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All You Need To Know About Lock Pick Sets

Lock pick sets

All you need to know about Lock pick sets – Becoming a locksmith requires investment, we are not looking at a short time investment here but one that takes as long as you are still on the job, a lifetime per se. This investment goes beyond just finances, it also demand investing all of your time as you are either learning or practicing unending trying to perfect your skills to better serve the rising demands of the consumer as if you ever stopped practicing even for a moment, your skill set might become irrelevant the next minute.

Being that there is always a dearth period in every businesses where you don’t get to do any sort of work for days because the customers are not just forthcoming and, if you are someone who prefers the traditional way of doing things over the modern way, it is important to keep on with practices as that is the only foolproof method to stay relevant with your set of skills.

All of the tools used in the locksmithing trade can be handmade but, before you get to that point where you can make these tools as a worthy addition to your lock pick set, you would have perfected your skills through a lot of trial and errors, have access to metal scraps and a whole lot of time on your hands but at the end of it all the effort is well worth it.

Although, there are many tools a locksmith can come up with and forge themselves, there are certain ones you just have to purchase for ease and convenience.

Locksmithing tools are always very expensive but there are some cheap products out there and platforms like eBay and the like to get quality tools with no hole in your pocket. Buying on a budget requires both your money and your time, you have to surf through offers to get the one that’s just right for you and you need to have your cash ready as so many people will be competing to snatch the same deals as you.

Information marketing has gradually crawled its way into the locksmithing industry as there are several locksmithing courses and training out there claiming to have the right kind of information that can turn you into a professional locksmith in no time at all, some do actually have this kind of information but you should be careful and extra vigilant out there when trying to look for a source that will add to the locksmithing knowledge you already have, shady deals are easy to spot as most of them will claim to make you an overnight millionaire, you just have to know where to look.

If you still don’t get the point about having to sacrifice a lot towards investment as a locksmith and you probably won’t even have personal time to yourself as you are always attending this locksmiths meet up or the other, you might never get the point if you fail to grab it as it is now. A locksmith even lamented about how half of the money he makes from offering locksmithing services goes right back into the business in form of dues, license fees, maintenance, tools and other expenses.

Like it has always been advised by various experts in every field, you have to find joy in the work you do before you can enjoy it and get fully dedicated, same rule applies to locksmithing, you need to enjoy learning and working with locks to selflessly sacrifice all that’s needed of you to navigate your way to the top as the phrase a reader is a leader strictly applies here, you never stop learning and it might be a little tedious for you if you are only in the business because there is scarcity of jobs or any other reason.

In the end, it all boils down to the learning method that’s convenient for you as there are varieties of ways to get information stuck in your head for like eternity, you just have to discover the method that works best for you so as to qualify as an effective locksmith. Specifically, as a beginner locksmith, what you are to learn as the foundation as your knowledge in the various online courses you will undertake or during your apprenticeship program includes but not limited to the type of locks, key types, re-keying, lock picking, lock repair, lockout reentry, safe construction and basic electrical understanding.

As you progress through the class to identify the different type of locks, you will also learn alongside that how to install them, clone keys, pick them, rekey locks, service them and know the specific ways they are being put to use. Some top brands have been figured out by locksmiths to not be as secure as they come across due to some loopholes here and there.

The concern about residential locks extends to the automobile world as some automobile companies have been known to have specific issues peculiar to their brand which makes for having different approach for different car models depending on the type of lock and the inside of the door. Cars produced by BMW between 1996 to 2000 come equipped with a deadlock that requires a different kind of method for reentry as against the method that will be needed to regain entrance to a 1992 Toyota Corolla. One area to take a keen interest at is safe construction alongside knowing all about safes and its many manipulations.

The locksmithing knowledge about safes is a gem, so basically, getting to know that particular skill makes you a hot cake in the market as you turn out to be some sort of specialist who gets call for every safes problem. The knowledge about electrical are being underplayed by the 21st century locksmiths but, this skill will soon be a must have for locksmiths who still hope to be in the market as market is fast evolving towards smart locks.

The most important part of getting the required education to equip you as a locksmith is the business aspect, the type of services you intend to offer in whatever region you set up your workshop after completion of training, regional size and the specific part you aim to serve, the types of services needed in the area where you plan to setup, the competition market, rules and regulations guarding operating as a locksmith in the area.

Though, this article might have painted the locksmithing trade as one of passion and skills, there is need to also indulge in the business aspect of it and snatch up every opportunity to earn the sleight of hands that moves the business forward from the industry veterans. Being that locksmithing is a full time job; you have to be  educated on the tricky parts of the business lest you end up realizing you’ve only wasted your time gathering knowledge about locksmithing. Locksmithing as a business thrives around undermining security which indicates that there are going to be rules and the rules guarding the profession will vary from region to region. If you have the first hand knowledge about the stress involved in the locksmithing trade, you might have had a rethink about undertaking the course in the first place.

Lock Pick Sets – All You Need To Know

So, you just successfully got enrolled in a locksmithing school and its weeks already and you’ve been trying your hands on bypassing locking mechanisms with paper clips and hairpins but you’re  tired of the child’s play and you want to forge ahead from what seems like a novice world to getting a little extra serious by getting the right tools for whatever job the clients may throw at you, there are five (5) items you are going to need in your beginner lock pick sets in order to be fully prepared for most lock picking emergencies.

These tools, as basic as they may look are the essentials that will get you through most lock related situations no matter the lock you find yourself working on, you’ll always have to go through with full confidence because you have the right tools for the job.  This list is aimed at both the professionals and the hobbyists.

Internet malls and merchants are a great place to look for outstanding lock pick sets but most of the tools gotten off the internet comes with some unnecessary addition that will do nothing but compound the woes of the locksmith, lock pick sets investment is an investment you should take your time with until you discover that brand that works just fine for you.

When looking out for lock pick sets to consider, the compilation of tools below should help ease your stress and cover for all of your locksmithing needs till you grow bigger and have the need for more sophisticated tools.

The lock pick sets should include the following;

1. Rake

There are many varieties of rake but only two are popular. The first being the City rake is sometimes referred to as the L rake. This tool looks more like a saw blade and its usually inserted in the key way then moved in an upward and downward motion to stimulate the biting of a key. The most commonly used rake which is probably the best of them all is the Bogota.

For raking, nothing comes close to this too but there are instances where the keyhole is not large enough to accommodate this tool but, it is still a worthy addition to your first lock pick set. As a beginner in the field, it is advised to have the bogota rake as the usage is not complicated, you only have to insert it in the key way, then stimulate the upward and downward motion as quick as possible. For locksmiths in European countries, it is important to note that when buying rakes, avoid buying ones that are too thin as they tend to break much easier. In case you encounter locks with security pins, the rake in your possession can be used to get a false set.

A false set is a term coined for when the pins get stuck on the shear line and they are yet to be cleared, the lock is still yet to be unlocked even though it appears like you have set the pins. Security locks requires another method entirely for bypass and your rake in most cases won’t open them unless you get lucky but luck doesn’t cut it in the locksmithing profession, you will have to acquire more tools needed to use the single pin picking method instead of the former.

2. Hook

lock pick sets

As mentioned in the paragraph above, single pin picking is another reliable method of lock picking and hook just happens to be one of the tools needed in your lock pick set to carry out single pin picking but its uses is far more dynamic than just as a support system during single pin picking. The dynamism of the hook solely depends on the handler, the hook, size and shape of the keyhole.

A hook can be used as a rake when turned upside down and inserted into a keyhole, it doesn’t perform the role of a “L” rake when used like that. Another use of hook is “bitch picking” this is when you just have a blind faith and randomly insert your tool without knowing what you are dealing with in terms of the pins being interacted with and how they are being set. The many benefits that comes attached with having a hook is why most locksmiths recommend it as a must have for beginners on their first lock pick set.

3. Half Diamond

lock pick sets

The half diamond, just like the hook is another versatile tool whose many usage depends on the size of both the keyhole and the tip of the tool. As it is with every tool, the half diamond comes in different forms and shape and each of the variations are determined by the manufacturing company with the small size being the most useful of the set and the large one needs some trimming before it can be deemed fit for locksmithing needs.

The shape of the tool’s tip is triangular in nature and the slope on the sides allows for easy working of pins in a lock. The tapered edge helps with moving pins when the right amount of tension is being applied. This is possible because the pins in a lock can be set simply by thrusting the half diamond pick in the keyhole. Similarly, as it is with raking, you can also place the half diamond pick at the back of the key-way then pull at it quickly. This tool can also be used as a rake but, it will probably need some sort of modifications to get the job done.

4. Tension Wrench

lock pick sets

In the locksmithing world, the tension wrench is the heart of the practice as the other tools can barely function on their own without having this vital tool as their support system as all of these processes requires for tension to be applied which is where this tool comes in.

The importance of tension cannot be underplayed as it is a crucial yet delicate act that needs just the right amount, nothing more, nothing else to get the job done. For skilled and experienced locksmiths, this tool is something they can come up with at their free time while a beginner who’s not cut out for the stress will have to get an already serrated tension wrench as it will allow for a better grip in the keyway, this will in turn prevent the tool from falling out of place while it’s in use and when this happens, there is no other alternative than to start the process of locks picking all over again regardless of how close you are to successfully picking the lock in question. For personal reasons, some locksmiths prefer to have a twisted wrench, one that will have a bit of a twist right after the “L” bend. With the twisted tension wrench, lock picking gets a lot easier as you get to rest your finger on the wrench during the long picking session.

Standard tension tools have been known to be used on the bottom of the keyway but, if the keyway is too short, there is need to get a keyway tension wrench. Some locksmiths even go as far as trimming the standard “L” tension wrench just to get it to work on top of the keyway but, without any modification, there is a specific tension tool for that. Top of the keyway unlike the keyhole tension wrenches have an “S” shaped twist and they are a single piece of flat metal. Once you commit yourself to practicing with locks, you can then refine the tools in your lock picking sets by filing them to exactly how you need them or in some cases when filing just won’t do the trick for you, you can take out the time to make your own tension tool if you possess that skill set.

5. Case

This item, as ridiculous and unimportant as it sounds sure deserves a spot on this list. It is important to look out for a case that will actually serve you by looking at the size that will conveniently carry your entire lock pick set. Getting a case for your lock pick sets is not a task that should be taken with levity hands as it might turn out to be a waste of money when you get a case and it doesn’t fit all the numbers of picks and tension wrenches you would like to be carrying with you when going out for a job.

The material the case is made from should be sturdy and stitched. That way, you will have the peace of mind about it not falling apart easily. It is important to carry out a thorough check on the pockets and pouches of the case you are getting as one that’s too loose will make your tools fall out occasionally.

Priority should be placed on cases with a flap when getting one; this will prevent you from losing your picks when you turn the case upside down for any reason at all. The larger your case, the higher the amount of picks you can fit in but it is advised not to buy a case just for your current lock pick set as there will be more additions in the future. This is an undisputable fact that should make you invest in a larger case that won’t give you the headache of wanting to buy another as your business and tools collection grows.

The lock pick set tools listed in this article are only a representation of the basic things you can have in your lock pick set as a beginner and professional locksmith, there are definitely some additions to it if you are looking to buy or make these tools yourself.

These tools have the tendency to grow from just a few to a handful as you grow and begin to experiment with all the different types of locks. While learning, it is important to take note of how the tools you have in your possession can be refined to better suit your needs.

Buying quality over quantity is always advised as they influence the results and determine the longevity of the tool. One simple logic many has been using as a buying guide as always been, the more expensive the tool, the higher the quality, as much as this is true to a certain extent, some expensive tools have been known to be of sub-par quality.

The thickness of your tool will also go a long way in determining the number of lock picking situations it can handle. As a locksmith, it is important that, after reading this article till the very end, you need to do your homework and check with the laws guarding possession and operation as a locksmith so as not to be on the wrong side of the law.



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