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Cheap Locksmith Tools on Amazon You Should Buy

Cheap Locksmith Tools on Amazon

Cheap Locksmith Tools on Amazon: Amazon is a top online shopping platform that ranks more than Walmart as the best online shopping platform in the world and also in the world. As a locksmith that is worth your salt, you definitely don’t want to buy just any locksmith product out there from just any retailer. You want to be sure you are buying quality locksmith materials and tools. You need quality tools that will bring out the best in your work, that will ensure that you are able to carry out your work effectively as a professional locksmith. It can be really easy for you to just go over to the Amazon website and shop for the tools you need for your locksmith business. It is less stressful this way plus you get to save some cash due to reduced transport cost to the store. You are reading this article because you wish to know of locksmith tools you can shop for on Amazon that is available, right?

If this is the case, this article is meant for you. We will be listing some locksmith tools that are available on Amazon and their respective prices. And yes, just like the title of the article says, we are only listing the affordable and cheap locksmith tools because that’s what you asked for. So, scroll down and go through the list!

Cheap Locksmith Tools on Amazon 1 – WINBAG 15730 Air Wedge Alignment Tool

cheap locksmith tools on amazon

This inflatable air cushion is Amazon’s choice as a top alignment tool for your locksmith profession. This tool is very useful when trying to level and install windows, kitchen cabinets, doors, and all the other household appliances. This alignment tool can so conveniently replace shims and wedges. It has some amazing features such as; it is made of rubber and fibre imported material.

The WINBAG alignment tool helps to replace the need for those shims and plastic wedges that you use in window and door installation processes. Because the shims and wedges can cause some damages to the surfaces, this is a very safe and comfortable replacement. And because it is reinforced with fibre, this makes it very durable and strong enough to be used over and over.

It also has a hand operated pump and has increased capacity and it also deflates at the touch of a button. The WINBAG alignment tool is useful for leveling furniture and also useful as a door stopper. This WINBAG tool can amazingly align, adjust, hold work tools, save time and most importantly, reduce your costs. So, by using this professional installer, you are definitely making a smart move. This tool costs just $20.00 on Amazon and you can click this link to buy now.

Cheap Locksmith Tools on Amazon 2 – Dorman 76951 Window handle removal tool

This window handle removing tool by the Dorman product Incorporation is a good product you should get as a locksmith from Amazon. The Dorman Inc. has over thirty years of experience in making tools similar to this. This shows that as a locksmith, you can definitely shop for this tool and be confident about it. This tool is definitely for you if you are a locksmith or a car owner that is quite versed on how to use it. It is made of steel, very handy and effectively helps in removing interior door handles and window cranks. It costs $7.99 and you can click here to buy.

Cheap Locksmith Tools on Amazon 3 – Deezio 14 pieces Auto Trim Removal Tool Set

Cheap Locksmith Tools on Amazon

This locksmith tool set contains 14 different types of trimming tools. This set is designed ergonomically and can reach spaces and crevices that are normally too hard to reach. It can be used to trim car audio, windows, interior and exterior accessories, door panels and so on. It enters any corner easily. This tool set costs $23.99 on Amazon and you can click the link below to buy.

Cheap Locksmith Tools on Amazon 4 – Advanced Key Cutter Lock Picks

Cheap Locksmith Tools on Amazon


This key cutter is another locksmith tool you should definitely get and it is available on Amazon. It is made of alloy and is effective in cutting flat keys directly. It has a structure of racks and gears and is very sharp. Also, its durability is another reason you should go for it. As a locksmith, cutting keys is part of your job and you might just need a tool that can make it really easy for you. This key cutter is definitely for you. It can cut MOTO keys, auto keys, and door keys. It has the graduation of 0.5- 0.6mm. This key cutter makes it really convenient for you to use and saves a whole lot of time. It can also be used at anytime and anyplace as well. This tool is up on Amazon and it costs $59.98 and it is being sold by Artee Shop. If you are interested and you want to purchase this product, click this link here to buy.

Cheap Locksmith Tools on Amazon 5 – DWZ8 Locksmith Eagle eye light

cheap locksmith tools on amazon

This product is being sold on Amazon currently and is a perfect tool for you as a locksmith. It is a professional locksmith tool that includes a highlight, a 5 pieces tip and wrench tools. This tool set’s purpose is to help you to clearly see the car lock’s structure on the inside. Also, the 5 pieces needle or top will help you to open the car lock. The eagle eye light is a must get for you as a locksmith. It has a handle that helps you to carry the tool easily and it is of high quality. This tool effectively helps you to observe the internal structure and also helps in repair. It costs $64.99 on Amazon which is affordable and cheap. To buy this product, click the link here to get it.

Cheap Locksmith Tools on Amazon 6 – LAB’s Key Gauge

Cheap Locksmith Tools on Amazon

This key gauge is a DIY key gauge but is also a straightforward tool for locksmiths. It is made of lightweight metal but is of solid build. It helps in re-keying locks and has numbers and letters etched on it for easy use. It is an excellent and very effective tool to have as a locksmith and helps you to very accurately, get the correct level of cut. Asides from that, this key gauge is small and so is very portable and easy to carry around. It is Amazon’s choice for excellent key gauge and top rated. This product costs $13.20 on Amazon and you can click the link here to purchase it.

Cheap Locksmith Tools on Amazon 7 – OEMTOOLS Door Panel Remover

cheap locksmith tools on amazon

This tool is very ideal and useful as a locksmith. Just as the name implies, it is specifically designed to assist you in easy removal of door panels and clips without causing any unnecessary damage to the door and upholstery. It is made of high carbon steel and high level of quality raw materials. It is also made as a two-piece in order to boost the tool’s strength. Also with its benefits, is its corrosion-resistant finishing. This product cost $4.98 on Amazon. If you are willing to know more and wish to buy this tool, click here.

Cheap Locksmith Tools on Amazon 8 – AUTO ALL Multipurpose Face Cap Plier Tool

cheap locksmith tools on amazon

This is another tool you will definitely find yourself needing as a locksmith. This tool allows you to easily remove auto-lock face caps and it is designed perfectly to minimize damage while the removal is going on. It has a curved ended jaw that allows minimal damage to the outer or external cap’s surface. This autocap plier’s main purpose is to prevent damage while trying to remove auto-lock face caps. This tool costs $39.99 on Amazon and you can read more about the product, its reviews, its features, details, and description by following the Amazon page here.

Cheap Locksmith Tools on Amazon 9 – TEKTON Door Panel Remover

cheap locksmith tools on amazon

This is another brand of door panel remover. We have earlier given one door panel remover. But in case you don’t really fancy that one and you want another brand, well, there is another fabulous brand that makes door panel removers excellently well! The TEKTON door panel remover has its unique features, description, and details which you can read by clicking the link directly below. Of course, the main function of this tool just as the name states is to remove door panels without causing too much damage. This tool does just that! It costs $8.99 on Amazon. To know more or to buy, click the link here.

Cheap Locksmith Tools on Amazon 10 – PRO-LOK Streamer Remover Tool

cheap locksmith tools on amazon

This tool’s purpose is to remove the steering column’s lock plate on GM vehicles. It is made from pure steel hence this makes it very durable and long lasting. The streamer remover tool is made in the USA and apart from steel, is made from pure Aluminum. This is a product of the PRO-LOK which is a company name known for quality especially for locksmith related products. To know more on instructions of use, guidelines, go to their page. This tool costs $35.47 on Amazon if you would love to get it, simply click the link here to order.

Cheap Locksmith Tools on Amazon 11 – Lisle Plastic Fastener Remover

cheap locksmith tools on amazon

This is another Locksmith’s tool that should be on your cart. This Fastener Remover helps to remove nylon and plastic fasteners easily. It is equipped with a Urethane button and can remove door molding clips, in cars and other vehicles. Plastic fasteners are usually used to hold radiator shrouds, air dams and so on. The rod is made of metal and is 103mm while the handle is plastic and is 107mm in length. It is easy to use and efficient. This tool costs $45 on Amazon and if you want more information on it, simply click the link here.

Cheap Locksmith Tools on Amazon 12 – PROLOK KW1, SC1, WK1 & WE1 key decoder

cheap locksmith tools on amazon

This key decoder is for you as a locksmith. It works for Kwikset, Schlage, Weiser, and Weslok keys when you trying to decode, re-key, code-cut these keys. It simplifies the whole process for you and as a locksmith, you definitely want to go for tools that make your work easier and simpler for you to execute. This key decoder is from PROLOK is another reason you should trust them. How much does it cost? This product/tool costs $18.49 on Amazon and if you want it, you can shop for it via this link.

Cheap Locksmith Tools on Amazon 13 – Lock Pin Tumbler Tweezers

cheap locksmith tools on amazon

These tweezers are dedicated and specially designed for Locksmiths. This tweezer you are looking at here is Amazon’s top choice for Locksmith’s tweezers. This shows that it is well trusted and is a quality tool. The lock pinning tweezers are efficient in holding a pin well. This tweezer is made of high-quality stainless steel and is 6 inches in length to enable easy handling. Its tip is also grooved for easy and efficient holding and grasping of the pins. You definitely want to go with a brand that is Amazon’s top choice. This product costs $18.79 on Amazon. If you are interested in buying it, simply click on the link here.

Conclusion on Cheap Locksmith Tools on Amazon

All these 13 tools are possible instruments you will be needing as you go about your Locksmith profession. As a locksmith, you deal with general system security, and that system could be a car or a house. You definitely need tools like the ones listed above to execute your work projects perfectly. And you also want to stay economical and not break the bank while shopping for these products and tools. So, for more tools, just look beneath the pages of the tools listed above on Amazon and you will find related products. This is in case, these products don’t entirely fit your taste. Locksmiths are needed. We need you. Seriously, who would bail us out of terrifying situations like when we get locked out of our own houses out of an accident? Definitely you locksmiths!

If you will need to buy any of the tools listed, just click on the link directly below the tool that you want and shop! As a locksmith, you want to make sure that you are satisfying your customers and giving them the best of affordable and quality security installation services. This article we believe has helped you with that. Feel free to click on the links to read up more information as well as reviews on the product and order. All the best in your profession!

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