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How Much Does a Locksmith Cost to Open a Door

How Much Does a Locksmith Cost to Open a Door

How Much Does a Locksmith Cost to Open a Door – Whether your home is new or there is the need for a complete overhaul of your locks security systems for security reasons. Apart from the earlier post made here on DIY – rekeying your door, you will need the service of a professional certified locksmith to help you the complete change.

A professional locksmith can help you replace all locks, security systems in your house, car and office. They can also help you make new keys for your locks, and provide advice on how to make your security systems safe and working properly. Before you decide to go for a locksmith (whether you searched for locksmith online or there are local locksmiths around you). You should first of all ascertain completely whether you can handle the job yourself, and if it seems like you cannot DIY the lock or security issues, then you need to confirm how much it will cost to get a professional locksmith on board.


Average locksmith cost

The average locksmith cost in 2017 was around $181 – $200 depending on the intricacy and skills required to get the job done. A lot of locksmith users in USA paid between $150 – $200 in the year while the lowest reported payment to a locksmith was about $60.

You need to put a lot of factors into consideration before you make the decision of hiring a locksmith. These factors include but not limited to:

1. The urgency of the job
2. The emergency involved in a quick fix
3. The implications to people and business
4. Security of house, office and areas where there is the lock issue

Locksmith cost to unlock door

The locksmith cost to unlock a door of your home or business may vary. This depends on the urgency of the job, time of the day the locksmith was called to work, the distance of your home/ office to that of the next locksmith to mention a few.

Fee ranges from $40-$150 for house locksmith. Locksmith service during the week may vary from the service of a locksmith provided during weekends. Locksmith service during weekends might shoot up to as high as $200-$300, especially in highbrow areas depending on the extent of the work to be done. Professional locksmith service usually have a fixed standard house-call rates for their house service, while other locksmiths may charge a lower price.

Cost of locksmith to copy a standard key

Locksmith cost to copy a standard key ranges between $2-$5. Please note that this cost may increase to about $20-$30 for more specialized locks which may further increase to about $200 for keys with electronic chip.

Locksmith cost on house call

Locksmith charge between $50-$100 to arrive at your house/ office to fix your doors. While to install new locks that is supplied by you, a professional locksmith service may charge between $50-$100 fee plus labour cost of between $15-$40 per lock.

Emergency locksmith cost

By now you should know that the cost of hiring an emergency locksmith service will be different from a standard locksmith service. In certain instances though, the cost of hiring may be the same with a standard locksmith. You never can tell!

All you need to do is to consider the factors to be mentioned below in determining whether the cost of hiring an emergency locksmith will be same as that of hiring a standard locksmith:

1. Is the service a technical service or just a basic one.
2. What is the distance of the emergency locksmith service to your location?
3. Are there additional costs to be added than the normal costs you would ordinarily have budgeted for?
4. How skilled are the emergency locksmith service you are requesting for.

It is important to check all of these factors to put them into considering when hiring a house locksmith. Emergency locksmith should be put under a different light from a standard locksmith because they are both operating under different parameters. You should always have that expectation, that the cost of an emergency locksmith may be slightly higher than that of a standard professional locksmith service.

We would talk about the cost of hiring an emergency locksmith proper in our next posts.

Things to consider when requesting for a locksmith

You do not need to take all the opinion of a first time locksmith if it requires you shedding out a lot of money. While certain professional locksmith might advise that you completely replace a lock, you should try to get a second opinion on such issues if you feel that there should be something done to salvage the situation rather than spending a lot to replace locks.

Before making that call to the locksmith, you should consider the following:

1. Is this an emergency that you need just any locksmith around you?
2. Can you fix this problem yourself?
3. How urgent do you need the lock completed and back in position
4. Is the locksmith a certified professional?
5. What is their after-sales service like?
6. Are you paying additional fees or hidden charges aside the cost of unlocking, changing locks or replacing keys?
7. Does your insurance benefits cover locksmith cost/ payments?

Think you can provide the locksmith service yourself?

If you are looking at the possibility of providing a top locksmith service yourself, then you need put the following into consideration:

1. How technical is the work to be done
2. Can you bear the financial implication of cost of tools and hardware to be used?
3. Do you have the know-how to get the job done?
4. What is the risk assessment of a DIY locksmith service

If you cannot tick all the boxes of the above things to be considered before you DIY, then you may just need to hire a professional locksmith before you pay additional expense on a DIY project gone wrong. You wouldn’t want to have to increase a cost of what should have been half of the cost earlier, do you?

Did you look out for how much does a locksmith cost to open a door, stumbled on this post and decided to go for a locksmith? Feel free to share the experience in the comment section below. Have you also tried using an emergency locksmith service to open a door and you have your experience to share as well? We will be more than happy to have them.



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