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Highest paid locksmiths in the U.S.A

Highest paid locksmiths

Highest paid locksmiths in the U.S is a controversial topic especially among locksmithing enthusiasts who are in the field to be a professional and they are looking out for someone to look up to as a role model both in business ethics and profiteering.

The main reason for compiling this article is not to justify the banters of young locksmiths but, I believe it will be beneficial for both the enthusiasts and the non enthusiasts who might have at one time or the other found themselves wondering about just the how much money does a locksmith rake in installing and repairing locks. While making your estimates, they are chances you’ve never tackled your argument from the vantage point of how much it costs to employ the services of a locksmith. After all, we are humans engulfed in things that are more important than arguments we have for fun and most of us don’t even think in the direction of how much locksmiths in the U.S earn until we have the need for them to help with a lockout situation and other lock related issues.

As with most services being offered formally and informally around us, there are no fixed prices and business owners like locksmiths in this case get to charge you whatever amount they deem fit. The charges most times depend on the particular service that is being rendered and some other form factors. In order to comprehensively analyze and highlight the top gainers in the locksmiths business with U.S as a case study, let’s take a moment to check out the services that locksmiths provide and the factors that influence locksmiths pricing.

What services do the highest paid locksmiths offer?

In order to be able to satisfactorily treat the topic highest paid locksmiths in U.S, there is need to understand the kind of services locksmiths offer their clients. Locksmiths have a very diverse skill set and you might be amazed when you get to see the kind of jobs locksmiths undertake. In all, the services a locksmith offer can be classified under 3 categories namely; automotive, residential and commercial.

Automotive Locksmith

As derived from the name, these are auto related services. Auto locksmiths solely deal with lock and key related issues, so, it is important to note that locksmiths are not an alternative to mechanics. For reference, locksmiths are to auto lock and key as mechanics are to the other auto faults.

However, if you ever find yourself in a lockout situation or you are in dire need of an ignition cylinder change, then, the right person to reach out to is an automotive locksmith. The services offered by locksmiths specialized in this field includes but not limited to rekeying ignitions, reentry into cars during workout etc.

Residential Locksmith

The name already tells it all but, for clarification, a residential locksmith deals with locks and keys related issues within residential areas. This loosely translates to residential locksmiths being just the person to call when you find yourself locked out of your apartment or if you key snaps in the key way and you have half of it in your hand and the other half in the keyway.

An average person when asked about the type of services they think a locksmith provide, they will probably start from them being the go to guys for every lock related issues in a household. Their services ranges from rekeying locks, helping people in house lockouts etc. No pun intended but, locksmiths are real life superheroes without capes as they work from pillar to post just to help customers who are stranded get through the phase as a sane person.

Commercial Locksmith

Unlike the other types of locksmiths which are self explanatory from the name, this is different, commercial locksmiths do not sell goods or try to secure advertisement spots on radio or TV. The word commercial is a reference to the kind of service the locksmiths provide. To break it down simply, commercial locksmiths deal with business and buildings with commercial grade locks.

Their services are in every way similar to that of residential locksmiths safe for the fact that commercial locksmiths tend to work on  a larger scale. Some of the services provided by commercial locksmiths includes installation and repair of commercial grade locks.

What factors influence locksmith pricing?

It’s a thing with humans to just assume this is how this should be done, this is how much a service should cost without really thinking deep and putting the picture together to reveal other considerations that must be put in place to arrive at arise to sell products or services to the public.

As earlier highlighted in the earlier paragraph, you can’t just wake up and start naming the highest paid locksmiths in U.S without first doing your homework and that brings us here, to a real work example of how all the pieces fit in together. Let’s take chicken nuggets as an example, I do love those crispy meatball, so do my friends but have you ever wondered, as a person that frequents McDonalds to buy those mushy goodness, the reason why the price has been ever evolving since it was introduced? Let’s not take our time here, the answer is simple, some of the factors that see to the change in price for this product can be linked to the state economy, labor cost, demand etc.

This same basic pricing concept applies to locksmithing services. It is of great importance to know that there is a fee attached to service calls placed through to the various locksmithing shops around. This is only the service fee and there is bound to be some sort of increment when the locksmith have to travel all the way from  his workshop to meet you and render his service.

However, if you happen to take your faulty lock with you to the locksmith’s workshop, you have eliminated the service call fee, thereby getting the same service for less. When in need of a locksmith, it is important to remember this analogy, here are other factors that can influence a locksmith’s pricing;

Travel Distance

A professional locksmith will, on most cases have a standard charge for service calls but, the fee is not immune to change. The farther a locksmith travels to reach you and render his service plays an important role in the price of the service they will provide. These prices becomes flexible when a locksmith have to travel farther than he had expected the service fee to cover, the good thing is, in most cases, when you are in need of a locksmith, there is always one nearby and that is a good relief that won’t put a hole in your pocket.

Complexity of the Service

This is just a technicality for how difficult the task at hand is for a locksmith, the more complex the work is, the higher the possibility of being billed outside of the standard fees and as a customer, getting to determine which job is complex and which one is not will do you no good as it’s just a waste of time, it’s better to leave that decision to the pros and just watch them deliver the quality of service you paid for. Some jobs are evidently easier to undertake than the others. For instance, the installation of just a lock will be far easier than lockpicking multiple deadbolt locks. Complex jobs come attached with a different cost. Though, the customers will already have an insight as to how much the service they have just called a locksmith to render will cost, that is only an estimate and the final cost will only be known when the job is done and dusted.

Parts Needed For the Job

Not all locksmithing jobs require replacement of previously installed parts for new ones, so, part replacement solely depends on the nature of the job. For instance, if you have a “broken key in the keyway” situation, chances are that you will need replacement units for both the lock and the key. In a situation like this, the price of the new lock and key will be factored into the final cost of the service rendered. However, if you know what you want in locks, you can always do away with locksmiths buying the needed parts for you as you can walk in any local hardware store or check the internet for the needed parts.

Cost of Labor

This particular form factor often tends to be overlooked by the customers, thing is, the cost of labor, complexity of the job and the duration of the job are intertwined. As a customer, there is need to realize that, the type of labor needed will greatly influence the price of the service being rendered.

Length of Service

This is one of the main determinants of pricing for any locksmith service that you might require. The amount of time spend on a job is directly proportional to the service charge. The time spent on a job is considered as the length of service, so, a job that takes up to 5 hours of a locksmith’s time will be much costlier than a job that gets completed under half an hour.

Locksmiths are always quick to do their thing on locks and move on to the next one, so, it is rare to see a locksmith take longer than 5 hours to complete a task, though, it is not an impossibility and it always occurs when locksmiths have to install commercial grade locks on multiple doors in a business complex.

Locksmith Experience

This is another determinant that gets overlooked but, be it as it may, it is actually the most important consideration to factor when hiring a locksmith. The experience of locksmiths plays a huge role when trying to rank the highest paid locksmiths in U.S and this is because the earlier discussed factors solely rely on this one to thrive. Check it out from this perspective, when you pitch an experienced locksmith against a beginner with the same task at hand, the experienced locksmith will undoubtedly get the job done in no time at all reliably regardless of the complexity of the job. However, the more experienced a locksmith is, the more they charge for their years of experience and this is the contributing factor to why some prefer to give their locksmithing jobs to an inexperienced locksmith that will get the job done for less but, this singular act of trying to be stringent with money can cost you even more money along the line as an inexperienced person might do a substandard work that will see you running to an experienced locksmith you’ve tried to avoid in the first place. This usually happens when the inexperienced locksmith does a poor job that does more harm than good to your property leaving you defenseless against burglars and rectifying the wrong will cost more money than it would have cost you to employ the services of an experienced locksmith.

Now, to the main part of this article, the highest paid locksmiths in U.S, thing is, there is no recorded data to back up my claims of the richest locksmiths, I will only make a list at my own discretion but, if checked, my list is most likely to be 80% correct.

Without further ado, lets dig right into the highest paid locksmiths in USA

1. Carters Lock And Safe

One of the things that has kept this Pottstown, Pennsylvania business going is the decades of experience of its workers, the locksmith workshop which was established in 1974 have only one goal in mind for every job, to help everyone that calls them for a service the best way they can.

2. Crenshaw Lock Company

3434 W 43rd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90008
Telephone: (323) 291-1108

This California based locksmith workshop rakes in millions of dollars annually as a professional. Customers have been known to review them as honest and trustworthy and that’s probably one of the reasons why they have won the hearts of so many and the residents of California gets to trust them so much to give almost all of their locksmithing works to them.

3. Arties Locksmith

(212) 243-0381

Artie’s Locksmith been in operation for over 85 years in New York City and ever since, it has been providing 24 hour locksmith services and advanced security solutions. This locksmith workshop focuses on serving Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and surrounding regions. Services include locks and locks systems, intercom systems, buzzer systems, metal and glass doors etc.

4. Ask Locksmith Inc

Also situated in New York City, this locksmith workshop prides itself in having professional locksmiths at the forefront of its business.  Ask Locksmith Inc. was founded in 1988 in Manhattan and it has since grown bigger to be the best affordable service money can get in NYC. The company is committed to the utmost satisfaction of its clients by providing products and services that are 100% guaranteed.

Again, this list of highest paid locksmiths is not certified by any professional body, it’s only a list we came up with from my own discretion and we do hope you find it helpful for whatever reason that landed you here in the first place.

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