade and here is where a diploma in locksmithing or an apprenticeship certificate comes into the picture. To get a locksmithing diploma, you must have taken a locksmithing course in a reputable institution, be it an online course or one where you actually have to get yourself into the four walls of a classroom every now and then to pen down some theory and get practical with basic locksmithing tools as well as the advanced ones when the time comes.

An apprenticeship certificate, on the other hand, has to be obtained in an already existing locksmithing workshop where you have to work for an agreed period of time to gain experience and learn real time as against having to read books to learn, it gets real practical when you opt for the apprenticeship option. It gets even more complicated for those with only a diploma as getting one does not guarantee your acceptance with the locksmith licensing board and here’s why; some persons and academic institutions offering to take you locksmithing courses are not certified to do so, which invalidates your certificate if you got one from any of those confirms.

Your locksmithing diploma can only be validated if gotten from any of the accredited institutions listed on the Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA)’s website; you can even get a place that is in a walkable distance to your apartment, even better, you can get a financial aid from ALOA i.e. if you qualify for it. The idea of getting a diploma and undergoing an apprenticeship program is basically to give you as a locksmithing enthusiast who is looking to take it up a notch a rich background that you are expected to hone and build on now that you are ready to delve in full time to become a professional locksmith in Ohio.

In the state of Ohio, showing off your diploma and locksmithing skills is not just enough to get you the coveted locksmithing license that will enable to run and operate a locksmithing business full time, you also have to pass a few certification examinations before you can get fully certified and licensed. This certification exam once passed will give you a head start as every customer that sees your examination certificate hanging on your office wall automatically comes to trust and rely on your workshop to get all of their locksmithing needs to be sorted accordingly without room for any form of mix up. To get a better insight into the locksmithing core courses you are required to take prior to licensing, you can head on to the America locksmith association’s website for the certification grades.


As a prospective locksmithing professional who is most likely yet to start up any formal training to qualify for being regarded as a lock pick, you need to understand that being a professional locksmith is not only about installation, repairing and maintaining of locks, you have to go wider with your prospect by dealing in electronic door hardware as well as electronic locks. In Ohio for instance, professional locksmiths specialize in both industrial and residential locksmithing, when you start your own business, you can decide to specialize in some other areas that have not been saturated in the Ohio area i.e. automotive locksmithing.

Asides the obvious and the other things that has been highlighted about the services expected of a professional locksmith business, they also provide consultancy services on the side, modify and replace safes combination as per request by clients, cut keys, rekey locks, get broken bits out of keyways and get by well with master locks. On top of that, a locksmith service looking to standout in Ohio should consider offering an emergency 24/7 locksmithing service as in doing this, you provide more value and get to charge more for your services.

As a bonus tip on why you should go through all these stress to become a licensed professional locksmith in Ohio, let me refresh your memory and hit you hard and cold with raw facts that are indisputable, locksmiths in Ohio earn between $45000 and $60000 per annum, yeah, give that a long thought and come back to decide on if you want to be a locksmith in Ohio or not.




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