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How Much Does it Cost to Get a Key Made

How much Does it Cost to Get a Key Made

The Cost of Getting a Key Made

What a locksmith will charge for making new keys depend on the type of keys we are talking about. Which many don’t know about.

The technology used in car ignition system, the model of the car and others are few of the factors that a locksmith will put into consideration when they want to charge for service render.

Here we’ll look into the following:

  • How vendor impact key cost
  • Why are locksmith the ones to consider for key duplication
  • How to save money on Back-up keys
  • Can I program my key my self
  • Factors that determine the cost of getting a car key made
  • Why are transponder car key more expensive.

Important Notice: If you have only one key left with you at the time of reading this, the best thing that you can do for yourself right now is to get the duplicate. This way you will be saved from the stress of looking towing your car to where you will get the entire key changed and spending more on charges.

Right now it might be like a waste of money,it will surely save you from the stress and charges. This article focus on How much does it cost to make a key.

List of Where to Get a Key Made and Price

Before moving on to places to get a car key, there is a need for you to know somethings.

It is important to know that there are differences between cutting a new key or replacing a car and duplicating one. To have a new car key made you will be charged more compared to getting a duplicate.

The difference between getting a Car Key from scrap and Duplicating one is that.

Duplicating car key is about getting another copy made from the hardware store like Walmart or Auto zone or from the locksmith store across the street. And there is a need to have the physical key in his or her possession.


Getting another one made do not need the physical possession of any key and it takes more time.

So where can I get it done?

List of Type of Keys

According to research, the first keys were used about 6,000 years ago in the City of Egypt and Babylon during the period were locks were invented. The keys then were made of wood, heavy and shaped bulky.

The engineers then and inventors improved upon it. The reason why we now have metals keys use in securing homes.

  • Transponder Key
  • Laser Cut Car Key
  • Dimple Key
  • Valet Key
  • Key Card Key
  • Tubular Key
  • Master Key
  • Paracentric Key
  • Abloy Key
  • Skeleton Key
  • Cruciform Key
  • Magnetic Key
  • Double or Four Sided Key
  • Mechanically Cut Key
  • Smart Car Key
  • VAT Keys

List of Car Keys Explained in Details

1. VAT Keys

This is an upgraded version of your normal key and includes additional security measures, such as security chip. Doing so will make it hard for people to open your door once they don’t have the correct type of key.

VAT keys are usually hard to replace, since the chip embedded into the blade of the needs to be changed and customized. It is always hard to have it embedded in an existing car key. Generally, locksmiths will tell you to buy a new set of keys, get the original duplicated, and then create a brand new VAT chip.

2. Smart Car Key

Similar to transponder car keys, they are more advanced and very difficult for people to duplicate. This will ensure that you don’t have problems with people stealing your property and also reduce the risk of getting your car stolen.

It is rare to find people use them when compared with other types of keys, locksmiths find it difficult to create back up key for car owners by the duplicating code use in creating new transponder keys.

3. Mechanically Cut Key

This is one of the common key you will find out there and it is also the oldest. They are made from the principle of basic physics, which is why locksmiths find it easy to make replacement key when necessary.

Since they are not advanced, it is easy for people to make new ones or duplicate and in some cases make use of other keys that might likely to open the padlocks. This means that if you are opting for Mechanically cut key or using one already be careful with them, as it is easy for someone which knowledge of how it works can easily duplicate one.

4. Double or Four sided key

Double or Four sided key is the perfect example of what people normally picture whenever they try to imagine what a key looks like. The two extra teeth are one of those that contribute to why it is hard to pick. It is a great and not too costly way to make sure your home and office are secure without spending more on the installation of a new home security system.

5. Cruciform Key

Mostly used in industrial settings and also used in places where there is a need for efficient key and lock that would be difficult to pick by outsiders. It is made up of three sets of teeth that are placed at 90-degrees to each other. Duplicating this type of key is easy but at the same time hard to pick.

6. Master Key

Mere looking at the name we can say that key like this is designed to open different locks not one like other types of keys. They are beneficial in situations you give out keys to different room in a building.

7. Transponder Key

Popularly known as chip keys and mostly used in cars. They work using the principle of the wireless transmission system (radio signal). They are good at preventing theft once the wrong circuit code is used, and also not easy to duplicate.

Some transponders are even programmed to shut down when the wrong key is used, which decrease the chance of car getting stolen.

Factors That Determine the Cost for Getting a Key Made

So here we are on the factors that determine the price charged for getting a key made.

Where the Key is Made

The price of making a new key vary base on where you want to get it done.  What a locksmith will charge you will definitely be different from that of those at Walmart. Let’s take for example Mr.A.  lost his key and have no duplicate at home he went to the locksmith across the street to cut a new one for him and we also have Mr. B. who lost his key but instead of going to the locksmith across the street, he went to the Hardware store in town.

Who do you think will need to pay more to get his job done?

If we are on the same path Mr. A  is the one that needs to pay more to get his job done. Why?

The locksmith will charge you more because they are ones who have the experience and can give you what you want. Those working at Walmart are only trained on how to make use of a machine. In short, let’s say they are not professionals.

Type of  Keys

Type of car key we are talking about also has a contribution to what whoever will get it will charge. In some cases, the amount you would be charged won’t even be up to half of what other will be charged for their keys and at times more than. Higher prices come up with a situation where you need to get a car key that need additional features instead.

What type of key? Transponder key? Cruciform key? Double or Four sided key?

How much Does it Cost to Get a Key Made

From the different types of keys listed above, we have those that are used for a specific purpose. We have those use for padlocks, those use for residential houses, those use in securing warehouses, those use for cars and many more.

Note: The information that will be provided here will be on Car keys alone.

Car keys getting lost is one thing that can’t be eliminated totally just like friction can’t be removed totally from a machine. You could get a replacement from a locksmith or the hardware store across the street but at what cost?

Here is a breakdown of what you will need to pay if you want to get a new key. And you need to know that the price might vary but shouldn’t be far from what will be listed here.

Basic Keys and Fob

The cost of getting a new basic key and Fob is within the range of $50 – $100, depending on the person that is making it for you or the design. As we have known that all key fobs must be programmed. Some might do it for free and some can do it at a price that is close to nothing.

You can check some online platform or locksmith where you can get it at lower prices. Most aftermarket products vary in standard but they are definitely the ones you should go for if you are looking for low price Basic Keys and Fob.

Transponder Keys

Manufacturers start to place chips in cars after the mid to late 1990s which is in the plastic head of the car key. The chip buzz out signals to the receiver placed in the ignition system of the car.

The estimated price for a new transponder key is around $160.

The main difference between a transponder and a basic car key is that a transponder needs to be programmed before it can it be used while a basic car key does not need that. Some dealer will program it for you for free while some will charge a token.

Laser Cut Keys

Laser-cut keys are mostly referred to as sidewinder keys because of their distinctive winding cut on the shank. They are built to have embedded chips in them just like a transponder, and they need to be programmed by a locksmith or hardware store or anyone who is a member of Associated Locksmiths of America.

Getting a new Laser cut keys should cost you within $150 – $250 plus labor charges.

Switchblade Key

One of the advantages of a switchblade over others is that you can buy the components separately. If a part of the key should get damaged or no longer work, you can get it separately at 60 dollars to 80 dollars. But if you lost your key then you will need to buy both and that will cost you within $200-$300.

Prevention is better than cure

The best defense against car keys or others getting lost is having a good defense. It is better to have a duplicate of your key now that you have it with than to wait till the bad day the key will get lost.

Allowing your all car keys to get lost might cost you huge amounts of money in some cases.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

How long does it take to get a new Car Key

The time it will take a car key duplicated is not the same but in general, it should take 10 to 15 minutes. How long depend on how complex the key.

What if the Locksmith stop or Hardware store can’t get it done, what should I do

If you find the locksmith in your area find it hard to get it done. The best thing to do is to get a dealership. An average price of what a dealer will charge you is about 150 dollars.

Can I drive my car without having the new key with me

Sorry to inform you that you can’t drive your car till you have your car key with you.  You should have your car key duplicated immediately when you have your key back with you.

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