Revealed : The Essential Window Keyboard Shortcut You Never Knew About

Knowing about Window Keyboard Shortcut has been one thing we all have always wanted to know about so as to make our works easier and faster as its clear nobody loves stress. In this post we are going to reveal most of the window keyboard shortcut which you never believed existed, Yeah i know you are wondering which other shortcut if not the random ones you know, oh then sit and read on because you are about to gain a new knowledge.

I know you’ve always wanted to navigate through your windows tabs, screen works and task with ease, this article will show you all you need to learn,.

More also, you need to practice them often so you can always use them without wanting to refer back to this article to go through it. trust me once you’re done with this, your productivity level will go up.

Detailed Window Keyboard Shortcut And Their Respective Functions

Win + V: Navigate Through Notifications

With this shortcut tip, you will be able to toggle along the notification and alert vin your system, besides this is possible after you must have configured such notification to your system.

Win + X: Hidden Menu

You were surprised yeah ? you never knew windows had a hidden menu for you, alright press Win + X and see it pop up, then you will have access to all the files you need and those you can hide.

FN + F5: Refresh

Ever believed that there would be a more easier way to refresh your PC while its misbehaving. just hit the prescribed key and see it refresh with ease.

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FN + F2: Rename

You can easily rename a file by just using this shortcut while the file has been opened, this saves you the stress of double clicking and navigating on your screen.

Win + S: Search For Windows

Windows introduced the search bar to make work easier by just using this shortcut it immediately bring out the search button.

Win +C: Opens Cortana

this shortcut key is for the voice control button, if you like using voice control or cortana to get things done quickly then use this to get it done.

Win + Prt Sc: Save Screenshot

The shortcut key prt Sc allows you to take a screenshot while pressing the window button at the same time allows you to save the screenshot to the folder named screenshot on your pc.

Win + I: Open Settings

You don’t need to browse through 3-4b destinations before you can get to settings, by just hitting this shortcut key you will be on the settings tab.

Win + L: Lock Screen

with this you can easily put your system to sleep of lock the screen, and you wont be worried of someone accessing your system as it requires a password before you can open it and make use of it again.

Win + D: Show Desktop

Ever thought of an easy way to minimize all the multiple tabs open on your system, with this shortcut, all you need to do is to press it and see it minimize all the tab and show it to your desktop.

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