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How Much Does A Locksmith Cost To Unlock A Door

Locksmith Cost To Unlock A Door

How Much A Locksmith Cost To Unlock A Door – How much a locksmith cost to unlock a door in the United Kingdom, the United States of America and Canada has been a matter for debate by the residents of the aforementioned countries as everyone will have the need for a locksmith at one point or the other in their lives. While these debates are interesting to partake in, they are mostly based on the wrong assumptions. For instance, they are not mostly based on how things are in the real sense of it, and instead, they are usually based on how much the locksmith got the product used and the amount charged for the service.

Deductions are made, i.e. amount charged minus the amount of the product used for the service and it always results in an argument with a  majority of the partakers tearing down locksmith as a profession that allows for individuals to rip off their fellow countrymen while doing little to nothing for them. Regardless of whether you are in the United Kingdom, United States of America or Canada, it is important to note that are a lot of factors that come into place to influence the pricing of door unlocks by locksmiths. Lock types are one of the requirements to put into consideration.

There are quite a number of locks scattered all over the stores today and they cut across door knob locks, keyless locks and deadbolts, there is something for everyone, regardless of your door type and security need. Learning about the available type of locks available on the market will give a better insight as to locksmith pricing for door unlocks and the technology behind the locks that will be listed below:

Door Handle Locks

This is the least secure lock type of all the available ones on the market today. This lock is usually contained in the handle of a door and its effectiveness comes in as it prevents the handle from rotating. This type of lock is usually found in bathroom doors and other entryways and they are way too easy to break. Another lock in this category is in every way similar to the one early highlighted with the only difference being the presence of a button that is situated next to the door handle, they work the same way regardless.


Deadbolts come equipped with a solid metal cylinder that extends through the door into the wall to completely keep the door secured. These type of locks are usually used alongside door handle locks to beef up the level of security. This kind of locks requires a key to lock them from the outside and from gathered statistics, the locks are more than enough to keep most residential homes secure i.e. if they are properly installed.

Keyless Locks

Just like their name implies, there is no need for a physical key for you to make your entry as the door on which it is installed can be locked and unlocked by basically pushing your code into a keypad. This keyless security adds another layer to already existing security as the working mechanism is similar to that of a deadbolt but somewhat different in the sense that there is no need for a physical key. Keyless locks are mostly found in commercial buildings and other venues where there is the need for high-security measures to be put in place. These locks are not restricted to high profile offices alone, they can also be found in residential homes and automobile cars.

Electric Locks

These locks are just like every other lock that has been mentioned so far with the sole difference being the application. For this type of locks, a manual application is out of the way, unlike the way it is with other types of locks. The working mechanism that locks and unlocks the door is being powered by electronics but the lock can be opened with a key and a code on the keypad as well.

Combination Locks

A combination lock is somewhat similar to a keyless entry lock, only that, in combination locks, the keypad functions through a push-button mechanism. As against the digital and electronic coding device, the keypad present on combination locks triggers the movement of a deadbolt mechanically.

The many types of door locks can be found everywhere around you from buildings to cars and other places with the need for extra security and that is the more reason why locksmithing cost to unlock a door differs from country to country and based on the type of locks found on your property be it the simples ones that can be easily recognized or the high tech locking systems that are found in sensitive areas.

Now that you are in the know of how lock types can influence how much a locksmith cost to unlock a door in the United Kingdom, the United States of America and Canada, let’s go a step further by going in-depth about locksmithing charges for door unlock.

Jammed Lock/Home Lockout Situation

When your door is jammed or you have accidentally locked yourself outside of your home, it is advised to not freak out or attempt to get the door to give way by trying to pick or fix it all by yourself. Going against this advice by asking your friendly neighbor or some other well-meaning individual to help may cause further damage to the door, frame or lock. In cases of those who have tried to go down this path, they have all ended up frustrated at the end of the failed do it yourself experiment leaving them to shoulder the extra cost for further repairs.

Even more harmful to your emotional health and finances is trying to open your jammed door with your credit card as you will be left with a damaged card and a door that has refused to get opened.

Don’t be deceived, that logic is only limited to the TV screens, it does not work in real life situations. What you need regardless of whether you know how much a locksmith cost to unlock a door or not is to get help from qualified professionals.

Calling a locksmith for a lockout situation is considered as an emergency service and it costs even more if the lockout situation is during the week, at odd hours and depending on the type, size, and brand of lock that is in question. Security locks used in sensitive places such as Banham and Ingersoll locks will cost more to open. A locksmith depending on how generous the workshop is might charge you extra for traveling to your home and in some instances, for parking.

Average locksmith cost to unlock a jammed door – the United Kingdom, United States of America and Canada

Labour charge for removal of a broken key without replacement of the cylinder – £80-£100

Replacement of a midrange Euro-Profile cylinder in a uPVC door – £100-£150

Replacement of cylinder; anti-snap euro profile in a uPVC door – £125-£170

Lost keys – open one standard mortice lock and one standard rim lock – £90-£130

Locksmith Cost To Unlock A Door – How to get a bargain price when in a lockout situation

The best and most effective way to get a bargain price is to not touch anything. Be calm, call a professional and let him come to handle things, you are not a trained locksmith and the best you can do in a situation like this is check for accredited locksmiths near you. That way, you can fix a price and stick to it so that you won’t get overcharged by crooked locksmiths offering emergency services just to give you a cheap phone over the phone and charge you more than the agreed price when the job is done.

Average locksmith cost to change a uPVC door lock unit, handle or cylinder – the United Kingdom, United States of America and Canada

PVC doors are double glazed plastic doors and the components consist of locks, handles, and cylinders that look similar but that is not the case as a careful examination will reveal to you that they are all of different sizes and some units are actually obsolete. As forewarned, do not try to buy these parts yourself as you may end up causing more damage to the door. Retailers will be happy to sell any lock unit, handle or cylinder to you but a majority of them will not offer a refund if you happen to fix it yourself and get it damaged.

Locksmith Cost To Unlock A Door – How to get a bargain price for uPVC door lock unit

To get a bargain price, you should try to carry out your home by hiring a trusted local locksmith to change your faulty uPVC door parts and for no reason at all should you settle for a double glazing company as they are profit oriented and they may insist on replacing the whole door instead of just the faulty parts.

Average locksmith cost to Unlock A Door or repair a uPVC door lock unit – the United Kingdom, United States of America and Canada

Replacement of lock – £50-£150

Replacement of cylinder – £30-£45

Replacement of handle – £25-£40

Average locksmith cost to unlock a door or change locks in a new apartment – the United Kingdom, United States of America and Canada

Changing of locks when you move into a new apartment is a preventive measure against break-ins, these type of break-ins are ones you will spend decades trying to prove to the police as there will be no form of damage whatsoever to your door, these acts are usually perpetrated by previous occupants of your recently acquired apartment. When you get hit by these type of burglars, your insurance company may refuse to pay you because according to them, it is an event that could have been prevented if you had taken the necessary precautions.

Changing of locks is one thing you should not neglect when you just moved into a new apartment when all the locks have been changed and there is some change left, you can consider installing a safe just for safekeeping your valuable documents and items. Before proceeding with the installation of locks, it is important to ask your insurer the grade of lock they require as installing one that is not to the taste of your insurer might make them deny your claims in case of any unforeseen event.

How to get a bargain price when changing the locks to your new apartment

You can avoid getting a costly price tag when fortifying your apartment by fortifying at least one lock on external doors. A good locksmith will guide you on how to go about getting the most appropriate lock that is suitable for your need. Or you can simply ask them to fit a lock that meets British Standard BS 3261. Windows are meant to be secured with key-operator locks as per insurers’ requirement.

Average locksmith cost to Locksmith Cost To Unlock A Door or change locks in a new apartment – the United Kingdom, United States of America and Canada

Labor fee is usually dependent on the locksmith on the job.

Lock replacement fee is dependent on the type of locks used and your financial situation.

Average locksmith cost Locksmith Cost To Unlock A Door or fix a jammed antique cabinet lock which will not lock or unlock – the United Kingdom, United States of America and Canada

People get impatient when they have a lock situation and it’s not different with antique cabinet locks as owners tend to force them open with a pair of pliers or screwdrivers. This usually causes some form of extra damage to the lock which will, in turn, ensure you pay more for a service you could have paid less for if you had actually waited for a professional to get the job done.

Also, if the furniture becomes scratched or dented, there is the added expense of a cabinet maker to repair the damage. It is important to check the keys for all he locks in your home, most importantly antique keys as a damaged one will jam your lock resulting to an unprecedented from a locksmith.

How to get a bargain price when trying to fix a jammed antique cabinet lock

A certified professional locksmith can pick locks very easily and quickly, say, in a matter of minutes without causing any form of damage to the antique cabinet. You should call as many locksmiths as possible just to settle for the price that settles comfortably in between.


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