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Expensive Professional Locksmith Tools For Sale

professional locksmith tools

Expensive Professional Locksmith Tools For Sale – It’s my utmost pleasure to bring to you, a range of expensive professional locksmith tools for sale.

It’s normal and understandable that quality would never come cheap, especially in a skill like a locksmith. But nature is truly a bast*rd, cause even though as humans we are aware of this agreeable fact, we still get tempted to go after the cheaper options – we still prefer to go for relatively lesser prices, even when we are quite aware that quality product or service, or even workmanship would always come at a price.

This hypothesis, however, isn’t in a state of exclusion when it comes to locksmith services. If you’re truly a professional locksmith, you’ll know what I’m saying is far from a lie.

However, irrespective of the cost, a professional locksmith would always value his time. During operation, timing is a very important factor affecting a locksmith’s services.

How then could a locksmith save even more time during operation?

Quite simple! Get quality, expensive professional locksmith tools.

As a professional locksmith, you need to always make use of products that have been proven and justified in the community of locksmiths. There’s no harm in trying new ones, but selecting from proved ones shouldn’t also be a hard decision for you if you really want to be on a safer side.

Now, this is good news!

Worry no further about locations to know the exact expensive professional locksmith tools for sale. In this article, I’ve carefully selected a range of quality expensive tools that as a professional locksmith, you’ll need in your toolbox for every operation.

In this article, you’ll come across leading locksmiths brands. These include Sparrows, Petersons, Southord, etc. These leading brands have proven among others, industry experience, and quantifiable durability. Remember, all is in a bid to save your time as a locksmith professional.

Don’t get stereotyped. Cause we aren’t going to box you in this article. In this article, we aren’t going to limit the expensive professional locksmith tools for sale only to lock-picks set, pinning tweezers and plug spinners. Instead, we’re going to spread our wings as far as possible, bringing the expensive yet quality locksmith tools you’ll be needing.

Lest I forget before moving on to the main deal, you know I’ve been head-over-heels with professional locksmith since the onset of this article, however, even if you’re an amateur, or probably just looking for even more sophisticated locksmith tools, then your attention is valid here as well. Checking out the range of high-quality locksmith tools that have been carefully selected here isn’t a bad idea you know…

Now, enough of these long talks. They’re boring me already, leaving my eyes itchy to see for myself the list I’ve prepared. I know you can’t wait either. So, without much ado, let’s dive fully into these expensive professional locksmith tools for sale listed in this article.

Okay before we move. Let’s set and get things right. This article isn’t for promotional purposes. And none of the brands mentioned here had paid me for advertisement. This is a pure work of online studies, researches, and quite a few personal experiences.

Now we can move!


EXPENSIVE PROFESSIONAL LOCKSMITH TOOLS FOR SALE 1. Trilogy By Alarm Lock T2 Stand Alone digital lock DL2700/26D – $318.98

professional locksmith tools

The Alarm Lock Trilogy T2 is a standalone electronic digital keypad cylindrical lock lever set, which is capable of supporting up to 100 users entry codes of 3 to 5 digits. This ensures the security of keyless entry of this users.

This tool also for installation on interior doors, has a finish of satin chrome, as well as lever handle with the ability of reversibility for right-hand or left-hand operation.

When programming, it is possible for the lever set to be programmed manually through the keypad, while the LED indicators provide quality feedback for programming and code entry. This tool is designed with a cylindrical lock mechanism and also a solid brass key cylinder that’s fixed. This helps the key override in order to either release or engage the lock.

Installation for the lever handle can be done either in the right or in the left hand operation. The trim of the lever set is made of stainless steel, thus resisting corrosion as a result of the kind of finish employed for its design – satin chrome.

The lever set of this tool is powered by a 5 AA battery. With this tool employed into use, the door it is used for remains locked until a code recognized by the tool is entered into it through the numeric keypad. The door however returns immediately to its state of the lock when the passage is completed.

This tool can be gotten from Amazon at a rate of $318.98

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EXPENSIVE PROFESSIONAL LOCKSMITH TOOLS FOR SALE Original 32pcs/set 2 in 1 LiShi tool for car lock repair + 1 Free Lishi Cutter locksmith tools –  $769.00

 professional locksmith tools

Inarguably, Full Set Lishi Original tools, with 32pcs different 2 in 1 LiShi tool for car lock repair + 1 Free Lishi Cutter locksmith tools is one of the best locksmiths you can get with a high level of quality, perfect design, great performance, and even accompanied with a great price.

You’re surprised at such amount of dexterity applied to the production of this tool?

Well, do not be too surprised, for the manufacturers are one of the leading brands in the locksmith community. After being concerned with the duties of the consumer electronics industry for 3 years, they come to understand the great preference users have for tools that are relatively faster, good and quite cheap – cheap in the sense of relative; how cheap is it in relation to the services it provides. Got that?


Now, asides that, this tool gives 9 in every 10 locksmith satisfaction when making use of it. It thus makes its users feel at home and enjoy entertainment irrespective of the situation the home lock is, knowing fully well that it will get fixed in no time.

The original tools contained in this set skyrockets it amongst the top position of locksmith tools available for sale. Designed as a cutter, and also for car lock repair. Yet at a price quite low to the quality provided.

Isn’t that some good news!

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professional locksmith tools

To start with, Kwikset as one of the locksmith industry leader is a brand that has consistently provided trusted security for their customers for over 60 years. This has made their pseudonym become a synonym of security, style, innovation, and peace.

Sincerely, there’s still nothing that enhances the style and function of a door, like a new door hardware. It is the first eye-catching feature noticed at the front door, and thereafter turns out to feel good in the band all around the home.

This hardware can be installed on various kinds of doors, all depending on the position the door is placed or situated. The Entry hardware in alignment to its name is installed on exterior doors. It also includes handles with deadbolt and knobs. This inclusion helps in locking keys or touch pads from the outside while locking touch buttons from the inside – this one of the few ways to optimize your security to the max.

Another hardware is the privacy hardware is designed specifically for bedrooms and bathrooms. Passage knobs & levers are for hallway doors, closet doors, and laundry rooms.

The list continues on and on, but let’s lock it up there for now.

Another interesting thing about this tool/hardware is its ease of installing. Most door hardware can be installed within an hour using only a Philips screwdriver (even including keypads and deadbolts). Also, most keypads are usually powered by batteries, which insinuates that wiring is not required.

Although sometimes, a drill is required in handle-sets, and this happens mostly when the door or frame doesn’t come predrilled. However, when this happens, the door hardware usually comes with a paper template used to mark holes for sawing and drilling. This process can be done with common hole saws.

That it can be installed manually and quite easy doesn’t mean there aren’t Specialized toolsets for the process. Even as a matter of fact, most professionals with bulky jobs at hand make use of these specialized tools.

Get this tool on Amazon here.


professional locksmith tools

This product comes for $161! Such a whopping amount of money!

Yes. It’s quite expensive. But could you please get calm and see the specification, and functions of this lockout tool before jumping into conclusion. Then at the closing of this product, I’ll ask you, if as a professional, you could spend this amount to get this kind of product.

Eased your tension right? Fine. Now let’s keep reading with ease

NMC 10 Piece bilingual equipped plexiglass mini lockout center kit is a kit comprising of a couple of tools, used specifically in cases of a lockout. And yea! It is quite expensive. Very.

This center kit contains a center, a 1-inch safety lockout, 10 packs of LOTAG1 tags, a 3/4-inches shackle lock, and 1-1/2-inches safety lockout.

This product is made from 0.125 plexiglass, and features eight plastic hooks that are replaceable, and also a clear plastic pocket.

This locksmith tool for professionals helps in communicating the importance of lockout safety, whilst also helping in storing lockout/tagout supplies – everything in the same place. Its length measures 15-1/2-inches, and its height 14-inches.

Now, let me ask; is this product worth the price or not? Definitely, I’m sure you’ll respond in the affirmative. So, why bother about the expensive price when the result it would give you would make you earn even more – only a professional can know this…winks.

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professional locksmith tools

VVDI key tool adapters unlock kit is a kit used specifically for unlocking controls that has being originally locked, then also helps to recode them over again.

This tool can be purchased with confidence, as regards several positive feedback gotten from past users. Asides that as well, all of the remote are thoroughly and painstakingly checked before the buyer – you, leave the warehouse.

This product’s body parts come with a warranty, with the product itself pricing at $306.00 on Amazon.

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EXPENSIVE PROFESSIONAL LOCKSMITH TOOLS FOR SALE 6. Full Spectrum Covert Impressioning Light – $395.00

professional locksmith tools

This locksmith too is one with a full spectrum of internal lighting. However, even with the full spectrum, the lighting is also adjustable to the user’s specifications.

To get the best expression detail, this tool was designed in such a way that its colour hue can be controlled – even to the maximum.

How is this possible?

Quite simple. From the design of this tool, the internal lighting had been made with a variable hue full spectrum lighting, and also quite adjustable – thus making it controllable and also with a nice result.

In addition, the eyepiece of this tool also nice and comfortable fit into the ocular area of the eye. This arrangement ensures that no light escapes, which is also an added bonus for night time convert usage.

Finally, to hold the key in place, the tool is designed with a custom gasket. This adequately holds the key in place, thereby preventing it from wobbling during an inspection, or maybe release light that exposes its user’s position.

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CONCLUSION on locksmith information for professional locksmith tools

Traditionally, locksmiths began operation with a hammer as their main instrument, however, as time proceeds, and work gets even more sophisticated, development and even more sophisticated innovations sprung up – of which these tools listed above are its offspring.

Now, to get even better and more accurate results, you’ll be needing the help of some (if not all) of these tools listed in this article. Asides these reasons, they alsosets a locksmith’s standard – with the kind of tool a locksmith make use of, you can decipher his level of professionalism.

Happy Working with professional locksmith tools. Cheers!

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