Admiral Locksmith Astoria Review 2018

Admiral Locksmith Astoria

Admiral Locksmith Astoria Review: Admiral Lock and Key Incorporation is a Locksmith company based in Astoria in New York. This article you are reading is a review of the Admiral Locksmith company.

This company is located at 37-17 Broadway at Astoria in New York City. They are open from 9 am to 5 pm from Mondays to Sundays and they also attend to emergency calls for their service. If you want to contact them, you can dial this number, +1 718 2742491. This number is their hotline and you should feel free to contact them anytime as they offer emergency response services to their customers. You should call them on that number and they will definitely be quick to respond. To contact Admiral Locksmith services through their website, simply click here,

Admiral Locksmith Astoria

The Admiral Locksmith company is a well-trusted locksmith company that deals with keypad services, commercial services, cabinet lock services, mailbox lock services, garage door lock services and so on. More of their locksmith services will be listed below in this article, so just keep reading. This locksmith company is verified on; a top site for reviews of service rendering company and it has quite a large number of positive reviews there as well. You can also send them an email at So, we should first talk a bit about them.

The Admiral Locksmith company was founded in 1952, which means that this company has been serving New York since 1952. It is family owned and also run and operated by family as well. They are truly reputable in the business and service of locksmithing and if you need their help, you really should look no further to contact them. So, now that we know a bit about them.

When we did the Admiral locksmith Astoria review, we found out the following services:

1. They offer Door Closer Installation

So, if you need a hydraulic door closer to your home or wherever you want it, Admiral Locksmith company can help with this. This is especially for you if you don’t know how to install the door closer kit. They are professionals and can easily help you with that. Doors like the garage doors, need the hydraulic door closer to save you a whole lot of stress.

2. Auto-locksmith services

They also deal with automobile Locksmith services like helping to replace your lost car keys, repair them when they have faults and reduce your stress level as a result. They can help you to handle the locks and keys for various types of automobiles like cars, trucks, vans, and so on. You can be sure to contact them for their services whenever you get locked out of your car. It’s just a dial away.

3. Residential Locksmith services

You can also contact Admiral Locksmith company for all the Locksmith services that your residential home needs. Like home security system installation, door installation, key replacement and also you can call them in weird situations where you are locked out of your own house. Basically, for all the locksmith related needs that your house might read, just email or call them. Just do that!

4. Commercial Locksmith services

If you need professional locksmith services for your business, office or corporate workplace, Admiral Locksmith company can definitely help that. This is because it is a totally different type of locks, security, and care that an office needs compared to a home. You might need tighter security systems at your office and not need such at home. Admiral Locksmith company can help you!

5. They offer 24 hours lockout services

In our Admiral locksmith Astoria review, we noticed that if you got locked out of your car or your own home, they offer professional lockout services what that means is that maybe your key got broken while you were trying to open your car, the Admiral Locksmith company can help with that. They are professionals at bailing you out of such a mess and the funny thing is they are very affordable and just a click away.

6. Installation of window gates

Admiral Locksmith Astoria can help with the fixing of window gates to your office, home or shop. Window gates help to add more security to a house or building as they protect the house, workplace and its inhabitants from burglars and thieves. The window gates are burglary proof and this means that there will be added security to such a building. They install window gates pretty well.

7. Dealing with deadlocks and padlocks

Admiral Locksmith Astoria can also help you with the installation of deadlocks also known as deadbolts as well as padlocks in your home or office. This locksmith company is an expert in this. Deadlocks and padlocks are also an added advantage or security measure that you can use to protect your room, house or apartment. Deadlocks restrict people from gaining access to a confidential area when it is locked. Only a person with its specific key can unlock it. Admiral Locksmith company can help with the installation of these deadlocks and padlocks.

8. Dealing with window locks

Admiral Locksmith Astoria also helps with the installation of your window locks, window accessories, window espags, gearboxes and so on. These things might be hard for you to install professionally and skilfully by yourself on the window in your house. So, this is why you need a locksmith like Admiral Locksmith company to help you with it. Get your windows locked and secure your home better.

9. Deal with keyless entry systems

If you need security systems in your home that do not require keys, that is a keyless security system, you really can count on Admiral Locksmith Company for that. Keyless entry systems include fingerprint locks or biometric locks, electronic doors and so on. The Admiral Locksmith Company helps with the installation of keyless entry systems which consequently, make your buildings safer and better secured.

10. Emergency Locksmith services

For emergency reasons, you might need the services of a locksmith. Sometimes, life happens and you can accidentally get locked out of your own car and house at a really odd time like maybe midnight. Admiral Locksmith services work 24/7, so there will be no time that you will call them to bail you out of that emergency, that they will not be rushed to help. They offer emergency locksmith services too.

11. Key duplication services

Admiral locksmith Astoria also helps you whenever you want to duplicate your keys. Perhaps, you just moved into your new house and you have been given the keys to the house but you also want to have spare keys in additions to the ones that you have. Who do you go to so that they can help you with duplicating spare keys? A locksmith exists for this purpose! So, all you need to do is just contact Admiral Locksmith Company and get your keys rapidly duplicated. It’s that easy!

12. Admiral locksmith Astoria review offer re-keying services

13. Admiral locksmith Astoria review offer Intercom system services

14. They offer key cutting services

If you need a key for your lock, key cutting is the way to go. Locksmiths are trained in key cutting. They know how to measure the key, and cut it very accurately to fit the lock it is going into. So, whenever you need to cut key, just contact Admiral Locksmith company. They are just a call away.

15. They can help with making security safes

If you need safes for your files and folders that are of top-secret information and you don’t want anyone breaking into your desk and spying on your important and confidential files, then you can contact a top locksmith company like Admiral Inc. to help you with making your security safes. This will help you to keep effectively, your private files and folders as well as documents from prying eyes.

16. They can help you with installing Access Control systems

In case you need exclusive and personal access to your own properties and you want it to be only you and maybe a few selected people, you can do this. Admiral Locksmith services can help you with installing these special Access Control systems that allow only you to access the important properties that you have. They can help by setting up Access Control systems to help your dreams and plans come to fruition. Cool heh?

Why do you even need any locksmith service like Admiral Locksmith Astoria?

Admiral Locksmith Astoria

What are some reasons why you should hire a Locksmith company for your security needs at home, office or wherever you reside? Below, we will be explaining some strong reasons why you definitely need a Locksmith service.

1. You need a quality locksmith service to ensure top-notch security in your environment

One of the best ways to ensure that your environment is perfectly secure is to install the proper security installations in order to prevent burglars and thieves from gaining access. Who can effectively install this security equipment? Definitely a locksmith! The average man cannot install a window gate, a door closer or a deadlock. All these are the works of a locksmith. They are trained to do these. Which is all the more reason why you should contact a locksmith when you need to install security systems in your home, workplace or anywhere else? They are skilled and it is their profession. Locksmiths definitely help you to secure your place all the more.

2. To bail you out during emergency situations

Emergency situations like when you are locked out of your car due to a broken key. And you can’t get into your car. A locksmith if contacted will deal with this issue within a short period and you would have been bailed out of such an embarrassing situation. Now, what would you have done if there were no Locksmiths?

3. For the reprogramming of your car key or your car remote

4. For situations where you, your spouse or your kids have lost the key to the house and you need a duplicate fast

This is, of course, an emergency situation. You definitely don’t want everyone to be stranded outside right? Regardless of who lost the keys, just contact Admiral Locksmith Company to come to your rescue for key duplication or cutting.

5. You need a Locksmith when you need to replace all the locks in your house after a burglary

When your house has been burgled, it is advised that you change all of the locks in your house. Because the robbers probably had a key to your locks and used it to gain access. What can you do to prevent future burgling from the same burglars? Change all of your locks! The key to them won’t work for the changed locks. Because well, it is now different! A locksmith can help you change all the locks!

6. You need a Locksmith when you have forgotten the safe combination to your keyless security system or safes.

Admiral Locksmith Astoria Review Conclusion

We all need quality service providers whether it is a dentist or a locksmith. Truly, it has been said that you should not wait until you are in dire need of a service before you find a quality service provider for it. As the owner of a house or an apartment, you should definitely know a good locksmith company around you that can help you out of those annoying lock-out or broken key situations. You really, really should. Luckily for you, if you stay at Astoria in New York City and you need top notch Locksmith services like the ones we stated above, all you need to do is to dial the Admiral Locksmith Company’s contact number; +1 718 2742491 and they will be there.

So, whenever that emergency situation happens, don’t panic and also do not forget this review. Just have it at the back of your mind that whenever you need a Locksmith service, Admiral Locksmith Company is out there waiting to help you. If you are in New York City, don’t look too far for a locksmith. Admiral Locksmith Company is right in front of you.

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