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How Do I Become a Locksmith in New York

How Do I Become a Locksmith in New York

How to Become a Locksmith in New York?

When you hear the word Locksmith, you should know they are people that work with safes and Locks. Locksmith works by providing or helping a customer in choosing locks for homes or business and big corporations in some cases. In short. they cut keys for locks, repair malfunctioning locks, and re-key locks.

Locksmiths also help clients who are locked out of their homes, vehicles, business. Opening a lock without keys is like solving Mathematics on its own, and locksmiths are the ones that do all that without damaging locks.

By reading this, you must have read on the potentials, benefits of being a locksmith and employment opportunities. If you are here to read more on How to become a locksmith in New York, then you are at the right place.

Before then, we need to briefly look into other things that we think you need to know; What are the Job of a Locksmith, Where can a Locksmith work? Who is a locksmith and How can I find work as a Locksmith.

Who is a Locksmith?

From the brief introduction above, we can say that a Locksmith is someone who works with locks on windows, safe, cars e.t.c. They also help in installation, repairing, adjusting of Locks and help those who are locked out of their cars, houses, and office to gain access.

It is one of the oldest profession in the World.

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What does a Locksmith Do?

Locksmiths are known to be skilled tradesmen who install, repair and adjust residential, commercial locks and security devices. They are also into key duplication and bypass locks when authorized to do so.

These skills give them access to opportunities that makes them work in residential and commercial establishments that need to be kept safe.

Many have these misconceptions that it use to be like the time past, but we have several other things they do:

1. Cut Keys

Locksmith help in cutting keys for residents, commercials vehicles and safe.

2. Provide Locks for windows and Doors

They are able to provide, service and repair door locks. Working as a locksmith will give you opportunities to work in locks manufacturing company.

3. Provide an Auto Locksmith Service

We have set of locksmith that are into supplying and installing of electronic access control system for clients and it an area of specialization that only a few locksmiths offer.

4. Provide 24 Hours Emergency Locksmith Services

We have locksmiths that provide premium services to clients that are locked out or need a lock replacement.

When a locksmith install locks for a building occupant, he or she would become a default locksmith because he/she would be presumed as the only one who is familiar with the building’s locks. They also help in keeping records of locks used in buildings or repair work done by them to various clients.

What are the Duties and Responsibilities of a Locksmith?

  • Repairing and Replacement of damaged components of entrance and exit doors.
  • Examine the lock mechanism when need be.
  • Fabricate keys to replicate damaged keys or lost one when authorized by the client.
  • Design and develop security system for vaults, banks, warehouses, and private houses.
  • Open safes for clients when giving the authority to do do.
  • Assists clients in changing lock and keys when due.
  • Installing electronic system Hardware.
  • They also educate users of their products in the best way to maintain the product purchased.

What Does a Locksmith Workplace look like?

Knowing what a locksmith workplace look like is what anybody that is interested in a career in this field would want to know. The curious is always there and here is the expected workplace of a locksmith.

A locksmith can be found in the following places:

  1. Security Agencies
  2. Working as freelancer
  3. Instructor
  4. Lecturing in a higher institution of learning
  5. Government Ministry

Locksmiths that are good at what they do solves people problem instead of getting dragged down by it. They are known as problem solvers and willing to put in their best to make the clients have the best impression of them.

What is the Salary of a Locksmith like?

The average salary of an individual that choose locksmith as a career is around $324,104 in a year, And the salary varies base on the state.

How to Become a Locksmith in New York?

You don’t just wake up one and say to yourself “I want to become a Locksmith” or parents and friends that you want to. You need to follow some procedures that will guide you on becoming a professional and authorize locksmith in New York City.

There is a need to attend training programs, take exams, go for apprenticeship and get certified. We have those who learn to be a locksmith through on-the-Job-training and those who learn by attending programs.

1. Locate a training Program

The associated Locksmith of America listed school like Charles Stuart School as one of the certified schools to learn about skills needed to become a Locksmith in New York City. And you can as well visit the New-York Associated of In-House Locksmith to learn more.

2. Enroll in a School of Your Choice

After making your research on the school of your choice, done with your research on the training fee and courses offered. The next thing to do is fill out an application form depending on the program and take a short aptitude test.

Here is where you will learn about locksmithing, residential locksmithing, introduction to locksmithing and types of locks.

3. Complete your Training

Training duration differs most take 10 to 13 months and in some cases lower than that.  Make sure to find out more about this from the school or from those who are there before you.

4. Apply for Locksmith Apprenticeship

Learning from schools is not enough; you need to gain experience directly from a locksmith out there and it does not take more than 36 months. This will give you all the experience you need to have a professional locksmith and likewise provide you a platform to network with others in the field.

5. Wait for Placement

Your information will be processed and then get notified after a place of learning has been gotten for you.

6. Sign Up for Associated Locksmith of America Certification Exam

This is the next step to take after the completion of apprenticeship or training class. Choose a test location that is comfortable for you or close to your place of residence, then download the form.

7. Sit and Pass Exam

Key identification, key duplication, cylinder service, basics of keying are the few of the 10 mandatory topics you will be tested on according to the ASA.

8. Finish The Exam

Exams don’t last forever. When you pass you’ll receive a letter and certified as designated/professional locksmith.

Note that you can re-take or re-sit for the exam if applicants don’t pass the exam.

After the discussion on How to become a locksmith in New York, there is a need to look into some other things that those are interested in becoming a certified locksmith might want to know. Such as

  • What are the basic tools needed as a locksmith?
  • Different types of locksmith services
  • How can I find a job as a locksmith?
  • How long does it take to become a locksmith?
  • What other skills do I need to as a locksmith?
  • Will having a career as locksmith be a long term source of living?

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Basic tools needed for an individual who is interested in becoming a locksmith?

  • Broken Key Extractors
  • Plug Spinner
  • Pick Gun
  • Key machines
  • Lock pins and tension tools

How do I start my locksmith business?

If you belong to the set of people that always want the freedom of having their own business then try to have some experience on what business means as a whole, register your business, advertise to reach more audience, network with people by attending seminars and also read books author by those doing well in the industry.

How can I find a job as a locksmith?

Before you start searching for a job as a locksmith, it is better to start as a trainee then build your network from there. As a certified locksmith, you can work in many big hardware stores in the city, organization with large facilities, banks with many branches across the country, security devices manufacturers and private locksmith organization.

To make yourself a hot cake all you need to do is build your CV and get other skills that can give you edges over others.

What of the long term career prospects for a locksmith?

The moment a locksmith start to gain more experience and getting more skills in his/her shelf can be promoted to positions with more responsibility and might one day be saddle with the responsibility of controlling the company.

What other skills can I learn as a locksmith?

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Being a Jack of all trade is not a good thing but having some skills will put you at the forefront of some opportunities in the locksmith industry and It will be easy to diversify into other sectors if need be.

  • Entrepreneurial Skills
  • Problem and practical Solving skills
  • Customer care and communication skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Information Technology Skills
  • Metalwork skills
  • Carpentry Skills
1.  Entrepreneurial Skills

Developing these skills will give you edge over your competitors if one day you decide to create your own company. You will be able to think like an entrepreneur, see solutions when others are seeing problems. Thinking like an entrepreneur will also give you a hint on how you can create multiple sources of income for your company, know when to stop spending more on advertising products and many more.

2. Carpentry Skills

An understanding of how the windows and doors you are working on will definitely make things easier for you. And you can easily remove doors and windows for replacement.

3. Problem- Solving

Being analytical and creative in your thinking will cause minimal damage and make your customers spend lesser amounts of money on repairing doors and windows.

4. Customer Care and Communication

This is one of the skills that everyone that renders services or sells products need to have. People are going to get stressed out and might want to put all that stress on you. Sometimes it might be lost or stolen and it might be that the locks could have been damaged by criminals.  You need a person who is good with communication and use of words to make them see things from your own perspective, in a way that they won’t make them angry.

5. Practical and Problem-solving skills

Locks are known to be difficult to work on and we have some that are more advanced than others. You will be challenged in some situations as you will need to apply your technical knowledge, in order to reduce the damages that will be caused.

6. Patient and Attention to Detail

You will be dealing with customers during a stressful period, and that won’t stop you from giving attention to your customers when they need it.

This can be frustrating but it is an essential part of the role you need to play, as they won’t want to know what to know. Ignoring them might cost you your business and referral you need to get.

7. Information Technology Skills

Technology is taking over all most every sector and you need to catch up with the trend. If you want your business to survive in any part of the world you are. Learn Information Technology skills that you know will give you edges over others.

You can learn from different online learning platform and offline, choose the one that is comfortable for you. There are courses on Udemy and YouTube you can take to sharpen your skills as a Locksmith.

Now that you have read How To’s on becoming a locksmith in New York, working towards that goals is left to you. Ours is to provide you with information you need, enroll for training programs, go for an apprenticeship, learn from others in and outside the industry, Network with others using both offline and online medium, expand your business if you later create one and you are good to go.

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