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florida locksmith license

Florida Locksmith License – All locksmithing business in the Florida area, be it an individual locksmithing workshop or a corporate firm is required to be licensed by the Department of Regulatory and Economic Resources. The license to be gotten must be compliant with the requirements of the locksmith ordinance, one which specifically states that an ideal locksmith is any individual that deals with the installation, repairs, rebuilding, rekeying, repining, recoding, services, adjustments and modifications of both mechanical and electronic security locking devices and gadgets. These set of individuals also deal with safes and closed circuit television systems. Locksmiths who are also skilled in electrical works and list them as part of their services need additional licensure.

Here is how to qualify for a locksmith license in Florida


As earlier stated, every locksmithing business in Florida must be duly registered and licensed and to do this requires that your biometric details gets documented, in this case, your fingerprint will be registered in an exclusive database, your criminal background will also be checked out to see if there is any past misconducts deemed too criminal to qualify you to be a locksmith as Florida has strict rules, one which seeks to shield the residents against individuals with criminal tendencies running businesses. For locksmithing businesses in the Florida area, it is mandatory that you have at least a licensed locksmith on your payroll.


As with locksmithing business, individuals willing to go solo or run a standalone locksmithing firm, their biometrics data which includes fingerprints will also be documented alongside a comprehensive criminal background check for obvious reasons that have been explained in the point just above this one. It gets even harder for individual locksmiths to secure a license in Florida as it is required that a locksmith looking to stand alone and operate in the Florida area must have acquired some sort of training either through apprenticeship or locksmithing diplomas for a minimum of one year. For those self-taught locksmiths or those who learned the craft from their parents, you must have a proof to back up your claim of having previously worked as a locksmith for a minimum of one year. The proof in question has to be solid and it might require that you get a locksmith experience affidavit from an already established locksmith business attesting to your claim of being a locksmith with experience.

New/Renewal of Locksmithing Business in Florida

How to Apply

A new locksmithing business looking to register in the Florida area can do so either by mail or by heading over to the Miami-Dade County for registration on the weekdays between the hours of 8 in the morning through 3:30 in the afternoon while businesses looking to renew their license can do so in person or by mail.

Office Location of the Miami-Dade County for locksmithing licensure

Department of Regulatory and Economic Resources
Consumer Protection
601 NW 1st Court
18th Floor
Miami FL 33136

Things you are expected to take along for your locksmithing business registration in Florida;

  • A correctly filled locksmith business registration application form.
  • A copy of your current county local business tax receipt
  • Articles of incorporation and name registration.
  • A certificate of insurance with not less than $25000 combined liability.
  • The locksmithing licenses of all the locksmithing professionals working for your business, you must attach at least one to your registration.
  • A photocopy of your driver’s license as the owner of the business.
  • Compensation or affirmation certificate of your workers

In cases where your application is not ready within three two months from the time it was filed at the county’s office, your application will be considered invalid and abandoned, there will be the need for you to go through the registration process all over again, you will also need to pay a new registration fee.

Change of Ownership

The transfer of ownership of a locksmithing business does not come easy as you will need a new application and fees will also be paid. Locksmithing businesses looking to sell more than 10% of the company’s shares must inform RER’s office not later than a month after the said percentage has been sold.


How to Qualify

Locksmithing enthusiasts who as of now do not qualify for a locksmith license due to the fact that they do not have enough experience up their sleeves can as well take it down a bit by applying for an apprentice locksmith permit instead as it allows them to work for a registered locksmith business under an already licensed locksmithing professional that will act as a supervisor as required for the first 120 days of locksmithing apprenticeship. Applicants looking to get the locksmithing apprenticeship license will be subjected to fingerprint documentation and criminal background check. These checks are necessary to determine whether an applicant is qualified for an apprenticeship locksmithing license or not.

Applicants who are giving licensure a shot for the very first time will need to provide proof that they have the needed requirements to carry on with the licensure process. All the needed proof is an affidavit showing that the persons lobbying for an apprenticeship license have been, in the past, engaged in locksmithing activities over the period of one year. These claims will be verified by the supervisor in charge of the locksmithing enthusiasts who submitted them.

How to Apply

First timers looking to provide locksmithing services in Florida either by opening up their own locksmithing workshop or working as an apprentice in an already established locksmithing workshop should pay a visit to the Miami-Dade County and they must apply in person on weekdays while already licensed apprentice looking for license renewal can do so by mail or in person if they so wish.

Florida locksmithing licensing office will hand you a locksmith identity card upon the completion of your application process. This identity card is to be carried on you at all times especially when carrying out locksmithing duties either on or off of your workshop.


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