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10 Basic Locksmith Tools On Walmart

basic locksmith tools

10 Basic Locksmith Tools On Walmart – In the 21st century where people rarely go out to buy what they need, locksmiths should not be left out of this new trend and that’s why we’ve brought you a list of basic locksmith tools you can easily order from Walmart from the comfort of your home.

Let’s get on the basic locksmith tools you can find on Walmart. Shall We?

1. Metal Clamp

Just as the name implies, a clamp is basically a fastening device primarily used to securely hold objects in place in order to prevent movement of any kind while at work. Unlike America and several other parts of the world, this tool is usually referred to as a cramp in countries like the United Kingdom and Australia, like every other locksmithing tool.

Metal clamps are only used temporarily for holding parts in place during the process of lock picking. As a mechanical apparatus utilized for the proper placement of lock parts while they are being worked on, metal clamps otherwise known as vises by locksmiths come equipped with two parallel jaws, a mobile and an immobile jaw and they are usually threaded in and out with the help of a screw and lever.

Locksmithing metal clamps have always been known to be very light in nature and they usually possess smooth jaws for metal working and with serrated jaws, you can be sure of the metal clamp having a better grip of whatever lock part you throw at it. Some even come shipped with a rotating design that allows for utilizing them on woods and plastics.

As a locksmith, it is essential to note that the misuse of a metal clamp as a makeshift press, hitting with hammer, pulling back of the moveable face with a little too much effort and extending the handle with whatsoever means is totally unadvised as some basic locksmith tools come with warranty and doing any of those will probably void your warranty and leave you stranded with a broken metal clamp.

2. Air Pump Wedge

An undeniably excellent basic vehicle entry tool for locksmiths who need a way to pry a car door open with little or no effort at all is the air pump wedge.

There is nothing much to this tool other than it’s featured inflatable bag component that can easily slip between vehicles doors and a mini hand pump that helps with the manual inflation of the wedge bag once it’s in between doors. Locksmiths who are keenly interested in “auto lockout” jobs should make it a priority to get themselves a heavy duty and high quality air pump wedge that is non-marring, this is to ensure car paintings are not affected while on the job and as little as this gesture is, it goes a long way in winning customers over to your side as a chipped car’s paint can frustrate and upset customers because of the extra cost involved in giving a nice little touch to the chipped part.

The basic principle behind using an air pump wedge for auto lockout is to simply get the air pump in between the door and applying appropriate pressure by using the hand pump to inflate the bag so as to create an opening that is wide enough to allow the insertion of auto locksmithing tools like the unlocking rod that gives access to the car’s manual lock mechanism that ensures a quick and successful entry.

3. Tubular Lock Pick Tool

This device possesses a large and mostly rubbery handle attached to a circular metal that usually fits in the key way. Present on the attached circular metal are needles otherwise known as wires or pick wires can either be protruded or retracted.

When working with a tubular lock pick, getting the one with the right amount of needles needed for the job on ground is paramount as these wires will be controlled from the L-shaped curves that make a type of sun pattern very closer to the handle. To fix these needles, a threaded bolt which can be tightened or loosened is needed. Be careful not to over tighten this bolt, and always leave some elasticity in the needles.

There may also be a washer that intends to realign all needles at the same height. Instead of using the washer, extending all the needles beyond the edge of the stand-in key is recommended. Loosen the threaded bolt and place the tool gently on a flat surface, so that all the needles are pressed evenly on the edge of the unit.

After properly calibrating the tubular lock pick, getting to work on the lock you have been invited to pick is what seems ideal to do next, to successfully do this, pressure must be applied evenly throughout the process. If you are in a corner, it may prevent the needles in your beak from finding the correct lengths.

Ensure you have loosened the threaded bolt so you do not bend the needles by accident. Try to press and twist the tubular pick while it is still in the lock. If this does not work after initial attempts, press the elbow L on the needles similarly to how you would have done it if you were to use the single pin picking method.

This process should not take too much time. If the lock does not open after 2 minutes, remove the pick and carefully re-calibrate.

4. Practice Padlock

As the name implies and to simply put, practice locks are mainly locks that aids learning when it comes to venturing into the world of lock picking. Persons willing to easily learn and finesse lock picking should consider getting one. These locks are no different from the everyday locks, save for its transparency feature that exposes the pins and springs present in the lock thereby allowing you to see clearly the happenings inside of the lock when you insert your key or lock picking tools.

There is no better and quicker way to learn and understand how things are being done in the locksmithing world than to get one of these for the sake of learning. Padlocks of this nature offers the lock picker a platform to pick a real lock easily as the visual aid helps to know the next line of action, while using a real padlock is not prohibited, usage of lock picking basic locksmith tools on a padlock in use might damage the lock in question, though this is a rare occurrence, but, it is better to be safe than sorry.

5. Manual Lock Pick Gun

A lock pick gun otherwise referred to as a snap gun is basically a tool that makes use of rapid force to open locks, especially pin tumbler based locks when the key has been misplaced.

Here is how it works:

A thin rod usually made of steel is inserted into the lock and the pickup forces the rod against all the pins present in the lock simultaneously while temporarily free the lock cylinder which gives way for it to be turned with the help of a tension wrench.

This method is an alternative to the native way of picking locks via raking, single pin picking etc. This tool was initially developed with the aim of helping men of the armed forces break into homes of criminals without necessarily having to go through any lock picking training session.

Lock picking has been majorly associated with criminals and people who are not in the locksmithing field might have fears of people easily breaking into their homes with this tool. Thing is, criminals rarely walk around with one of this as it is somewhat bulky and it does not allow for the ease of concealment and criminals with one will surely draw a lot of attention to themselves and in the end get arrested by the police.

As a matter of fact, some regions classify this locksmithing tool as a burglary equipment and there is need to possess the necessary documents before you can purchase one. Even as a locksmith, ensure you legally own a pick gun according to your country laws and using should be only for practice and locks you have the go ahead to force open.

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6. Slim Jim

Using a Slim Jim is most definitely one of the most commonly used basic locksmith tools to gain access and open a locked car. When it comes to closed doorway tool, slim jim is the most common and they are applicable when the doorway is sealed, the whole process of prying the door open happens while the doors are locked.

To begin with, the slim jim is placed between the weather stripping and window glass of the car and this tool is most effective with post locks otherwise known as upright locks with a few exceptions though. The effectiveness of this tool relies solely on light touch and finesse.

A car’s door comprises of several wires and electronics that can get damaged when a tool not meant for the job is being used to pry the door open. The slim Jim on the other hand carefully navigates through the path of post locks until it is able to move it from its precious state.

Once the slim Jim has successfully moved the lock, the locksmiths have to gently pull upwards with the tool in order to get the door unlocked.

In older cars however, the Slim Jim gets to easily unlock the door by only pressing down over the keyhole to the car to provide entry. In the locksmiths world, there is no set rule applicable to the use and application of Slim Jim but the most reoccurring method is the upward pull, there might be others, but, experimenting to discover new methods is costly as it can get the door damaged leading to the locksmith churning out cash for replacement.

7. Padlock Shim

Padlock shims like every locksmiths should have known are made from very thing spring steel and they are available in different sizes to perfectly suit the contour of the shackle of the lock you are working on. Its usage and application is easy, the shim is simply placed in between the shackle and the body of the lock and subsequently twisted to disengage the locking mechanism.

These tools came about primarily for spring operated latches padlocks. For effective lock picking with this tool, there must be enough free space between the shackle diameter and the holes in the padlock to allow for the insertion of the shims.

Working with this tool is all about accuracy and finesse as you have to choose the shim that fits best with the diameter of the shackle. A shim that is too big or too small might not have a smooth time sliding down the shackle. Once you have gotten the perfect size of shim for the job, shove it down the clearance on the shackle as far as possible while making a twist or two on the way down. Twisting while insertion is ongoing is not for the fun of it, it is done so that the “tongue” of the shim approaches the latch from the side. Once the shim has been efficiently twisted to dislodge the locking mechanisms, the shackled can be pulled to eventually open the lock.

8. Socket Wrench

A socket wrench is a locksmithing tool that comes coupled with a cylinder-shaped socket set of different sizes. This tool is usually used for loosening and tightening of bolts and nuts of different sizes.

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9. File

A file is a tool used to remove small amounts of material from a part. It is common in carpentry, metallurgy and other similar tasks of trade and leisure. Most are hand tools, made of a hardened steel bar of rectangular, square, triangular or round section, with one or more cut surfaces with pointed teeth, generally parallel. A narrow, pointed tip is common at one end, to which a handle can be placed.

10. Access Tools TMS Truck Master Set

If you happen to work a lot on Heavy Duty vehicles, 18 wheelers and commercial trucks, then, this kit is meant for you. This tool set includes the needed accessories to access the needed vehicles with an opening manual no other tool can offer.

Do you have other basic locksmith tools on Walmart that you can add to this collection? Please drop your comments in the comment section below.

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