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Abbey Locksmiths: There are sure many locksmithing firms in the New York City environs but Abbey locksmiths Inc. sure stands out from the pack. Abbey locksmith which is a family-owned locksmith has been in operation in the New York City for as far back as 1952. The locksmithing store, custom manufacturing, office, welding and repair shops are all located at 1558 Second Avenue at the corner of 81st Street and the firm has lived up to its credibility ever since the workshop became open to the public in its founding year.

Abbey locksmiths’ Inc. has been living up to the tradition of excellence as well as fast and reliable service. Around year 1950, organized crime was becoming rampant in the New York area and it enlightened the residents about the need for them to be security conscious and for more than 6 decades now, that is what Abbey locksmith has been doing in the New York metropolis i.e. providing a sense of security for the citizens of New York City. A brief visit to Abbey locksmith’s brick and mortar location will make you understand just how far the company’s legacy is rooted in locksmithing history and you sure won’t need any further conviction to give in to the fact that Abbey locksmith has been in the profession for long and their wealth of experience cannot be downplayed.

The locksmithing firm prides itself in its relationship and bond with clients, a class of individuals which consists of real estate firms, banks, fitness clubs, interior designers, restaurants, doctors, contractors, educational institutions, government agencies, hospitals, museums, theaters and more and the amazing thing is that some of these clients have been converted to returning customers since the very first day they had an encounter with technicians from Abbey Locksmiths Inc. They have maintained a position on the heel of security technology in order to continuously provide modern and progressive security to meet clients’ needs. Their technicians continue to attend seminars and locksmith conventions to remain on top of the security circuit in “the city that never sleeps.

Moving Forward with the Times– While social media has gained major influence in selecting needed products and services, word of mouth has remained a major key component to the growth and stability of Abbey Locksmiths Inc. All security information provided by and for clients are kept strictly confidential.

Going down memory lane has to just how much has Abbey locksmiths served the citizens of New York city, the locksmithing firm can boast of providing residential locksmithing services to thousands of apartments throughout New York City as residents has chosen them as a company to confide in when it comes to matters of protecting their homes, other valuable properties therein and their families as a whole. Commercially, the healthy relationship the locksmithing firm fostered with its clients has paved way for even more clients from various walks of life including residential and commercial real estate companies, developers, banks, interior designers and contractors, restaurants, hospitals, government agencies, educational and secular institutes and museums, some who have remained clients for decades.

As a footnote, Abbey locksmiths Inc. also provides a certificate of insurance at clients’ convenience.

Abbey locksmiths Inc. offer security products utilizing a comprehensive array of home security solutions and a breakdown of these services includes;

General services of Abbey Locksmiths Inc.

  • Cylinders and Lock Devices
  • Electric Strikes
  • Fire/Burglar Proof Safes
  • Window Gates, Fire Exit Gates, and Grills
  • Child Guards
  • Intercoms and Intercom Systems
  • Key Controlled Locks
  • Repairs and Adjustments
  • Entry-Exit Devices
  • Iron Work
  • Door Closers
  • Keypads and Control Panels
  • Push Exit Buttons
  • Master Key Systems
  • High-Security Keys
  • Non-Duplicable Keys
  • Key Cabinets
  • Mailbox Locks
  • and more

Door department

Fire-Rated Doors

Abbey Locksmiths can confidently boast of workers with years of experienced up their sleeves in its door department and the highly respected trained technicians have worked with all different types of Fire Rated doors and door problems. Whether a client’s door is scraping the floor, not closing properly or needs replacement, Abbey’s Door Department can help.

Revolving Doors

An intricate craft requiring skill very difficult to find today. Abbey locksmiths Inc. revolving door division in Door Department has all the parts necessary
and easily available at the job site to get clients’ critical door functioning properly in a timely manner. The firm strongly recommends that revolving doors should be serviced regularly to meet New York City fire department building code regulations.

The Door Department of the firm has further advanced the field of revolving doors with products that are custom made exclusively for Abbey Locksmiths. To add more spice, Abbey locksmiths Inc. professionals can change the weather-stripping on the revolving door to a variety of materials that best suit a client’s needs.


Abbey Locksmiths welding department is staffed with workers with more than two decades of first-hand experience in the field.

has Certified Welders with over 25 years of experience in the field and whether it’s furnishing and installing a new tree guard to add
to a client’s building or, repairing a service door, Abbey can weld it back together for you in no time at all. In case you have an inexperienced driver hit the tree guards in front of your building and you need it to be repaired or replaced, not every locksmith in New York city can handle that for you but you can rest assured that the trained and experienced locksmiths at Abbey locksmiths Inc. will get it fixed for you at a competitive rate.

Decorative Hardware

Abbey locksmiths Inc. deals in top hardware brands like Marks USA, Baldwin, Omnia, Nanz, Emtek, Accurate Hardware and other fine decorative hardware. The firm also maintains a great cordial relationship with many high-end interior designers and contractors. A technician from Abbey locksmith’s exceptional Decorative Hardware division furnished is all it takes to help install a beautiful decorative hardware in your apartment as they are all individually skilled craftsmen.

Building Supplies

Abbey locksmiths Inc. deals with building supplies such as electrical, plumbing materials, contractor bags, cleaning supplies, pest control devices, painting supplies, tools, flashlights, large selection of light bulbs, heaters, smoke/carbon monoxide detectors, a different type of nuts alongside ice melt, shovels, and deicers.


Abbey locksmiths Inc. deals with Gardall, Mechanical safes, digital safes, fire-rated safes as well as personal security boxes.

Emergency Night Services

Emergencies will always catch you off guard and that is the more reason why you need to be prepared for eventualities. Locksmiths, Inc., on the other hand, provides 24-hour emergency service. They respond to lockouts, water leaks, fires, DOA (dead on arrival), marshal and sheriff calls. If an active police investigation prevents an immediate change of security, they know the drill and are well familiar with the system. The team of technicians will wait until the investigation is over to receive the free and clear.

You can contact Abbey locksmiths Inc. via (212) 535-2289 any time after working hours or during normal business hours with your security emergencies. If it is a real emergency you should call 911 for the proper authorities.

Antique Locks

Abbey Locksmiths Inc. has worked on some very unique projects through the years. Whether it was fabricating a key copy for an old liquor cabinet, or opening an 18th Century chest, Abbey locksmiths Inc. technicians can do it all.

Here is a couple of reviews about the locksmithing services being offered by Abbey Locksmiths Inc.

Review 1

Great place to get keys made. It’s a tiny little place with a minimal room but I was basically in and out of there with new keys in under 5 minutes. Also, all the keys worked! I am constantly misplacing keys in different bags or who knows – maybe my cat hides them… So when I go to a hardware store I will have 5 keys made of each. Almost always, only 2 of the 5 work and I need to go back to whatever hardware store once or twice more to get all the keys to work – so when this place made all FIVE copies that worked the first time – big thumbs up! Also, I just read a review stating they charged a lot to have a key cut — their charge was very inexpensive at only a few dollars per key — however in the past when I have needed another type of key made at other places – there are particular keys that are more expensive. I think it depends on what type of key. I’m keeping this one bookmarked as my go-to key spot!

Review 2

When my 87 y/o mother decided that someone had entered her apartment, removed pictures of her long deceased and divorced husband (HUH?!) and helped themselves to the last of the meatballs and spaghetti in her fridge and didn’t have the common decency to clean the plate properly (paging Goldilocks?), I contacted Abbey Locksmith and specifically requested a Medeco lock be installed on her apartment’s door as I know them to be one of the best locks on the market.. The locksmith advised me that a less expensive lock would suffice after surveying the existing surroundings (doorman bldg. w/ CCTV system throughout). Now, my “I got to be me and live alone” mother and I feel safe and content that she’s in a secure location and I’ve a few more bucks to send her on a cruise OR pay for time on a shrink’s couch;). It was refreshing to deal with a company that doesn’t feel like every dollar was the last they’ll ever make. Abbey, has a client for life, in me 🙂

Review 3

They are really great. Very professional and reliable. I asked them to make a copy of my house key, they politely refused, since the copy of my house key was just a replica (those thin sliver ones). They said they couldn’t make a good copy from a replica. So I asked my landlord for an original (thick gold ones) and they copied my key within minutes. Asked me to try and come back for a new one if the key doesn’t work. Love them. I will always come back. Thanks!

Review 4

Note: This review is only for getting keys made at this location. No idea on their services regarding getting locked out, changing locks etc. They are on the second floor so you have to walk up a flight of stairs. I made two visits. First time was for a commercial grade apt key and I was recommended here by another lock smith who didn’t have the blank. They did, I paid a lot less than I would have had to pay my apt manager and I got my copies back quickly and efficiently. The second time they didn’t have the blank and they very politely referred me to another location. Good service and good work. Thanks!

Review 5

These guys are true professionals. I and my family have been using them for about 40 years, and they are probably the only locksmith who you can get on the phone over the weekend or after hours without being rerouted to a service that sends your number out to 20 different locksmiths.

From the technicians over at Abbey locksmiths Inc. here are some great tips to educate and enlighten you before making the decision to hire any locksmith to work for you.

  1. Make sure to specify the locksmith that shows up at your door has a locksmith license before any work is done.
  2. Be leery about company phone numbers starting with 917, 646, 347 etc. These are cell phone numbers and they generally do not represent brick and mortar storefront locksmiths. This could mean that you would have absolutely no recourse for poor workmanship and overcharges. If possible, double check and visit the brick and mortar storefront locksmith’s location before having any work done.
  3. Be very cautious of advertising that stipulates dispatch offices as this appears to be another deceptive practice. There generally is no dispatch office at that location. Some addresses posted as dispatch offices are residential buildings, mailbox stores or even non-existent addresses.
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