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20 Basic Locksmith Tools on Ebay

Basic Locksmith Tools on Ebay

20 Basic Locksmith Tools on Ebay – Locksmithing can be regarded as a profession that involves a lot of competence and skills. The more you develop on your area of specialization in the business will determine the type of tools you will need to acquire and keep within reach.

Many decades ago, locksmiths operated small keys shops in their region and make a decent living out of it. There was barely the need to acquire locksmithing tools to go about their daily businesses and the start up capital back then was considerably affordable. The stores in this context do nothing stressful as they specialize in residential work that involves changing out locks, door hardware, making copies of keys, and lock installation.

The unfortunate thing about these key shops is the fact that they are now out of the picture as big stores like Walmart and the likes have taken over the game thereby putting those shops out of business as they offer almost everything those shops promises to offer, this development is particular to the United State. This occurrence should not in any way discourage people with interest in the locksmithing business as it is a recession-proof business and there will always be an apartment to work your magic on and get duly paid as a locksmith in the business. The only change between now and then is the huge leap in the business model and with time and persistence of locksmiths, the business adapted just like any other business that is unfortunate enough to find themselves in that exact same situation would have improvised and adapted.

Locksmiths in the 21st century have evolved fro what the past locksmiths were known to be as the locksmiths of this century come equipped with assorted tools specially designed for the thriving of the trade and these tools are commonly found in hardware stores. Not every locksmiths prefer to buy from hardware stores as their years of experience keeps pushing and urging them to create tools that will be unique to them and most of these experience locksmiths hardly by tools but make do with homemade tools.

For those without the knowledge of making the tools themselves, they resort to making purchases of the tools they need from locksmith supply houses. These supply houses operates with a professional code of conduct that forbids them from selling to people who are not into the locksmithing business, the only exception in this sales conduct is for security professionals.

Locksmiths who have been in the business for long will always advise beginners and people who just want to delve into locksmithing for the fun of it to always go for quality and the best grade tools they can get around them as the frustration that comes with having your tools break down in the middle of work due to their sub-par quality is way greater than the few bucks you were trying to save from not buying the best grade tools. Asides from a good understanding and knowledge of the job, the only other thing that can bring about peace of mind for locksmiths is getting high quality tools that will get the job done the right and last them for a lifetime.

Buying the best set of tools you can get as at the time of sourcing for the locksmithing tools you will need for your business and adding others to your collection as time goes on is the most ideal way to go about getting the kind of tools that will save you from headaches and frustrations later in the business. A place with enough rooms that will ensure a conducive working environment with compartments where you can store your tools and supplies is a necessity. New locksmiths and locksmithing students will sure need all kinds of locks to take apart in their leisure time, study, fix and salvage for parts. Getting second hand locks that beginners can use for practice is no big deal in the United States as you can always get from junk yards, salvage yards, yard and garage sales, and pawn shops.

Locksmithing duties as briefly highlighted in the early paragraphs of this article include repair, maintenance and installation of all kinds of locks, panic hardware systems and door closures. For everyone looking to delve into the locksmithing business, they must know a couple of basic things like how to open locks with the use of locksmithing tools, dismantling of locks, locks repair by replacement of broken and worn out parts and recombination of locks to the master/sub master system that is in use. They must also be knowledgeable about the methods suitable for each and every situation which includes but not limited to key recombining locks, adjusting key combinations and cutting plus duplication of keys. Knowing how to perform maintenance at intervals and repairs on the closure system of doors which includes electromagnetic and key card systems is also essential. Last but not the least, they must also be able to perform other locksmithing related activities like how to use saws, drills, cutting machines, key gauges, grinder and other locksmith tools.

The most often asked questions by clients and new locksmiths alike who have tried getting the job done by using the most locksmith tools they could get around is exactly the type of basic locksmithing tools they will buy and stop looking out for more locksmithing tools. Answering this question precisely is almost impossible as needs are different but, there are locksmithing tools that a person who aims to be a professional in the business in later years can get a hold on in as much as they have the money.

Let us for a moment shove aside the fact that any tool needed by a locksmith can be easily gotten in supply shops, the thing therein is, as the years burn out, locksmiths who are still in the business gets accustomed to the use of particular tools and they in turn become their favorites. This simply implies anyone who is willing to work in the field will have to buy a bunch of tools when he is just starting up, work with them for a few years and wait out time to get drawn unto some of the tools which he will later categorize as his favorites.  There is always more than enough alternatives and workarounds for locksmithing jobs and more than one tool to go with, it doesn’t matter whether you specialize in auto or residential locksmithing service, below is a huge list of tools you will need to strap on when going out to do your thing, the unique thing about this list is the fact that you can sit at the comfort of your room and have the tools on the list delivered right at your doorstep, ride along with me as I highlight 20 basic locksmith tools on Ebay.

1. A Scope

The importance of this tool can not be overemphasized and stressed enough, all you need to know is, it is a vital tool for locksmiths to get their job done. Having a scope handy helps a great deal in getting to make tiny adjustments right. Locksmiths who are found of taking unfinished locksmithing businesses home will always find the need for them and this tool will obviously be spotted around their offices and vehicles. The new generational scopes already have a few adjustments to them and one of the most noticeable is the addition of LED to help with the provision of lighting to help with gloomy areas.

2. Installation Templates

These come in handy when the locsmithing pro is trying to install a new lock system for a client(s). They are vital tools that help ensure the holes for the lock are rightly drilled thereby helping with precision and leaving very little room for guess work. The installation templates as they are widely known projects the locksmiths in a good light and makes them come off like individuals who strongly know what they are doing as the precision aid feature of the tool will make the work a lot faster and greatly reduce the probability of damaging the client’s property.

3. Lock Pick Guns

The lock pick guns when held by professionals gets the job done faster in comparison to opting for manual picking of locks. This tool has never for once stopped evolving since its invention and the newer version includes electronic parts that can be externally powered. Having to pick locks manually is sure effective but time consuming and that is where the lock pick guns comes in and its time saving feature is one of the things that has endeared this tool to locksmithing professionals and they can barely do without the tool as they take it along with them for every job they are hired for.

4. Key Extractors

As the name implies, this tool is used in extracting broken key pieces stuck in the key slot of a lock. You will never appreciate having this tool handy until you experience how frustrating it is when trying to get a jammed key out of the way without one of these. Other foreign objects stuck in the key hole can also be conveniently fished out with the help of a key extractor.

5. Tension Wrenches

It is quite possible to pick locks as a locksmith without this tool but the difficulty of doing so will actually make the lock picking session longer. The tension wrench simply helps professionals as they progress in the various process of picking locks, this tool help them build on every progress made as the lock picking is ongoing. What the device does is to stop unwanted rotation and movement by simply applying the right amount of force on a special plug.

6. Key Turner

The key turners are primarily designed for individuals with difficulties in having a firm grip of keys in a lock. When the lock has gotten stiff and every other means of getting the key in the keyhole to turn fails, forcing it should be out of the options as doing just that can break the key, the key turner helps out a lot when a client accidentally locks themselves outside.

7. Pick Guns

One of the most useful and very popular tools among locksmiths is definitely the pick gun and they are majorly available in 2 categories, the first is the manual while the second is electric. This tool works similarly like the key turner as they also follow an upward movement thereby forcing the lock pins to leave their position and allowing for the lock to open.

8. Power Drill

The power drill is an essential power tool for locksmiths and they come with variety of specifications. When trying to fit a lock, this tool is used to drill a hole ab initio before the lock can be fitted. This tool is not only useful when trying to drill holes on doors; it is in fact a useful tool to drill holes on walls as well. Using this tool often comes after every other means of prying the lock open has failed, it is usually the last resort and in most instances, its usage will literally destroy the locking plug but spare the mechanism if handled by a professional.

9. Key Machine

Another essential tool used by the locksmith is the key machine. These are used to generally cut all types of keys, for example, lock cabinet keys, padlock keys. Key duplication involves copying or replicating keys, while the key machine forms a key and uses code numbers. A cutting machine involved in it is of three types manual, automatic and semi-automatic.

10. Plug Spinners

We know that this locksmith tool saves a lot of time and inconvenience, both for the person who works in the lock and for the person who needs what is on the other side of the lock. Many people assume that all padlock keys are turning in the same direction. The truth is, however, that the keys turn to the right or to the left, depending on how they were installed. If a locksmith realizes that a padlock  has already been twisted in the wrong direction, a plug spinner can be connected and turned quickly. A Rytan Plug Spinner is an excellent example of this type of tool and is essential for a locksmith to turn a padlock in any direction, thus releasing the locking mechanism.

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