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20 Best Locksmith Tools For Beginners

Best Locksmith Tools For Beginners

1. Dangerfield Serenity Lock Pick Set:

This set sells for less than 30 bucks and as you would expect of any good product, this does get the job done even as confused terminologies comes into play with the opposite way the pins in United Kingdom and Europe locks are.  The picks in this set are made of thin metals and the company claims they are just 0.22 inches thick, I will leave you guys to the confirmation of the claim.

2. Tension Tools:

Tension tools are specialists oriented i.e. they come in handy for specific type of jobs. These set comes as a standalone tool and sometimes they are packaged in a small set. This tool will help when you are trying to use a different approach of applying tension to locks and they will be of great help when you are struggling to maintain tension in cramped conditions or the lock won’t just allow another tool inside of it.

3. Rakes:

As you must have known by now, most lock pick sets come with a rake or two. Rake gets the job done faster and in turn saves time. Most new lock pickers will accidentally rake a lock by moving their pick around in the lock. When frustration sets in, the learning process becomes deterred and that is why raking is recommended for beginners as opening locks under a minute at your first shot is a great way to boost your morale. Getting the wriggler rakes would have been my recommendation but, if cash is a problem, as a beginner, you can consider taking a quick look at the wave rakes, the bogotas or the soho rakes for one that suits your pocket size.

4. Books: 

I know this might seem ridiculous as you are expecting to see only tools you can get practical with but as ridiculous as it sounds, books are actually a tool and as a beginner, getting to read books on the art of lock picking will go a long way in inciting your hunger to learn more.

5. Lock picker vice:

This tool was designed by lock pickers for lock pickers. They were mainly designed to help with stubborn cylinder pins and it is an awesomely essential tool with metal grips that help keep the lock you are picking in place till you are ready to let go of it when the picking has been finally done.

6. Pick Guns:

Both the manual and the electric pick guns just get the job done by magically opening locks. Having a thorough understanding of tensions is essential when it comes to using this device as not having a clear understanding of how tension works is only of the major problem beginners have with this tool. They require less skill but open a wide variety of locks which is a great thing as that’s the expected result of most lock picking sessions.

7. Hooks:

A hook is a dynamic tool with several uses but it’s great for picking locks with the single pin system. The number of ways you can utilize your hook depends solely on the type of hook and the shape of the keyway. This tool is great for blind picking in the sense that you can just insert it in a lock without having no prior knowledge as to the type of pins you are interacting with and how they are being set.

8. Half Diamond:

This is a adaptable tool whose usefulness is defined by the keyhole you are trying to operate on and the size of the tool’s tip itself. Like most of the picks, the half diamond comes in variety of sizes and they include the large, standard and small sizes. There is no definitive size for this tool as the sizes vary from company to company but, the medium which is the standard size can be effectively used as a rake and the smallest of the all is the most useful while the need to file down the largest of the tools may arise based on preference.

9. Locksmith tweezers:

This is a very important tool whose usefulness cannot be overemphasized when it comes to emergencies, unlike the basic tweezers, this particular one offers a better tweezer experience. It is characterized by rounded edges that enables it hold pins in place for when you are doing your thing.

10. Follower Tool:

Regardless of whether you want to be an automotive locksmith or a normal one, the constant thing about this tool is that, it hastens your work as it allows you to remove plug separately from a cylinder in no time and the end result usually turns out to be amazing. This is a must have for every locksmith beginner who are time conscious. They come in handy when there is need to temporarily disable and eventually reassemble a lock to rekey. It is of utmost importance to replace the plug when it is removed so as to trap all the driver pins and pins in the bible, by doing this, you can do away with the key pins and plug while leaving the driver springs and pins in place.

11. End cap removal tool:

This tool is very good as it literally gives you an eagle eye when trying to remove and end cap faster. This particular tool helps with your precision which is your topmost priority.

12. Key gauge:

Basically, a key gauge is a tool utilized for rekeying purposes by locksmiths, it can also be used to measure the key cuts on any key thereby helping with the decision of what size pins should go in each chamber. Any individual that plans to work with a locksmith outfit should endeavor to get a key gauge and it will be to your advantage if you decide to get a refined one that comes with the option of a master padlock, the results can be pleasing to the soul of a beginner locksmith that gets his hands on a refined key gauge.

13. Shims:

The shims are perfect if you want to provide locksmith services all by yourself, because not only is it a tool for professionals, but it also makes the experience very fast and refined, which is always an advantage. With total dedication to the entire experience and a good set of commercial locksmith or cracking tools sure, you can easily get a stellar result; surely, it will surprise you.

14. Pick set and tension wrenches:

Pick set and tension wrenches: Some hold the belief that this particular tool is only for the professionals who have been in the locksmithing business long enough to know how to properly handle most of these tools, reverse is the case, this tool is meant for both the pros and those who are just finding their feet in the business. If you are truly ready to stick with your decision of wanting to be a locksmith, you will be more than amazed as to how excellently well the entire experience of working with this tool can be in the very end.

15. Pin kit:

Any good pin kit is undoubtedly suitable for a wide variety of situations and that is why it is recommended for beginner locksmiths who just don’t know the basic workaround for not having one yet should consider adding this tool to their toolbox. The tool is an important addition whose usefulness might not surface now but might be a life saver later in the future.

16. Pinning/work mats:

Maintaining cleanliness while on the work is an important factor to prioritize and that is where work mats come into the picture. It might take a beginner a long time to get used to using one but on the long run when they finally get accustomed to it, working without one will make you greatly uncomfortable and in the end you get to see this little piece as a professional tool that is a necessary evil.

17. Hand-held scope:

Locksmiths tend to work in tight spots and sometimes it is almost impossible to see with the naked eyes when working in tight spots and that is where the recommendation to get a LED technology scope comes into the picture, as shining a light on the dark place you are working will help a lot with improving your visuals.

18. Set of picks:

A typical set of picks is all you need when starting out as a beginner and these sets contain popular picks like rake, hook pick and diamond. It is now left to you to pick either the flexible picks or the rigid ones.

19. Case:

The cases concern functionality and functionality. You want a case that matches the number of selections and voltage keys you want to support. The case will need tight seams and sturdy materials that will not collapse easily. Think about where this case will be in your person. If this has to be in your back pocket, there is no reason to get a folder that contains 30 selections. Because if you put 30 selections in it, you will not want to sit on it. Make sure the pockets and bags are not too loose in the case because you do not want the tips to fall off.

A top flap will prevent the tips from falling when the box is turned over and you will avoid the headache of constantly picking up or losing your spikes. You may want something bigger than a tactical back pocket. A larger case will allow you to have a complete set of tools to prepare for all types of locks, but it is important not to buy for your current collection. If you are investing in a larger case, you must buy to grow. Most likely, you will find the tools that suit you best and you will need some specialized tools, so that your collection will always be growing.

20. Tool bag:

This is as it is. Just a container to put all of your locksmithing tools.

Now you have the best locksmith tools for beginners. What are you going to do but buy them.










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