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How Much Does It Cost To Duplicate A Key

how much does it cost to duplicate a key

Want to duplicate your Car key or your door key? Find out how much it’ll cost you to duplicate a key;

How long does it cost to duplicate a key? This million dollar question always come into play when individuals in charge of a lock’s key get slobby with them, get them misplaced and on some rare occasions, broken in the keyway.

The question of how to get back into the property is the first thought that would cross such an individual’s mind is who to call, this is a decision that can take either a split second or a very long time depending on the type of arrangement that is in place. For people who seem to be trusting and have spare keys with friends and other trusted family members, that is the first contact they make, keys get retrieved, properties accessed but, it doesn’t end there.

A loophole has been created, you cannot keep the spare key for long as it will leave you with nothing to fall back on if you happen to find yourself in that situation in the future, here is where key duplication and exactly how much it costs come into play. Ideally, you cannot have a key duplicated unless a locksmith is involved. Keys duplication is usually a complex process that can be sorted with the use of a machine, the machine in question traces the curves, lines, bumps, and patterns of the original key then stamp it exactly how it is on a key blank of the same brand and model. Key duplication in the 21st century is a bit more complex than the scenario painted up there as electronic keys need a different type of key blank that has an embedded transponder key, else, the key duplication process would be an effort in futility.

Average key duplication cost

  • Getting your keys duplicated/copied at a local hardware store by an employee who might do a bad job as he has little to no training costs as low as $1.52 – $2.
  • You can get your keys duplicated at a locksmith’s workshop for as low as $1.50 – $4. They are usually more experienced than those employees at the local hardware stores scattered all around you and there is a guarantee that the key will work as soon as the duplication process is complete.
  • Locksmiths and chain stores can do you one better for only $3 – $6 by making your standard key into a colorful one with a wide range of customization options. You can opt to have any print of your choice on it, it might be a favorite quote or a picture you really admire, it will have to be the miniature version though, being that a can can’t take large images.
  • Duplicating a Medeco lock costs around $8 – $20 and this kind of duplications are usually not done by just anybody you can find around, it has to be duplicated at the dealership workshop that got the lock installed for you in the first place. This is because Medeco keys are special snowflakes that are patented and ordinarily tracing it and getting the pattern imprinted on a key blank won’t get the job done as each Medeco duplicate key when made at the authorized dealership store gets specially cut following a series of numbers that was recorded at the time of installation at the very beginning.
  • Car owners will spend a lot more on key duplication, the reason being that the security feature on automobile keys i.e. an electronic transponder chip makes the cost of duplicating a car key skyrocket as extra efforts have to be put into the duplicating process. Automotive key duplication costs around $20-$100 depending on the car brand and whether your duplication was done at the auto dealership or a locksmith’s workshop.

Factors that can influence the cost of duplication

  • Where the duplication is made

As boldly highlighted in the point above, the cost of having your keys duplicated can triple or be normalized depending on whether you did your due diligence by knowing exactly where to go or you go premium by walking into an expensive key duplication workshop.

Here is a detailed explanation, the first place the majority of people waltz into is a local hardware store, this is in no way a bad choice, the end result of your key duplication is what will determine whether your trip was a horrible one or a success as the people on ground at the local hardware store has only been trained on how to insert a key into the duplicating machine and bring out the newly duplicated key, nothing more.

On the other hand, if you happen to find an experienced and trusted locksmith in your locality, or, in the case of automobiles, a trusted dealership especially one where you got your car, you will get all the help you need as the personnel that will be on ground to attend to you will be ones that have been duly trained on key duplication. All of these would make more sense if you can take a trip to the home depot outlet closest to you, a check of their key blanks collection will convince you on how limited their collection of key blanks is. Locksmiths and car dealerships, on the other hand, have a wide variety of key blanks for you to choose from. Which is the more reason why you should choose an experienced locksmith or a dealership outlet to get all of your key duplication done.

  • Key duplication type

This one is for the car owners who are looking to duplicate their keys, the machine used for getting your car key duplicated dictates exactly how much it is you are to pay for the service. The importance of the key cutting machine comes into play when it comes to just how swift and precise the duplication is. For instance, the more time it takes to get your car key duplication done, the more money you are asked to pay.

The same logic is behind why getting your keys duplicated with precision centric machines is way more expensive than cutting with machines with less precision.

With that being said, I am very sure by now you know all that you need before you can think of duplicating your key either for your kitchen door or car. Should in case you have one or more questions, please feel free to use the comment box below and we’ll get back to us in a jiffy.

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