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Frequent Questions To Ask On 24 Hour Locksmith Services?

24 Hour Locksmith

24 Hour Locksmith Services – Customers ask a lot of questions relating to the 24 hours locksmith services and we would try as much as possible to see how answers can be provided to these questions.

Why a professional locksmith company should offer 24 hour locksmith service?

One of the advantages of being a professional locksmith is the ability to be ever present for your customers whenever they call. A lot of times emergency issued occur which cannot wait one extra hour, and as a result of this emergency 24 hour locksmith service may be called upon. You may not need a lot of urgency in requesting for a locksmith to come over to your property just in case you are locked out of your house, office or car, but in the event of a house theft, burglary, then a customer would require the help of a 24/7 locksmith to help you handle such sensitive situation.

In this situation, you will definitely need the service of a 24 hour locksmith service and a locksmith service that provides such will be the customer’s first port of call.

Do I need a 24 hour locksmith?

Yes you do!

Let us assume you have an emergency that happens outside working hours, or even in the dead of the night. Say it is so urgent that it requires a locksmith.  What will you do?

Sit it out or pick up the phone ASAP?

That aside, if you do not have emergency infact, the services of  a 24 hour locksmith may still be needed. You can even go ahead to schedule a locksmith call if you do not want the locksmith to disturb your day to day activities. A lot of customers prefers locksmith to be on the night time appointment and therefore, a regular 9-5 professional locksmith company will never fall into this category.

All you would need is a 24 hour locksmith service.

Are 24 hour locksmith generally more expensive?

Well, can you say they are? This question is a bit tricky though. Really, what we should look at is the time of the day they are called to work. Unusual times of the day like in the mid night would generally cost more as against the regular day time.

Sometimes, when you look at early morning jobs as well, they may cost more than the normal jobs of the working hours of the day.

Locksmith expenses are also determined not by the time of the day but also by the complexity of the work involved. The regular rekey services may not be expensive, the fixing of locks and replacing of keys may not be expensive as well. However when it comes to breaking and performing more complex locksmithing jobs, then the area of further expenses that will accrue to the customer may come in.

It is therefore advised that when customers are on the look out for 24 hour locksmith service to call whenever a locksmith issue arise, they should try as much as possible to check out prices of the various jobs.

Just in case they do not get exact prices of the jobs they want the 24 hour locksmith on, they can check related job functions on line to have a feel and understanding of the expenses they will incur in the process.

Are all Locksmiths in USA opened for 24 hours in a day?


While a lot of professional locksmith services may love to be 24 hour locksmiths, but they think futuristically and strategically if this type of locksmithing will be sustainable in the future. Imagine it is a young and growing family business where the locksmiths have families to cater for during the night time, it will be impossible for such business to run the 24 hour locksmith service.

However if the business have enough manpower to deal with working 24 hours and it fits into their strategy and goals as a business then why not! Working as a 24 hour locksmith service definitely has its advantages as well.

You can also look at this from the perspective of the location of the market a business is operating. Imagine a town with a lot number of residents or offices. Will a locksmith service work 24 hours in such a town? No!

Imagine a quiet and sleepy town free from crime, with lowered business activities after some hours of the day. That type of city may not require a 24 hour locksmith service.

Therefore, a customer needs to realize that not all locksmiths work 24 hours for business and strategic purposes. They sustainability of the business and the type of market they are is important in determining this.

Do the 24 hour locksmiths go out often at night?

The area of service of the locksmith is important in ask this question. If the location of service have a consistent inflow and outflow of people, and there are activities through day and night, then it is possible to have as much 24 hour locksmith work at night as possible.

There are locations in the United States like New York City and Canada like Ontario where you have night time as the busiest time of the day. There will be 24 hour locksmith working in these locations.

Also, locations where you have a lot of businesses, hotels and tourist sites will also be perfect for 24 hour locksmiths. Work in cities like Los Angeles, Las Vegas can be erratic. Towns where you have schools and colleges might also give a lot of sleepless nights to 24 hour locksmith as they would be expected to work 24/7 every second of the day.

Remember Night work is about the location of the business and the frequency of influx and outflux of people.

To be 2 24 hour locksmith – How does it happen?

A locksmith must possess the requisite skills

You can not be an locksmith apprentice or a start up locksmith company and just want to start 24 hour locksmith service. It is impossible! To be a 24 hour locksmith, a locksmith is expected to be vast, experienced and well grounded in the locksmith business. A locksmith should also have the latest tools and machines t deal with emergency situations. A 24 hour locksmith must be able to provide consulting, troubleshooting problems to clients/ customers. A locksmith ready to work 24 hours should be able to solve unique and challenging problems. This forms part of the basis of wanting to work as a 24 hour locksmith.


As mentioned in (do locksmith go out at night?) A locksmith business needs the perfect location to start as a  24 hour locksmith. This will help the business grow in capacity and also increase the sustainability of operating such businesses in the locations. Without the right location for that business. It may be impossible to thrive as a 24 hour locksmith. Therefore, location is very key in determining whether or now a business can function as a 24 hour locksmith.


In some countries, the young locksmiths take up challenging tasks and are motivated to do more. This motivation may come out from the fact that there is the need to gather money to become financially stable, or to gain more experience within a limited time frame. This will push such young locksmiths to start a 24 hour locksmith business. To these guys, external influence of the market forces like demand and supply really do not matter to them. They are out there to gain customers, experience and eventually conquer the market! Time is not a problem, age is never an issue.

They believe that since they possess the required energy level, drive and enthusiasm to deal on erratic hours of the days. Why not deal?

There are certain older locksmiths that prefer to work 24 hours as well. For these set of guys the incentive is the ability to cash into the market and earn extra bucks for their businesses. These category of locksmith are locked within their sense of purpose. They are intentional and always love to get busy, maintain existing relationships and build the capacity of the 24 hour locksmith business.

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